Thursday Treats – 7th July 2011 + Candid Reception Photos of Kate Moss’ Wedding + I’m in Marie Claire Magazine!

July 7, 2011

Fist up, to those of you that have ordered Rock n Roll Bride wedding planning notebooks or wall planners the first batch is being shipped out this week so you should have them really soon! I can’t wait to hear what you all think of them. If you haven’t got round to ordering yours yet, don’t worry there’s still time (we’ve extended ordering time indefinitely because we had such a great response to them.)

You can get your mitts on both the notebooks and wall planners (only £7.50 & £20 respectively) though the fabulous

In other news, I’ve been featured in this month’s Marie Claire Magazine (UK edition) in a feature about ‘Super Bloggers’ (!) I usually save my press showing off for the end of the month, but I’m so thrilled about this coverage that I wanted to do a little pimp right away! I haven’t actually seen it in real life yet but readers who have subscriptions say it looks awesome! A little tease for you…

How bloody exciting. Thank you Marie Claire!

Charming cape town wedding – I love her high-necked wedding dress
♥ Gorgeous “British Invasion” Bridal Brunch
♥ Outrageous Millinery Fashions
Swooning over the Dior A/W 2011 fashion show
♥ DIY Mustache And Muah – super cute and super simple
♥ Engagement Photos In the Vegetable Garden
♥ Glamorous camping photo shoot
Stripy, French wedding inspiration
♥ Measuring the Value of a Book (or a Blog)
Is it totally weird that these shoes make me want to cry? They’re that beautiful! (also available in lavendermint and all over glitter!)
♥ Bordeaux, France {Come Fly Away with Me}

Photography Credit: Davidone

♥ Taking some time to smell the roses: Why do we always focus on the negatives?
♥ The Be All and End All of Centerpieces – WOW!
♥ Photographers Muller and Vee have some designed some rather beautiful new packaging to send out to their clients
Wedding photography is like wine…
Princess Lasertron is looking for an intern (and if you’re there in August, you’ll get to meet me…although that might put you off too…)
♥ A DIY Vintage Modern Wedding Full Of Love, Colour & Geekiness (part two here)
The Broke Ass Bride’s new DIY web-series is awesome
DIY Terra Cotta Pots
DIY 52 things I love about you – this makes my heart go all melty
Vintage inspired hen party boudoir shoot
♥ Cat People vs. Dog People: What Our Pets Say About Us – made me laugh out loud (it’s also surprisingly mostly true!)
♥ Photographer Terry Richardson has blogged some exclusive black & white candid shots that he took at Kate Moss & Jamie Hince’s ‘Mossstock’ wedding reception last Friday. How gorgeous?

Photography Credit: Terry Richardson