A Sunday Kind of Love – Angelberry Organics (Enter to Win)

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This week a lovely package came in the post for me from my friend Christine at Angelberry Organics. They specialise in beautiful, organic and cruelty-free make up and quite frankly I’m smitten. They even have a whole range of mineral based make up which is said to be brilliant for troublesome skin. Needless to say I can’t wait to give it a whirl!

“Our mission at Angelberry Organics is to bring you mineral cosmetics and body care products that leave you feeling completely divine,” they say. “Formulated using the highest quality natural ingredients, our heavenly treats are luxurious, fun, and made to enhance your natural beauty. Angelberry Organics products are not tested on animals and 100% free from all synthetic chemicals, paraben preservatives, dyes, and bismuth oxychloride.”

“We’re inspired by all of the deliciousness of life, gratitude for each day, and the beauty that surrounds us. We believe that every person should be empowered to live a clean, healthy, balanced life. Our hope is that our products will provide you with a moment to pause from your day, care for yourselves and your loved ones, and celebrate being you.”

Within the package of goodies was this fab lipstick that I’m wearing in these photos. Its a beautiful deep pink and is going to be perfect for me when I’m feeling less conspicuous (I can usually be spotted sporting the brightest of bright pink lipsticks!)

Christine would like to name this fabulous lippy after Rock n Roll Bride and so has asked if the readers of the blog would be able to come up with a suitably fabulous name.

To enter, simply comment below by next Saturday (6th August) with your ideas. You can enter as many times, and with as many different ideas as you wish. The winner will not only have the pride of naming the lippy, but will also win a full size tube of the stuff for flaunting around town.

The winner will be announced on the blog next Sunday.

Photography Credit: Gareth & Moi…


  1. hmmm, first three that come to mind are:

    strawberry kisses, Kat’s meow, rock’n’roll kisses,

    but i feel like i may have more in me x

  2. RachyLou

    Rockin’ Rose
    Rock ‘n’ Roll Rose
    Rock ‘n’ Rose
    Kat’s Kisses

    I’ll be back with more…

  3. something cheeky that alludes to you hair like ‘hair dye pink’ or ‘pinker than your tresses’ or, to borrow from your le love list, ‘strawberry punch’. Also ‘pucker-up’

  4. RachyLou

    Pink Love
    Raspberry Riot
    Riotous Rose
    Rock ‘n’ Rouge

  5. I’m afraid I’m not entering (lipstick looks terrible on my thin lips!) but I just had to say that Pip’s suggestion of “Kat’s meow” is terrific!

  6. Claire

    What’s in a name? A whole load of fabby suggestions I reckon! Rockaberry is all kinds of awesome, as is Rockin’ Rose and Berry Bride…the colour and blog encapsulated perfectly. Another tough decision for Kat I reckon!

    I’d punt for ‘Pink Lady’ cause that’s what Mrs Rock n Roll Bride is 🙂

  7. Corrinne Narr

    My suggestions are if they havnt already are:-

    Rock N’ Pink
    Pink Kisses
    Pink Love
    Punk Kisses

  8. My suggestions –

    “Kat’s Whiskers” as in “you’re the cat’s whiskers” …(anyone ever heard of the phrase??? this one made sense the first time I thought of it, now I keep repeating it, it sounds strange!) oh well maybe someone might like it…

    Kat’s purrrrl
    Rosy Bee (as in bee stung lips?)

  9. thank you Roo (are you Roo as in the new intern? if so then congrats and can’t wait to read all about your wedding!) x

  10. Kat Lips (Christine should do a whole line of different Kat Lips colours!)
    Kat Lips for Hippie Chicks
    It’s Only Rock n” Roll

  11. al flynn.

    I love that lipstick in the pictures, its gorgeous!!
    Berrylicious bride… killer pinkstinct… punk frock princess… frock ‘n roll…

  12. al flynn.

    I love that lipstick in the pictures, its gorgeous!!
    Berrylicious bride.. Killer pinkstinct… punk frock princess… frock ‘n roll…

  13. ‘Flirt stick’

    ‘Aphrodite dynamite’

    ‘do mina te’
    This works in three ways
    1. It sounds cute 2. without gaps it reads Dominate 3, in Polish it reads ‘To face these’



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