Thursday Treats – 9th June 2011 + Winner of the Tickets to the Bridesmaids Preview Screening

Photography Credit: Ellie Harvey, promo shoot for Joanne Fleming Design (full shoot here)

First up a little announcement. I’ve been dying to know who it is that’s coming to watch the Bridesmaid’s movie with me and a bunch of excitable wedding obsessives next week. The lucky winners are…

Carla Jones + Joanne Hallmark

Charley will be emailing your e-tickets shortly. I’ll see you girls there!

In other news, I’m off to the US of A in August!! I literally couldn’t be more excited. I’m heading over the pond to do a little project with my girl Princess Lasertron and I’m bursting to get going. While we’re there (Yep, Gareth is coming too now we’re business partners and all) we’ll be hopping over to LA for a little holiday too, so if you’re in the area maybe we can hook up whilst we’re in town? America, are you ready for some Rock n Roll Bride all up in your faces?!

What? You want even more treats than that? Ahh go on then…

Retro Brisbane Wedding
Bridal style with a high fashion edge
♥ Anna and the Ring is so clever. Cake porn!
1960’s hairspiration
♥ Ahhh! Seriously adorable crocheted squirrel cake toppers
♥ Inspiration to Reality: Surreal Sophistication
Giving Credit – bloggers, please read!
♥ These re-modelled Barbie’s by Juan Albuerne are kinda freaky and awesome all at the same time
Circus Wedding
♥ Elegant black wedding dress

Photography Credit: Crystal Clear Imagery

Are wedding photo shoots really dead? Well I for one hope not!
♥ Tutu’s For You
♥ A Whimsical Wedding Reception In The Woods
3D wedding invitations? Oh my…
♥ Amy’s Princess Lasertron flowers – with butterflies!
Handmade Georgia Wedding
Tiffany & Jon’s Joyous Engagement Shoot
Ashley & Justin’s Summer Camp Celebration
Rick & Jennefer’s handmade and shabby chic wedding
♥ The world’s most pierced woman ties the knot... and her husband’s not got a single one
♥ Seriously cute ‘Tying the Knot’ wedding invitations

♥ Oh My…Elsie & Jeremy you are spoiling us! ♥

Elsie & Jeremy | May 15th 2011 from Goodwin Films on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for announcing the winner, congrats to Carla and Joanne, I look forward to meeting you both!

    A Thursday treats with squirrels, a pink cake a black wedding dress AND tutus = heaven.

  2. Yay for cake! Thank you so much. Now I have to make you one!

    That first picture is just fabulous. The headdress is divine.

  3. hey kat, i am all up for giving credit, i try to do it with every post i do, even though hardly anyone reads my blog, but it is bloody hard to find the original source these days.. especially with tumblr and we heart it etc.. but i do tend to blog some of your photos, and give credit back to your website if i remember i got them on there. i mean, just weddings i put in a folder for my own wedding inspiration later on, when i get married…. so you know.. i hope that is okay.

    i guess i just wanted to say, people do have good intentions, well some people, people like me… and if anyone ever said “hey dont use my image” on their blog, i definitely dont, and if i can find a source, i use it.


  4. Post author

    totally agree dear donna. sites like pinterest, tumblr and we heart it make it very difficult!

  5. A wee bit late, but just wanted to say thanks for adding Jennefer and Rick’s shabby chic Nashville wedding to your review! They are true originals and we love couples who are fearless about being themselves!


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