“And the Bridesmaids Wore White” ~ My Top 10 White Bridesmaid Dresses

May 7, 2011

Image via The Telegraph

The world let out a collective ‘GASP’ as Pippa Middleton stepped out of her car and walked towards Westminster Abbey last Friday. “Shock…horror! The bridesmaid is wearing white!” I imagined a million old ladies whispering.

I personally loved the look – fresh, clean and more than anything, wearing the same colour (and designer) as the bride made them look like a team – a unit…Team Middleton if you will! As you can well imagine, I was not one of those completely shocked, and this ‘revelation’ wasn’t actually a huge surprise. We’ve seen bridesmaids in white on this blog before (waaaay back in January 2009 in fact!) and did you know it’s actually quite the royal tradition to have bridesmaids wearing white – even Diana’s maids wore the same colour as she did.

However, since Kate & Pippa appear to have started somewhat of a new trend (and believe me, 2012 will be the year of bridesmaids in white) I wanted to help you along your way if you were considering this option for your girls (and you should…I think it looks fab.) So, here we have my top 10 white bridesmaids dresses…and bonus – most of them are high street buys. Yey to the spring colour palate doing the rounds of the British high street right now.

What are your thoughts on bridesmaid’s in the same colour as the bride?

♥ Beaded Frill Back Dress

Asos, £150 (1)

Mine & Yours Dress
French Connection, £135 (2)

♥ Boadiccea Maxi Dress
Coast, £220 (3)

Alice Dress
Monsoon, £85 (4)

♥ Scalloped Lace Dress
AriaDress, $869 (5)

Halterneck Pencil Dress & Bolero
Vivien of Holloway, £99 (6)

♥ Christelle dress by Jones and Jones
Topshop,  £65 (7)

For Esmé Dress
BHLDN, $ 530 (8)

Snow Melt
Shabby Apple, $94 (9)

Decorative Frills, One Shoulder Corset Dress
H&M, £34.99 (10)


  1. Post author

    i think its a different issue if a GUEST where’s white. thats kinda not on…unless the bride is wearing a colour i guess!
    But a bridesmaid? Kate would have picked that dress with Pippa!

  2. Joy

    I loved Pippa’s dress. She looked stunning and it would be hard to see that dress in any other colour and looking so good. Loving the French Connection dress for a summer wedding 🙂

  3. MrsEtoBe

    No question, Pippa looked amazing – I don’t know many people who could pull that dress off!

    I don’t know why, but I personally would hate my bms to wear white. Maybe I want to make sure I stand out more? That said, it was clear Pippa wasn’t the bride given how grand & long Kate’s dress was, but not everyone’s dress is going to be as mahoosive as Kate’s.

    The other reason is that I like using the bm dress as one of the central ways to add flare/style/theme/colour to our wedding and I couldn’t do this as easily if they were in white.

    Oh, and guests wearing white if the bride is?! Bad move. I have definitely looked at one or two wedding photos of friends of friends where I hadn’t immediately known which one was the bride because there was a white-wearing guest in the photos…bad bad bad.

    That said that’s just how I feel about our wedding day and white bms can be uber stylish and are a little bit different…If it’s good enough for the Royals then it’s good enough for mere-mortals.

  4. Post author

    MrsEtoBe – i think the key is to make the bridesmaids still stand out from the bride, despite the similar colour – so short bridesmaid dresses vs a long wedding dress or vice versa…or with a coloured sash – or having a number of bridesmaids all ties together with the same shoes/accessories/bouquets etc will all help to do that.
    intimately its all down to personal choice though!

  5. Natalie

    Me like!

    We’re thinking of white, but didn’t do choose it on purpose! The white Vivien of Holloway 1950s circle dress stood out for us, which my bridesmaids picked out themselves. It’s definitely the favourite so far! I love the idea of them accessorising them how they want. One wants a pink petticoat and the other wants blue or mint green. And white dresses are easier to recycle for a night out or for hols!

    Great post 🙂

  6. June

    Bridesmaids dresses were originally always white. It was meant to ward against bad luck because it couldn’t tell which one was the bride. I personally love white or cream coloured bridesmaid dresses. The long ballgown length of a wedding dress contrasted with a shorter length bridesmaid dress make the bride stand out without the start contrast of a bright coloured bridesmaid dress. I personally loved Pippa’s dress and thought it was an excellent complement to Kate’s

  7. I think it’s classic and pretty. My girls are wearing all different bold colors, though – black, purple, blue, and red.

  8. Lets face it, Pippa is a total hotty and looked just as amazing in emerald green slink for the evening soiree as she did for the wedding day in the shock horror white! She has an amazing figure so bearing this in mind not every girl could get away with that silhoutte shaped dress. I personally would look like a white marshmallow and would never forgive the bride for telling me I was wearing that kind of dress. however, as you say I also strongly believe that Kate and Pippa have been involved together with the decision and the styles totally compliment each other, Pippa went without flowers too. I love the dresses you have showcased above, it shows how white can be worn, and it is at the end of the day a fantastic palette to choose to keep simple or dress up with other colours, adoring the idea of natalies with different coloured petticoats!! I would like to think that a bride would only choose dresses that not only compliment her dress but that also make her bridesmaids feel special too.

  9. I had a wedding last November that was mostly white with very selective little pops of color here and there – and so I had my sister/maid of honor in white also (I didn’t have any other bridesmaids)… I was very pleased with it & felt it was very clear who the bride was…. My mom was skeptical at first – but now loves it since seeing Kate & Pippa – go figure! Here’s the pictures – http://denisebovee.net/?p=2150
    People dress their bridesmaids in their wedding colors & if your color is white, well then, it seems that would make sense for your bridal party too…
    Love your blog!

  10. Post author

    Oooh Jen – i love your wedding with it’s shades of white! and you and your bridesmaid looks stunning… the husband’s not half bad either…

  11. I agree with you Kat on the ‘team Middleton’ vibe, both of them being in white, but in dramatically different styles, united them. I also think it gives the world a wonderful impression of Kate: not concerned about being the only person in the spotlight, although of course she was. Pippa looked amazing and I think that says lovely things about their relationship

  12. As long as the bidesmaid’s dress is completely different from the bride’s dress I totally second the white!

  13. The two instances that I can think that white bridesmaids would work best, would be,
    Somewhere hot, where it’s really sunny… white just looks great in the sun.. especially against a bit of a tan!
    And, I think Pippa’s dress looked best because it was white… there is a lot of color in the abbey, and it would perhaps be tricky to match a color, specially with that red carpet.
    Jen, your wedding photos are lovely, I particularly like your dress, and the programs in the bottles.

  14. MrsEtoBe

    Oooohhh good comments, would love to see a wedding on here with BMs in white!

  15. Laura

    I love the idea of white – it is unexpected. But I think my maids would balk. White can be very unforgiving (which is probably why I’m not even wearing true white but off white). I’m actually putting them in all black vintage inspired cocktail dresses from Trashy Diva.

  16. Kelly

    I considered it a few weeks back when I saw Esme on BHLDN but went back to the original plan glad I did now as I do not want to be a copycat bride or seem like one. Love the freshness of all White for summer outdoorsy or destination weddings though.

  17. i’m going to have a pretty laid back dress myself and white is how i’m sticking to tradition so i wouldnt like my bridesmaids to wear white however i think for others brides with a more traditional dress short white bridesmaids dresses could look lovely. However now i’m eyeing up most of your suggestions for myself!

  18. Jacqui Elliot-Williams

    I thinks it’s beautiful, for my sisters wedding the 4 youngest bridesmaids wore white & the matron of honour wore silver ( & the groom & pageboys wore pale grey ) utterly gorgeous !

  19. I too loved Pippa’s dress. In fact, I love white dresses in general. So fresh, and clean. But I don’t like the idea of white bridesmaid dresses. I wasn’t gasping in horror or anything; Team Middleton looked lovely. It seems like dressing the party in the same color as the bride kind of erases them, makes them blend into each other and the background. This is the bride’s supporting cast! In theory, she loves them for the unique things they bring into her life and that’s why she chose them to stand with her on her wedding day. I much prefer the idea of setting a parameter (color, era, etc) and letting the bridesmaids take it from there.

  20. Jess

    Hayley- I agree with you regarding the colour in the abbey. Princes William and Harry and the page boys were all wearing bold coloured uniforms. If Pippa had worn a colour there would have been a clash. Excellent choice in my opinion, particuarly for their wedding.
    However personally I wouldn’t dress my bridesmaids in the same colour as me, I want to stand out, but my wedding is alot smaller that the royals! And if any of my guests turned up in white/ivory/cream, they’ve got a death wish…

  21. 3 years later….never too late to comment !!!
    My bridesmaid are going to wear white at my wedding this summer.
    I chose the dress (it’s gorgeous, they do have a satin belt in different colors though) and they obviously LOVED it !
    I can’t wait for D day.. My only concern is for the civil reception (I’m french, we can’t just get married in a church, you have to go before the Maire first), where I’m wearing a short white dress.. I’m afraid they might out-stand me then… but then I’m not sure I care that much 🙂 – I guess my hair and accessories will make me stand out anyway.


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