Win a Custom Wedding Gown From Knot Couture!

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Knot Couture is an Atlanta, GA based design house that specialises in “Custom Clothing for the Alternative Bride and Groom”. They are officially launching their Spring 2011 collection right here and as a special treat, they would like to give one lucky Rock n Roll Bride reader a FREE custom fit wedding dress!

Cindy Mason & Cherry Star

There are a total of 8 dresses in the Spring 2011 collection, and one additional haute couture piece called ‘Bambi’ (which is one-of-a-kind and NOT included in the giveaway). The winner of the contest gets to choose any one of the 8 gowns featured in Knot Couture’s Etsy shop, the dress choices include: Cherry Star, Crystal Dawn, Roxy Thrasher, Chastity Rose, Honey Meadow, Sierra Raven, Amber Haze and Cindy Manson.  The dresses are valued between $500-$700!

Honey Meadow

The dress will be custom made to your specific measurements and you can even make slight alterations to the designs by making them a little longer or adding straps for example. Be sure to check out Knot Couture’s Etsy shop and the website for more info on the collection and for additional photos of each wonderful design.

Crystal Dawn & Roxy Thrasher

Check out this awesome video the super talented Erin & Nancy (the brains behind this operation) had made for this contest. I’m excited just watching it!


Terms & Conditions:
To enter simply, go check out all the wonderful designs on the Knot Couture website and comment below and tell us why YOU deserve a free wedding dress
This contest is open worldwide. Shipping is free of charge to the continental United States, a $20 shipping fee for international clients must be paid via paypal to Knot Couture.
Contest closes on the Tuesday 22nd February 2011 and the winner will be announced in Thursday Treats on Thursday 24th February
‘Bambi’ is NOT included in this offer.

Chastity Rose & Sierra Raven

All Photography credits: Tress Ritter at

Video credit: Dale Heinlein at Yess and No

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This contest is now closed


  1. Lucy

    I feel that I should win one of the gorgeous Knot Coture wedding dresses as I am a mother of 3 who is marrying her childhood sweetheart on a very tight budget, a lot of people assume because of my tattoo’s etc that im not girly and not fussed about the perfect dress for our special day! Little do they know! I would love a dress that screams out beauty, class and individuality, the 3 things I think of when seeing these dresses (but these dresses are not within our budget) wearing a Knot Coture dress would make my wedding even more perfect <3

  2. A free wedding dress? What bride doesn’t deserve a free wedding dress!
    I feel I deserve a free wedding dress so that I can better spend my money on the food and details of the reception.

  3. Woah! Such an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.
    Why do I deserve a free wedding dress? Well, it’s kind of a long story 🙂
    I’m a single mom to an amazing beautiful daughter, who is now sixteen months old. I’m certainly luckier than lots of single moms out there, but we still struggle. Each day, after a long day of working, attending university, and corralling the little human hurricane, I plop into bed and dream of that day when my life will get a little easier and a little happier, and most importantly, a little more SHARED.
    So, no I’m not engaged. But having a wedding dress hanging in the closet would be the most wonderful reminder that life is going to change.

  4. HI! Oh i found it! Got so excited when I saw the post on Rock’n Roll brieds’ Facebook wall, and looked like a crazy for so long! Phew.
    I’m at home sick today, and have spent hours browsing for dresses all day today, including the models on the Know couture website, still don’t know what would suit me? I m a tall Swede, kind of a tomboy but never wear jeans, shorter skirts with boots are more my style. My body shape is small on top, long legs, big hips – yes, proper Scandinavian hips.. horray. wish I was a bit more evenly curvy but that’s too late to fix now. No bob job on the horizon, they’d get in the way when skating I think! I am marrying Dean from London, my full English, he is a born and bread Londoner, I’m a country girl from Sweden. Good combo we thinks. The theme of our wedding is just that, two , quite different worlds, and people, that for some reason goes really well together. I am now looking for a dress that would suit me, and that Dean would see me in and think, no and KNOW he is the luckiest guy in the world.
    Hope this helps you to help me!
    Linda, London

  5. Louise

    These dresses are fantastic because despite all of the unique detailing and white-ness, I feel that I could wear one beyond the wedding day. I want to wear my wedding dress out & ABOUT! There will be no one-time use here, no sirree! I love Cherry Star. Girl, that skirt has got FLOUNCE! I want to walk down the aisle like I am in my own fashion show. SUPER MODEL, BABY! I will pair the Cherry Star with the most towering heels imaginable, and I will walk with PURPOSE. And if I fall, I will leap into my guests’ laps and blow Cherry-red kisses.

    I live in a tiny town an hour outside of Atlanta and imagine my delight to see a Georgian company on R&RB! Thanks for showing what this state has got to offer! We are more than peaches & peanuts & wide front porches.

    My wedding is going to be outside, in the blisterin’ hot Georgia sun, and that short short skirt is calling my name!

    Thanks, Rock & Roll Bride & Knot Couture!

  6. Its Chastity Rose for me and my best-ie! You see I would love to win this dress for my best friend who is getting married this summer. We live on an outer island and there are not a lot of choices here other than what was in fashion 10 years ago! She is a such a rock n roll bride and she would play this dress right!

  7. Lou Liddy

    Oooooooooh I LOVE Knot Couture – GORGEOUS dresses!

    I can’t honestly say I deserve one of these beautiful dresses anymore than anyone else, but being a petite (4 ft 11) bride a short dress like the Knot Couture dresses are just the kind of thing I was looking for! (and am on a very tight budget sadly!)

    Having been through a pretty rough ride (I won’t bore you with the details) I lost a grand total of 3 stone, then met the man of my dreams last March, we were living together within 40 days of dating (eeek!) and engaged within 5 months! Wirlwind romance to say the very least! I just can’t wait to get married now!

    We are having a Victorian Carousel at our wedding so a short dress is a must for me!

    Good luck to everyone xx

  8. Tiffany

    Why I deserve to win? I probably don’t. But I still want to. Why? Well that part’s hard.

    Three years ago we spent $40,000 planning a giant wedding that all the magazines and our families told us to even though we were miserable with it! The stress almost destroyed us. Then, six months before the wedding the Best Man passed away unexpectedly, and it was more misery. Our stress got worse. We got worse. Six weeks before the wedding we couldn’t wait to be done with, we found out our daughter’s kidney transplant had failed, and she needed another one. We gave up. We called it all off. We lost all the money and I donated the gown to charity. It was almost the end of us.

    Fast forward – Three years later, a lot of therapy later, and a $zillion dollars in medical bills later, and we’re happy. our daughter’s so much better, and we still want to get married. But this time we said F&*K the magazines and everyone else and we’ve planned a DIY wedding with the help of all our amazing friends in the theme of a Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea, because “we’re late, we’re late – for a very important date!” LOL Its gonna be amazing because this is all about us, not what our families and the magazines are telling us to do! And this time – a knot couture dress is WAY more our style!

  9. My sister is getting Married to her girlfriend of 5 years this year, and I think she would look absolutely amazing on her big day in the CHERRY STAR gown. I’m Maid of Honour and I think this would be the absolute perfect gift to give her for such a Special Day. It means everything to me to see my sister smile and laugh, it would make my whole year seeing her look like a princess in that gown.
    Cherrie Mae

  10. Lisa

    A few years ago I believed that my prince charming had gotten lost in the forest somewhere. That he would never find me. I had a broken heart and had given up on ever finding that perfect man. Then one afternoon there he was. Immediately I knew he was the one. We fell in love faster than I thought was humanly possible. He taught me to open my heart and showed me that not all men would hurt me or lay a hand on me. That love is meant to make you feel good. Not hurt physically and emotionally. I had just lost my job and my home. And he promised me that life would never be like that again. And he was SO right. Though money is really tight we hope to marry when we can afford a gown and a very small wedding. And when I look at the Chastity Rose dress it makes me think that perhaps I just may be able to get married to my prince. Having a small intimate outdoor wedding in that dress, tiny white lights all about and the man I adore waiting for me as I walk down the aisle in that dress? Now that is a what dreams are made of. <3

  11. My girlfriend and I started planning our commitment ceremony right around the time I lost my job. I was the bread winner in our family and our wedding plans came to an abrupt halt. I decided to use the opportunity to return to school and complete my degree in Psychology/Special Education. For the past year I’ve been a full time student and working part time. We’ve had really bad weeks where we ate Ramen like we were in college and really good weeks when we were able to pay off credit card bills that had been hanging over our head. We decided a few weeks ago that our commitment to each other is too important to put off because we don’t have the money to do everything we wanted to do. So we’re going to cut back the budget to what we can afford and DIY just about everything. Friends are coming out of the woodwork to support us and help in any way they can. I’m being tough about this but I’m still a girl. A girl who wants my lover and best friend’s breath taken away when she seems me walking down the aisle towards her. And for this…I need a killer dress. I’m not saying that I would deserve to win more than any one of the women who are posting their stories. I just really want to.

  12. I’m young.
    I’m fun.
    I’m knottyandcouture-y.
    Probably more importantly, I am planning a wedding for June 2012.

    As a wedding photographer myself, year after year, taking part in other peoples’ big days each weekend… I waited, and I knew ONE day I would finally get to have my dream off-the-wall-awesome-knock-your-socks-off wedding… my husband (we got married at the courthouse sporting band shirts and jeans before he left on his last deployment) and i have planned, scrimped, saved, dreamt, and organized everything we want our wedding to be… in an old train shed and filled with nice beers (including our signature beer my husband is brewing himself), flying in our favorite rag-time band, our good friend officiating, screen-printed ties, and so many more details that are SO us I cannot even begin to list them… its a wedding seven years in the making, five years in the planning… good things come to those who wait… and we have waited, through military deployments, kids, hospital stays, financial issues, starting a business from scratch and making it successful… we’ve put it off to buy new cars… to save for a house… to help out a friend in need… and now its finally going to happen. All the planning… all the slow but sure DIY… its finally happening… and the last piece of the puzzle is the dress.

    I have searched and searched… and have not found a dress that will fit our wedding… until now. I layed eyes on your collection this morning (before I even know about this giveaway) and fell completely head over heels in love. I have tried on dozens of dresses in stores… bridal boutiques and traditional stores (trying to think out of the box) and have not found one that fits my tattooed-art lovin-DIY-punkrockabillyrootsrock obsessed-photographer-short dress wanting -CHEETAH print addicted- laid back but completely obsessed with fashion-self until your beautiful dresses popped up on my computer screen.

    I will keep my fingers crossed…and hope somehow I will get to wear one of your PERFECT dresses on my wedding day (otherwise its the polkadot sundress I already have)… it really would make it the PERFECTLY us wedding I have always wanted.

  13. I got married 10 years ago – I was pregnant, we had no money, no photographs, no big party, no honey moon…
    Even after all this years we are very much in love and want to celebrate this by throwing a party with lots and lots of friends. AND most importantly get seriously cool photos taken. And for this I NEED a dress that is as unique as me, us, our love & live.
    Thank you! You rock!

  14. Wow! This is going to be hard for you!!! I love KC Cindy Manson short tiered pink wedding dress and it’s going on my vision board right now!!!

    Our Engagement story is like many like us…we were living years ago and now we are surviving. We want to have the wedding of our dreams but financing it on a secretary and floor manager’s income in NYC is well..tough to say the least. We have made so many sacrifices to have this wedding, and I would love to have that one thing just for me…call me selfish. Either way, I am marrying the man of my dreams and the day will be perfect with or without the perfect dress. I know we can overcome anything from what we have been through in the past years. We have lost jobs, struggled, gone without groceries, cried, fought, broke up (for a few hours), and have over come it all. We want nothing more to get married no matter how and we will make it happen. So why do I deserve the dress…I don’t deserve it more than the next bride but I can tell you it would make my wedding day extra special and I would look and reflect on the pictures thanking you every time. Good luck everyone! OH and if I hit the lottery..I will buy the dress!! 🙂

  15. Stefanie

    It is such a wonderful giveaway!
    I think I deserve a free Knot Couture dress, because after I left my live in Canada for moving to Germany with my wonderful germany boyfriend and our daughter, we are finally getting married and I could absolutely use a gorgeous free dress, stop worrying about it and put more money on the reception and, especially, on helping to organize the travels and the accomodation of my family & friend coming all the way from the other side of the ocean to see us celebrate our love 🙂

  16. Rea Graham

    Oooh me please me please!

    I think I deserve to win a Knot Couture Wedding dress as I have big love hearts for Know Couture (have been a fan for a while now) and I have even BIGGER love hearts for Rock n Roll Bride!

    I’m trying to plan a BIG party wedding on a small wedding budget so this would really help me out 🙂

  17. Lyndi Lou

    I’m sure that everyone who frequents this blog deserves to win because I feel like there’s something special about your readers. I think that they question the status quo and try to figure out the gray area between tradition and punk rock. I think that’s pretty damn rad, lady.

    I’d love to win one of these dresses, though, so here’s a bit about me! Haha!

    I’m a tattooer and cofounder of a horror festival, and at work I dress just like you would expect a tattooer would: rock or horror tees, jeans, and motorcycle boots. Sometimes I feel like I want to go all Shannon Dougherty in Mallrats and yell, “I’m a girl, damn it!!!”. And there’s no better time to do that than in a gorgeous dress on your wedding day. I’d love to be a stunning tattooed bride in a Knot Couture dress!! We’re paying for the whole event ourselves, and it’s crazy how fast everything adds up, as I’m sure every other bride-to-be realizes. Thanks for the chance, and good luck to all!

  18. Nicole Durham

    Wow!…Lol! There are a TON of people just willing to blah, blah, blah about their trials and tribulations, it’s called LIFE PEOPLE and it would be so damn boring without all of those experiences despite how hard they may be in the moment. It isn’t EASY for ANY of us. Not a one. We are alive and in love…think about how lucky we are for those two facts alone!!! Ok, enough about that.
    I am not going to tell you about my dilemmas and dramas and all that jazz, what I am going to tell you is that I absolutely LOVE LIVING, and all that comes with it. I have been all sorts of places and had all sorts of experiences- the good, the bad, and the ugly. What I focus on now is how all of those experiences in my life has left me as perfectly prepared for the new chapters I will soon explore and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am an artist, a mother, a mistress (to my fiance 🙂 of course), and a creator of all kinds of random things. I did NOT grow up fantasizing about my wedding, in fact- the thought of marriage and traditional weddings always completely horrified me yet years later, here I am…planning my wedding and getting geeked at the thought of walking in that sand towards my best friend while our closest friends and family cheer us on like they would their favorite football team. I am stoked thinking about how our children will get to be a part of this family history and how kick ass that is. We are not a traditional couple, nothing about how we met, came to be, live our lives makes sense to many people but it works for us and that is really ALL that matters. I deserve an awesome kick-ass dress because I will ROCK THAT SHIT OUT and have a blast doing it and someday my Maiya (our baby girl) will look back at the photos and say what a cool mom I was and still am. (I hope! 🙂 LOL!) And my fiance won’t have to hear me bitch anymore about how all the dresses at the bridal stores are boring and don’t suit my personality….he will thank you, I will thank you, and our spawn will thank you. This blog is awesome and the opportunity super cool- thanks for the chance!

  19. Nina

    What great dresses! I love Crystal Dawn. It is so hard to find short wedding dresses. I am finding it difficult to source a dress that makes me feel like a bride while still allowing me to dance at our celidh, walk to the church through country lanes and most importantly feel like me. I never thought much about weddings until I met my partner and I believe that a dress like this would allow me to retain my personality – busy,active and involved. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  20. Jess

    I wasn’t planning on entering this contest until I saw the Cherry Star dress. I have been utterly enamored with my fabulous tattooed man since we were both 16 at a punk show. Fast forward 11 years later and we are still as infatuated with each other as ever! Unfortunately, as a bookseller and grocer, we aren’t bringing in the bucks it might take to afford such a beautiful dress! After seeing your website, this dress flew off the screen! The versatility of the convertible skirt is exactly what I’ve been looking for. And the amazing silver bodice would complement the dreamy quality of my aquatic theme tattoos. Thanks for offering such amazing dresses that girls like me fawn over!

  21. Rebecca

    I read through some of the comments that have been posted so far and I know that there are some very strong and brave women out there who deserve this dress far more than myself. I just want to say that I love this blog soooo much (even though I’m not engaged) and I am looking forward to the day when I can be a tattooed, rock n’ roll bride standing next to the love of my life. These dresses are absolutely gorgeous and unique and any bride would be thrilled to stand up in one. Thanks for the amazing opportunity to win a gown and thank you for all the incredible blogging you do.


  22. Natasha Tenney

    Wow. You already have some great entries to win one of these gorgeous dresses. So why do I deserve to win? I live in a small southern town and so far, I’ve not been treated exactly welcome by any of the bridal shops here because like many of the women who adore Rock n’ Roll Bride, I am covered in tattoos. Even though tattoos seem to become more socially accepted all the time, it’s almost as if these snooty girls think that because I have art all over my body I don’t deserve an absolutely gorgeous and girly wedding dress. It’s very disheartening because even though on most days you will find me in t-shirts, jeans, and boots, I want my fella’s jaw to drop on that special day. He’s a wonderful man who’s raising my three little ones as his own, and he sees me everyday without the make-up and frills. I want our wedding (which is October 15 of this year) to be the one of those times when he sees me and has his breath just taken away. One of these eight gorgeous creations would definitely help do the trick! Then, I want to send a picture to each and every one of these bridal shops who treated me like I didn’t deserve a pretty dress, and let them know that their magazine dresses weren’t good enough for ME! Got my fingers crossed!!!

  23. Sandy

    I believe that I deserve to win the dress because I am having such a hard time finding one that fits me. At 5′ 2″ and a US size 16 (18 in wedding gowns), all of the gowns that I have found so far that I like cannot be made in my size. The cutoff point seems to be a size 14, and even with extensive dieting and exercising I still don’t think I will ever hit that mark. I’ve dealt with self-esteem issues my whole life because of my weight, but with a recent loss of 40 pounds, I finally started to feel like I could try on wedding gowns again. Unfortunately, they still don’t fit. The bust is always too small and even with alterations it still wouldn’t be right for me. Having a custom made gown is something that I have dreamed of, but didn’t think that I could ever afford. I’ve favorited three of the knot couture gowns, and will definitely keep them in my mind on my search! I hope that one day soon, if I don’t win this giveaway, that I will find the gown of my dreams that also fits my style and size, so that my day can be just as special for me as it is for someone who is a size 2 and can wear anything they want. 🙂

    P. S. I’m in love with the Roxy, Cherry, and Star dresses! They’re so beautiful. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  24. Natalie

    Because I am exhausted and fed up right now… after spending the day being oooed and ahhed at by friends and family, as I was zipped, tied, pulled, pushed and buttoned into… I can’t count how many ‘traditional’ wedding dresses today.

    Yes the dresses looked beautiful but they (the dresses) just aren’t me and they (the wedding dress shopping entourage) just don’t understand. I don’t want to feel like someone else on my wedding day and my hubby-to-be wants me just as I am!! It was great to get home and see this post and remember I am right, I can wear a gorgeous short dress and be me! Your dresses are simply divine! x

  25. Michi

    My theme is 1920’s and Knot Couture’s bridal style will fit my theme exactly for my March 2012 wedding. It’s hard to find nowadays the perfect cocktail dress especially to match a 1920’s theme. Most of the ones I’ve found that are vintage are mostly the turtleneck lace style and it’s far from where I see myself dressing up. I deserve this free wedding dress because my style and the way I carry myself will bring the utmost justice to the workmanship and classic style that Knot Couture portrays. My wedding of at least 300 people is the perfect location to exhibit the work and style of Knot Couture and what it’s all about. It’s a possible outlet for other brides, who will be in my wedding, to find out that there are other options other than David’s Bridal or Alfred Angelo to find that perfect cocktail style wedding dress.

  26. Estellita Oh

    I am nominating my older sister for this wonderful opportunity. She has been through so much and is very deserving of a unique gown to match her funky happy personality. She is with her high school sweetheart and they live together already, but haven’t had the chance yet to have the big wedding they dream of due to his job moving them away from both our families. She is in business school and working same time, with no family close to her. She is my inspiration and one of the biggest supporters of me and is my closest friend. We as a family have been through a real rough time since childhood and still are, and I think its time for a wonderful surprise for someone deserving. But whoever wins this amazing prize, probably deserves it just as much, thank you for this opportunity.

  27. Desiree

    I would absolutely LOVE to win one of these dresses from Knot Couture. They are unique, fabulous and definately what I’m looking for to make a statement (that I CAN BE ME!) on my wedding day. I will be marrying my best friend, who I waited for nearly 10 years to propose to me. He told me a month after we started dating that I would one day be his wife…and I got to wait. and wait. and wait. and wait. Sure, at first I was fine with waiting because I was young and new that one day we would be married. But I literally did wait nearly 10 years to have my wedding to my soulmate:). We’re planning a 1950’sesque ‘School of Rock’ wedding and I believe one of these dresses will push it that much further to RAD-NESS!

    It’s awesome that you can give an opportunity like this to someone, and in the end if I don’t win one of these dress, I’ll still win; because I’ll have married my best friend:) (though winning a dress would make be the cherry on top!)

  28. corrinne barr

    Wowwwww how amazing!! Ive already come across Knot Couture on my mission to find my perfect wedding dress so this is an amazing opportunity!!

    My reason on why I should win the totally awesome dress is because with all the money I save in not having to fork out for a lush wedding dress, will be money saved so that we have more money to spend on the fab new ‘maneki neko’ tattoos we will be treating each other to when we honeymoon in Tokyo, Japan which is amazing in itself!! <3 RnR Bride! x

  29. Lou

    Knot Couture dresses are fun and fabulous, there is something about all of them, but I love Sierra Raven! There is no real reason why I deserve this dress only I know it would look pretty good on, and would surely do Knot COutures unique style real Justice. I am to be wed in August and although have already purchased a second hand dress online , It doesn’t feel quite right. I had some alterations done, but I don’t feel it any longer fits the direction the wedding is going in. And on a tight budget cannot afford another.
    What Bride does not want to feel fabulous on her wedding day? and in a KC I would feel awesome. It would be the icing on the cake of my country, sunflower and swallow themed wedding. My Vivienne shoes (ebay bargain) would, without a doubt be thrilled to be paired with a dress that screams such elegance and style.
    Whether I win or not, I am having a swallow garter 🙂

  30. Dianna

    I have a story like many out there.. I was rebellious, I didn’t want to be traditional and had the mentality of why do I need a ring to be content in my relationship, but when it came down to it I did want to get married and have the big wedding.
    Fast forward 12 years later and Miraculously without asking, without nagging, without even the slightest clue I finally got the proposal and the ring from my soccer hooligan partner!
    I realized after all these years he wants to get married and make our union official! He does love me more than SOCCER!
    Now I feel the love.. he rather throw a bash than go to the World Cup in 2014.
    We have a year and half to plan our wedding scheduled for 6/30/2012 using “the World Cup” fund he has been saving for since forever.
    I want to compromise and still have a glorious wedding and then go off to the World Cup in Brazil together. This wedding dress giveaway would be such a luxury, I can have a stunning dress without feeling guilty of spending too much on dress, when he has Sacrificed his dream of going to the World Cup ( I know it sounds too dramatic, but this man is a true hooligan).
    What’s marriage without some compromise , right?

  31. Roxanne

    I wish Bambi was one up for grabs – omg so beautiful!

    But I love Crystal Dawn. So sweet.

    I don’t feel like I deserve to win anything, but I can tell you why I would like to win. We will be facing a few hard months of unemployment as I just let my fiance quit his soul crushing job (so much happier, by the way). Also, being a plus sized girl, I have a really hard time finding flattering dresses, and having something custom fit to me would be…amazing. I will never be able to afford anything to ever be custom made for my body otherwise. 🙂

    These dresses are so so cute and awesome!

  32. Katie

    I’m in Scotland in the United Kingdom and I would love love love to wear a Knot Couture dress on my big day. My reasons are as follows; I think I would look really cute and what’s more feel even cuter in Crystal Dawn; secondly our wedding date (after being together for 10years) is the 20th of August 2011 and I still haven’t even tried on a dress, so having a stunning frock made especially for me would be SO amazing; my last reason for thinking I should be the winner (although I will be on the 20th August) is that on Valentines day from my hubby to be I got a tin of peaches. That’s right, no need for re-reading, a tin of peaches. I feel like I deserve a wee treat like a gorgeous Knot Couture dress!

  33. Jennifer P!

    Why do I deserve to win a dress? Because who doesn’t want a free wedding dress especially with the economy like this?! I want to look like a rockstar but without spending like a rockstar! I’m not the most girlie person or perhaps even fancy but I’m a funky individual so I don’t want the fanciest ball gown. Having a Thai background, tradition is the key in my family. Well apparently I lost that tradition gene! Me and my hubby-to-be is being contantly compared to my younger brother and his girlfriend. My brother is a server and his girlfriend is studying to become a a Nurse and for me, I’m a tattooed Teacher Assistant at a daycare and the other half is a FedEx driver. I don’t know why we are always being compared, maybe because we are older, fun, and like to live the life and they are considered “mature” even though I don’t see it at all (that’s a different story). We talked about weddings and it’s like we are in competition to see who has the best idea for a wedding. Well excuse me that my idea is not traditional and not parent-approved! I’m not going to chang my wedding style just because I’m not plain and boring. You only have one wedding (hopefully) so why not make the very fun and best out of it?! The Crystal Dawn and Sierra Raven is totally screaming my name and it completes my out-of-the-box dream wedding!

  34. Beccy

    I would love to win a fabulous Knot Couture dress because after seven rough years through abject poverty, total mental breakdown and hardest of all moving in with my grandmother! we damn well deserve a fantastic wedding and a dress like that would be the cherry on top of our wedding.
    P.S I love what you do Kat.

  35. I would love to win the wedding dress because I’m trying my best to live as an artist which means I work all of the time for very little pay. My boyfriend and I just celebrated our six year anniversary and one of the biggest reasons we keep putting off getting married is money. I’m an actress and burlesque performer so I love beauty and glamor, but sadly most of what I get to deal with is a beautiful illusion and it would be wonderful to get real beauty to have of my very own.

  36. Jessica

    OMG KAT! This is the answer to my prayers!! I am getting married in April in SIN CITY to my son’s father and love of my life and have been searching HIGH and LOW for an AFFORDABLE short white wedding dress that is rock n roll enough to rock in Vegas! I have been to countless shops and websites during my search and have always come up empty handed, with my budget being so tight all the dresses in my price range are far too plain! I want to be a gorgeous rock n roll Vegas pin up at my little chapel wedding and rock blue suede heels as an ode to the late and great Elvis! These dresses are amazing and any of them would be perfect! I think I deserve to win this dress because I truly would appreciate it and would wear that dress out in Las Vegas! I think everyone now a days is struggling money wise and yes technically I am a single mom but I have a huge support system and I know all of them would love to see me wearing one of these amazing dresses in LAS VEGAS!! 🙂 Thank you Kat and I just want to say I LOVE your blog, I read it religiously and am so thankful I found a blog like this one to help me with my wedding vision!!

  37. Grace

    Honestly, I would love a dress because I can’t afford one. My fiance and I are on a budget of $2,000 and as of now, I plan on wearing whatever I happen to find. After waiting 3 years we just want to be married! What we have is going to a potluck reception and the rest we’re trying to skimp and save for a honeymoon. Receiving a dress like this would take that extra burden off me and let me have the pretty dress that I’ve wanted but eventually gave up after realizing it just isn’t affordable for us.

  38. Shell

    Thank you for this exciting opportunity to be apart of the running for a free dress.
    My Fiance and I are planning a low key Cocktail party and are on a very tight budget, as I’m sure plenty of brides are. We ran into financial dilemma when we both lost our jobs a few months ago.
    Mainly, I just want to look FABULOUS and strut my stuff at our low key party. I want to wear something that will glow and be glam as I’m sure that is how I will be feeling that day. Regardless of all the bull shizz going on in our bank account, I truly plan to let go and have a blast going banana’s with our close friends and family. Overall, I want to look rad while I’m rockin’.

  39. Courtney

    I probably don’t deserve it as much as someone else but I do feel like I have to try..

    I’ve been with my boyfriend through 6 years, a son and alot of good times and bad times. We’re a small family, we’re young and we’re trying but after M got laid off last year our plans came to a complete halt. I love him, he honestly is the other(cooler, haha :]) half of me. I can’t wait to marry him. We’re having an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding and I’m trying soo hard to keep this as DIY and inexpensive as I can but it’s still getting expensive and one way I’m trying to cut back is the dress. It’s so hard to find a white wedding dress for less than my mortgage payment, it’s disheartening and slightly depressing. I’ll do whatever I can to marry the man I love, but I’d truly love to wear a beautiful, stunning dress on that one special day. :]

  40. I have been looking for a short elegant vintage inspired reception dress to wear during my wedding reception! These styles are exactly what I’m looking for! I would love to customize it and make it my own! 🙂

  41. Libby

    Your dresses are so amazing!
    It’s hard to say why I “deserve” a free wedding dress, but my reasons for greatly wanting it are as follows: 1)At 30-years-old, I have beaten cancer. 2)Somehow I found a wonderful man from England while I grew up so far in deep south Alabama that my cousins got married….to each other, so that’s extraordinary in and of itself. 3)Our budget is so limited that most of it will be DIY. 4)It would be an awesome story to tell my future children and grandchildren! Thanks for your consideration!

  42. Lily McCarthy

    My Fiance and I are planning our wedding on a very tight budget, as after the wedding we will be emigrating to New Zealand. My family can’t afford the trip to Scotland for our wedding either, so Crystal Dawn would be put to good use for our “second wedding” once we get to New Zealand too!

  43. Lauren

    I absolutely adore the style Roxy Thrasher, it’s so cute and quirky! I feel like I deserve to win this competition as I’ve waited 8 YEARS for a proposal from my boy, everyone around me had been getting engaged/married/having babies, and i was starting to wonder if my time would ever come. Now We’re engaged and we’re planning on a strict budget, but I think I deserve a dream dress for waiting patiently for so long!

  44. Oh. My. Lawdy. These are some hot dresses right there!
    Reading through these comments it’s clear that EVERYONE deserves a free wedding dress for one reason or another.. I’m not sure how I’m special but here goes:
    I’ve been engaged an additional 18 months then planned as my big sister decided she NEEDED to get married pronto (with good reason). As the trip back to New Zealand (from London) for her wedding costs so much, we didn’t have the money for our own. Now finally, the date is set for Jan 2012 and we will be trekking back to NZ again this time for our own wedding. I feel like the charity of a FREE (and HOT to boot) wedding dress would make things so much easier.. PLUS I just freaking love these dresses!!! HOT DANG!

  45. Ella Hall

    There is no reason why I would deserve to win one of these ‘once in a lifetime’ dresses over any of the other lovely ladies that have put their comments above. But I would like to win one. My boyfriend and I have a very small budget and are making nearly everything for the wedding ourselves, including bridesmaid dresses, canapes, decor etc. So, it would be really absofrigginlutely fantastic to wear something that has been made for me that will polish this turd up to bridal standards!

    I would love to be that girl that everyone says is stunning, even just for one day.

    Best of luck to all involved and good luck trying to pick one deserving bride over another. I don’t envy you that task x

  46. Samantha T

    I would Love a free wedding dress. I recently graduated from an art school with alot of money in loans. I have sustained myself financially since I was 18, being that my parents have disowned me due to the fact I wanted to be with my significant other. I have been with my significant other for 9 years and we will be tieing the knot on our 10th Anniversary this year. We are planning a DIY wedding and would love to keep cost low, being that we are planning and paying for this whole wedding by ourselves.

    PLEASE Please. Choose Me.

    I would love to get married in a beautiful Gown made Knot Couture!

  47. Jennifer Darden

    I should win because I have always dreamed of have my dad play his guitar at my wedding, but he passed away the day after I got engaged. I have now postponed my wedding for a year. My heart was broken when he passed, but my amazing man, Robbie was there for me. He is a drummer and we want to really rock out our wedding like my dad always wanted us to. Please make my dad’s dream come true with the Roxie thrasher dress! Thank you so much.

  48. Valerie

    You have so many great entries here! It’s going to be a tough choice.

    My fiance proposed to me in July of 2010. Funds are tight, so we had planned to be married at a courthouse. Then I stumbled across your blog! We decided that it didn’t matter how long it took to save the money, we were going to have a Rock’n’Roll wedding!!
    We’re now planning a DIY, eco-friendly overnighter at a state park in June 2012. Everything, from the music (Decemberists, Mumford & Sons, Band Of Horses), to the food (we’re totally grilling hamburgers and portabello mushrooms ourselves!) was inspired in part by your beautiful blog.
    The Crytal Dawn dress would be perfefctly suited to both the location and my personality. Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. I agree wholeheartedly with Natasha T. While I love RnRBride and I’m ecstatic to become one myself, it’s not exactly the type of gal you see in most southern Tennessee bridal boutiques. I’m proud of my crazy colored curly hair and my tattoos and piercings, but I experience a “Pretty Woman” moment every time I go into a bridal salon. Not only does it open my eyes to the ignorance in the world, it makes me realize that not every shop is worthy of my money or patronage. Knot seems right up my alley (as well as the rest of RnRBride) because they are open to our “lifestyle” of sorts and I would wear the crap out of that Chastity Rose dress.

    My beau and I are saving up all of our money to relocate to Wilmington, NC and open our own independent boutique so this would take a lot of stress off of the planning! I know our wedding will be 90% DIY and it will be small, but no matter what dress I’m wearing or what food we serve I am so excited to marry the man of my dreams.


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