Win a Custom Wedding Gown From Knot Couture!

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Knot Couture is an Atlanta, GA based design house that specialises in “Custom Clothing for the Alternative Bride and Groom”. They are officially launching their Spring 2011 collection right here and as a special treat, they would like to give one lucky Rock n Roll Bride reader a FREE custom fit wedding dress!

Cindy Mason & Cherry Star

There are a total of 8 dresses in the Spring 2011 collection, and one additional haute couture piece called ‘Bambi’ (which is one-of-a-kind and NOT included in the giveaway). The winner of the contest gets to choose any one of the 8 gowns featured in Knot Couture’s Etsy shop, the dress choices include: Cherry Star, Crystal Dawn, Roxy Thrasher, Chastity Rose, Honey Meadow, Sierra Raven, Amber Haze and Cindy Manson.  The dresses are valued between $500-$700!

Honey Meadow

The dress will be custom made to your specific measurements and you can even make slight alterations to the designs by making them a little longer or adding straps for example. Be sure to check out Knot Couture’s Etsy shop and the website for more info on the collection and for additional photos of each wonderful design.

Crystal Dawn & Roxy Thrasher

Check out this awesome video the super talented Erin & Nancy (the brains behind this operation) had made for this contest. I’m excited just watching it!


Terms & Conditions:
To enter simply, go check out all the wonderful designs on the Knot Couture website and comment below and tell us why YOU deserve a free wedding dress
This contest is open worldwide. Shipping is free of charge to the continental United States, a $20 shipping fee for international clients must be paid via paypal to Knot Couture.
Contest closes on the Tuesday 22nd February 2011 and the winner will be announced in Thursday Treats on Thursday 24th February
‘Bambi’ is NOT included in this offer.

Chastity Rose & Sierra Raven

All Photography credits: Tress Ritter at

Video credit: Dale Heinlein at Yess and No

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This contest is now closed


  1. Roxy

    Hi Kat,
    What lovely dresses! Etsy has been such a life-saver for me in this wedding planning madness. I don’t know what I would have done without all those lovely handcrafted things! (I don’t have a creative bone in my body).
    While I think that each of us here deserves a dress for our special day, I’d like to share my own reason for wanting one of these lovely dresses.
    My favorite is the Chastity Rose. While I’m not normally much of a traditionally girly girl, I adore this piece. And it would blow my fiance away!! He is very much into fashion and always trying to get me into fussy outfits. I’d love to wear something special just for him on our special day.
    The sweet heart neckline and rose bust are so adorable, and just enough rock&roll. Our theme is dia de los muertos, and a floral dress will be perfect. I’m getting the first part of my arm piece this spring and I think this dress would show off my new tattoo so well. I originally considered a bright yellow dress for my wedding dress, but decided on white to show off my art, and make my mama happy :).
    J’adore! Thanks again for sharing this awesome vendor!!

  2. Stacy

    I would like a free wedding dress bc I am very petite, and I am worried I won’t find anything really cute that won’t lose all its style when it is hemmed/fixed up.

  3. Rose

    I honestly would love to win this competition. I read rocknrollbride all the time, but in sort of a wistful, never will happen kind of way. I am going to be having an elopement – which I am very happy about! – but I don’t really get plan anything. Money and visa issues take precedence over even getting to wear a dress. But if I won one, then it would be okay because I didn’t have to buy it. Basically all we can afford right now is the visa cost… because it is a pain in the bum and so expensive…! Not to mention these are exactly the dresses I dream about…

  4. Rock N Roll Bride,
    Our time is running out!
    Can you help me find ‘the’ dress?!
    Knot Couture can hook me up –
    N’ for FREE if you say ‘I pick JESS!’…
    Really dig ‘Sierra Raven’,
    Or the kick ass ‘Cherry Star’…
    Like a celebrity I would look,
    Leggy, in a Knot Couture frock!
    But how will you choose?
    Remember me with my rhyme.
    I’m bride-to-be who’s running out of time!
    Deserving of this prize – a dress that is da bomb…
    Email me when I win, at!

    WHY I SHOULD WIN: Because I’m RAD! I took the time to be creative and Bust a Rhyme for ya’ll here today. Plus, with the money I would save on not having to buy a dress, I could get my sleeve finished (which atm, is looking like it wont happen due to lack of funds!) before our big day! Also, my man would THANK YOU greatly, as he would no longer have to listen to me whining about not being able to find a dress that suits me. *grins*

  5. Chelsea

    that Chastity Rose dress is DIVINE! i should win as we are struggling to put together a wedding on our (according to some) tiny budget…. i see no harm in being frugal and saving money for our future…. i would LOVE any of these dresses and, with my quirky style, i would wear them after my wedding to a party or on a date with my husband!

  6. i’ll tell you a true story. yesterday my finace found $1,300 in cash literally blowing in the wind in our neighborhood. he picked it all up and brought it in the house. i thought he won a big bet (haha totally kidding, we don’t gamble) or robbed someone (again, kidding. we are very loving people). he told me the story of how he came across so much money. i have to admit, my first thought was “wow, this could totally buy me a wedding dress” (even though it would hurt to spend THAT much money on a one-day gown) but instead we looked at each other and immediately knew what we should do. i picked up the phone, called the police and we turned ALL the money over. we didn’t get a penny more than a “thanks for calling us”. deep down we know without a doubt it was the right thing to do… but i’m not going to lie — it hurt a smidge to see so many financial possibilities walk out the front door.
    i “deserve” this dress. i want to pay for my wedding in an honest way, and even if it means saving for a few more months, i will get a dress with MY money (or hopefully by winning this awesome contest)!!

  7. i’ll tell you a true story. yesterday my finace found $1,300 in cash literally blowing in the wind in our neighborhood. he picked it all up and brought it in the house. i thought he won a big bet (haha totally kidding, we don’t gamble) or robbed someone (again, kidding. we are very loving people). he told me the story of how he came across so much money. i have to admit, my first thought was “wow, this could totally buy me a wedding dress” (even though it would hurt to spend THAT much money on a one-day gown) but instead we looked at each other and immediately knew what we should do. i picked up the phone, called the police and we turned ALL the money over. we didn’t get a penny more than a “thanks for calling us”. deep down we know without a doubt it was the right thing to do… but i’m not going to lie — it hurt a smidge to see so many financial possibilities walk out the front door.
    i “deserve” this dress. i want to pay for my wedding in an honest way, and even if it means saving for a few more months, i will get a dress with MY money (or hopefully by winning this awesome contest)!!

  8. Wow the dresses look fab! I don’t really like wedding dresses (although I need to find one sa I”m getting married!) but some of the Knot Couture dresses are amazing! I wouldn’t find it hard to choose one!

    I feel I should win the contest as I’m struggling to find ways around a problem. My mum is in wheelchair and I would love for her to go through the experience of wedding dress shopping with me. The only problem is that she can’t. I can’t find a wedding dress shop with disabled access AND disabled toilet facilities. It got me thinking what would a bride in her situation do? I haven’t seen anywhere with disabled changing rooms. Surely there’s some out there, but in this day and age obviously not enough after my search has given me ‘zero’ dress shops to attend. I will probably just order something online now. But if I won this contest and you would join me in my little quest, we could make a difference together and raise awareness to shops and brides with disabilities out there.

  9. Ivana

    I am a stuck up person. That is just how people see me and most of the time I wouldn’t disagree. The ones that are closer to my heart might recognize that this is not everything that I am, but my (tiny) free and wild side is not something that is easy to encounter.

    A have a constant desire to do something out of my character, somehow I am used to ignoring it. I know I wouldn’t dye my hair in pink and than appear at work or at a luncheon with my parents, but it tempts me so desperately, along with having horror tattoos, dancing on the tables and cursing back at random people on the street that might have passed me by too harshly.

    Can you imagine, my rocking bride, how satisfying and amusing it is to look at you and your brides? I love you and admire you in so many ways. I look through your photographs hunting for inspiration and for a little tickle for that vanishing unconventional part of me. You know, eight months from now it will be my turn to stand out and take everyone’s breaths away. The handsome groom is merely amazed with my struggles to think of something fun and unusual. And everyone else seems to be more curious about flower settings and honeymoon reservations than in me. ME! I know that together we can do wonders, with so many ideas I get from you daily everyone will be stunned. And I know I can rely that you won’t let me do what I always do and let me shine. But can I please shine and shine and outshine everyone in perfection that is Crystal Dawn by one Knot Couture?

  10. Vanessa

    My favorite dress is KC Roxy Thrasher flowey tiered keyhole back floral belted wedding dress, it is the sweetest dress I have ever seen. I would love this dress because it would surprise my groom and I would love to see his face when I put this beautiful dress on.

  11. For a Girl

    I am writing this for a friend. She just got engaged yesterday. With many ups and downs in her life and long relationship, her future husband has been there for her no matter what she has put him through…. and I do mean no matter what!! Could you imagine watching the girl you love, the mother of your children leave to go see if she loves someone else? and THEN that guy gets her banged up on any drug you can think of. To just wait and take care of the kid(s) until she reaches out for your help. Time and time again. So I guess this is not really for Her, this is for her Fiance, a good man who wants to give his love the wedding of her dreams. I want her to wear one of these magnificent gowns, for him! No one more than Him, deserves to have the bride of his dreams! Please help them to the next chapter in there bettering life!

  12. Jessica Cantrell

    I would be so ecstatic to win one of these lovely gowns. I am recently engaged and I have been having a truly difficult time finding a dress that works with my body type. I am a plus size bride and even though us curvy gals do not traditionally go for short or tea length gowns, I have fallen in love with them. I honestly cannot picture myself in anything else. I have a vision of a vintage inspired tea length dress with purple colored crinoline peeking out underneath. I deserve to win because I never pictured myself as a bride, much less believing that I could feel confident or beautiful on my wedding day. I think if I were able to wear one of these awesome dresses, that I would be able to experience feeling beautiful and unique on my wedding day!

  13. Carolyn

    Hello! I love the all gowns, as I am not the traditional bride. I will be getting married in the Dominican Republic and have my reception on a catamaran. My favorites are the Amber Haze, Chastity Rose and Cherry Star. These exude personality and real style to that would bring out my inter-rockstar on my wedding day.

  14. Jennifer Parsons

    Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am getting married to the love of my life in October.
    I am in love with Crystal Dawn. The simplicity of the dress is stunning and exactly what I am looking for! I am a curvy girl, so the idea of a custom fit dress!!
    Here is why I think I deserve the free dress. I have had a really tough last ten years, filled with one medical problem after the other. SO, I have a massive pile of medical bills, so I don’t have a huge wedding budget. in 2000 I was diagnosed with bone cancer when I was only 23, and my son was 6 months old. I rolled over in bed one night, and my right shoulder shattered into a million pieces. My right shoulder had been slowly eaten away by tumers, and I had to have a full shoulder replacement. Because of this, I have no rotator cuff, white means no use of my arm. This is pretty personal, but because of this, my breast on that side is 2 cup sizes bigger than the other. Finding an off the rack dress has been a nightmare. NOthing fits me correctly. I have also had 4 soft tissue tumor reaccurances which required surgery. Two years ago I went into kidney failure, and last year I lost a baby due to a ruptured tubal pregnancy. I had massive internal bleeding and almost died. I know this just sounds like a sob story, and I don’t EVER do this, because the idea of having someone feel sorry for me is just horrible. But, I have had a tough time of it! I have finally met my prince charmig, and even though we have a very small budget, I still want to fee like a true princess on my wedding day!!
    I would rock this dress in a true rock n roll bride sense! I am covered in beautiful tattoos, which I consider artwork, and can’t wait to show them off on my wedding day in a non traditional dress!
    Every woman wants to feel special and beautiful on her wedding day, and that is all I want. We are having a very small ceremony in North Georgia and I told my fiance the only 2 things that are truley important about the wedding, is that I want to feel like a princess worthy of marrying my prince charming, and that my children are as happy as I am that day! My 6 year old son told me he can’t wait to see mommy look beautiful 🙂 And I can’t let that little guy down! MAybe with your help I won’t let him down!
    Thanks so much for this wonderful oppurtunity!

  15. Peggy Rodriguez

    Love the different designs. So affordable but softly elegant. These are not mondane or traditional. The fact that they can be personalized is a unique approach to style. Great Creations!!!!

  16. Cat

    Greetings, my name is Cat. My partner and I have been together for almost 4 years now and have been engaged nearly a year. I am currently working on my PhD in Philosophy while he is teaching philosophy at a few local colleges (We met in college in a philosophy class, discussed whether there is universal morality on the first date and moved to NYC to get our masters together: nerd love at its best). While one might think that studying such topics as the meaning of life, what is love and what is the soul would pay the bills and then some, this is not the case. Rather, our love for all things metaphysical has left our physical life, particularly our very physical wallets a little light. Despite that fact, or rather because of it, Matt and I (we joke that the only reason we are together is because our names rhyme) have always made the best of it focusing on our love for each other and for our studies. Winning a free wedding dress would be absolutely wonderful as it help not only our wedding budget but also our style budget. Most woman say that they do not want to get tattoos because they don’t want people to see them on their wedding day. I, on the other hand, will not walk down that aisle until I have at least a quarter sleeve. Getting one of these lovely dresses will allocate wedding money to tattoo money as well as give me a beautiful dress to show off my new ink. Thanks for the great contest and all the best.

  17. EmNey

    I am really in love with Cherry Star. I love the fact that it is convertible!

    We have no money in our nonexistent budget for me to buy a new dress for our wedding. We are just focusing on having an amazing party for our family and friends to celebrate our love. It would mean everything to me to win a wedding dress!

  18. Morgan

    I don’t know that I DESERVE anything but I do know that this would be such an incredible blessing to our “modest” wedding budget as we are carefully pinching our little pennies. I could never DREAM of owning a custom gown on my own, but I would feel so honored to be chosen to wear one of these! What a special giveaway! If chosen I would most certainly have to find a creative way to pay it forward!!

  19. patricia treml

    I am in love with the Crystal Dawn. It is so feminine and innocent. Gorgeous. The dress itself brings back the happiest memories of my life, my childhood. My 2 brothers and I grew up to be great friends and shared so many happy times… running through the sprinkler and down our homemade ‘slip n slide’ and sleepovers in our bedrooms, and even enduring playing dress up. It was such a happy time in my life. I would love to win a custom dress for a few reasons. There is a certain feeling a girl gets when she finds ‘the dress’… but I have come to realize, that maybe not EVERYONE does. But I think having something that is *especially* made for me, on my special day and to cherish forever make Finding THAT dress, so much more meaning. And having such a special dress with the meaning of love & marriage behind it, and passing that on to my daughter.. makes the dress a true part of me.

  20. Holly S

    I love this contest… Kat is a genius.

    All the gowns are lovely and fantastic. As well as all the deserving brides that have written in to compete for this opportunity.

    With all that being said, do you think it is possible for a girl to fall in love with a dress ? Well I love Roxy Thrasher. I think it is an incredible design and wonderfully flattering. The idea that each dress is custom and made for each bride is wonderful. I will know that this dress has been TLC’d just for me. Eek. How lovely. No doubt if the dress will fit, or look right on me.. it is custom.

    My mom has a brain tumor (and no I am not pulling the ‘pity me’ thing) … so she can’t travel to go wedding dress shopping with me. I would love to be able to tell her that I have a dress that will be custom made, and show it to her in person. I think it would mean a lot to her to see me in a wedding dress that fits, and not the terrible process of trying on gowns that look terrible and don’t zip in the back.

    Thank you so much and I appreciate all the girls in the contest that have a similar story or would like to

  21. Miranda

    I love all the dresses, as they are all amazing in there own way. I would love to win a wedding dress from this give away. I have the pefect imagination, and heart for a killer Rock-N-Roll wedding just don’t have the budget! Working full time, being a mother and trying to be a perfect partner to my man has placed its priorities over planning the perfect wedding. Rock and roll at heart, I believe I would rock any one of these dresses and give it justice and the designer proud. I also would like to add, I don’t plan to “preserve” the dress by having it cleaned and placed in the attic for no one to see again. But I plan to take the dress and shadow box it along with other pieces of the wedding and place as art on a wall in my home so it can be cherished everyday! I would love to blow my man’s mind, as well as stun my guests in one of your beautiful dresses!!! Thank you <3

  22. Erin

    All the dresses at Knot Couture are splendid. My wish dress is Crystal Dawn.
    Why do I feel I deserve to win a dress? To be honest, I don’t think deserve is the right word. But if I could win one of these beautiful dresses it would totally help to make my wedding day wonderful. We will be getting married in November and our budget is almost non existent. I don’t even have a ring yet, because we just don’t have room in the budget for it yet. It might seem a bit backwards to be planning a wedding before you are formally engaged, but it makes more sense when you know how our last 12 months have gone.
    I’ve been with my fiance for 3 years, and they’ve been difficult years to say the least. We completely uprooted ourselves to a new state, My Mom, who had been battling early on-set alzheimer’s, passed away last year, I lost my job & we were thrown a curve ball, when we found out we were pregnant. (She’s due in May. We’re excited & nervous.) So to say it’s been a rollercoaster the last 2 years is an understatment.
    I was married once before and my Mom, who was a talented seamstress, made my wedding dress. It was beautiful & I felt like a princess. The fact that she won’t be here for the birth of her granddaughter or for the wedding makes both events a little bittersweet.
    So far my search online for possible wedding dresses has left me disappointed. The dresses I am truly taken with are so far outside my budget it’s ridiculous. I’m a tom boy by nature, but I want to feel pretty on my wedding day. And finding a dress that makes me feel the way the dress my Mom made for me is pretty darn difficult when your budget is teensy tiny.
    Do I deserve to win a wedding dress, I don’t know. But I do know that wearing any of the lovely dresses from Knott Couture would make me feel enchanting. And isn’t that what a bride is supposed to feel like on her wedding day?

  23. Hi there

    Thanks to Rock n Roll Bride and Knot couture for this amazing competition!

    I would love to win one of your wonderful dresses because the only thing stopping us from getting married right now is that all our money gets spent on the kids, house, cat, everyone but us. We’d love something like this to happen…its something only lucky people get to have happen, and we aren’t usually lucky.

    My partner even loves all of the designs. We aren’t getting married for anything but each other and having a dress of yours could only add to our special day.

    Good luck to all you other guys and dolls xxx

  24. I’d love to win this dress because at the moment we get hit by new bad luck everyday most recent was my mum telling me she didn’t want to put money toward the wedding any more like she had offered infact she doesn’t even want to help us plan any more.

    Also she had said before that she would buy my dress but only after I had lost a certain amount of weight.

    So now me and the boyfriend just want to get married in a small service with drinks after and winning my dress would be a huge silver lining.

    Love all the dresses

  25. This may be cheating. I’m not actually going to wear the dress…instead, I’ll be standing at the front of the aisle, watching the most beautiful woman in the world walk toward me.

    She’ll be beautiful no matter what she’s wearing, but, well, it just seems to me that she deserves an absolutely amazing dress like the ones from Knot Couture.

    And, if I can say so, I think they deserve her.

  26. Jessica Cagle

    I would love to win this free wedding dress because my husband and I want to re-new our wedding vows and all these dresses are perfect for that. I especially LOVE the KC Chastity Rose gown. My husband and I were introduced through a mutual friend (the sister of my twin sisters boyfriend) and it was no looking back. We just knew. We practically moved in together the next day. We were engaged shortly there after and got the biggest surprise when we found out we were expecting a baby. Instead of planning a wedding we planned a baby shower and happily a new family of three. Our son was perfect, full term and weighed in at 8lbs 15oz. Just 8 weeks later our lives were changed forever when one night we put him to bed and he never woke up. There were no answers but a lot of questions. He passed away March 10th 2006 and on March 11th 2007 we had an intimate wedding in honor of the love we shared. We struggled to get pregnant again for sometime but were finally blessed with another son in January 2010. Our one year old is full of life, happiness and love. We want to celebrate again the love our family shares by renewing our vows.

  27. Hi Kat!!
    I have to say first and foremost i love your site! Rock and Roll Bride is amazing! and totally great blogs that fit my style!
    Im going to tell you now why i would love to win a free gown from knotcouture, Crystal Dawn fits my personality best. I actually got married last year to the man of my friends at a court house. He married me to take care of me and of course to spend the rest of his life with me, he was thought he was leaving early to go fight for our country. Hes a US Marine and wanted to make sure i was going to be taken care of if anything happened. We were going to get married July this year but i agreed to marry him last year. we are very lo-key but we have our extremes, to going sky diving and riding Harleys to long walks on the beach and listening to country music, we also love our families and helping them out. they come first and foremost, so having a wedding was really not on my list. the planning, the finding the right dress to fit my personality and to rock his world(which chrystal dawn totally fits me! and would totally blow his mind) just didnt seem like i would have enough time to do it. so anyways he ended up not deploying in march and he ended up deploying in oct. He called me one night after i havent heard from him in a long time and hes all “BABE WE NEED TO HAVE A WEDDING,PLEASE PLAN IT FOR US!”
    so now im planning our “US” lo key, rock n roll,country wedding. and i cant wait to wow him on our wedding day July 2nd. Crystal Dawn would fit this event perfectly! im planning on riding up on the back of my dads harley with a couple of our friends who also have harleys at this super cool chapel in orange county ca. it will be a one of a kind type wedding just like our love for eachother, ONE OF A KIND! and that goes with this dress, ONE OF A KIND! thanks for listening to me and even if i dont win the dress please pray for our troops! love you kat! and thanks!


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