Don & Aileen’s Bicycle, Camera & Picnic Themed Engagement

Don & Aileen’s beautiful engagement session was submitted to my wedding blog over Christmas. “We chose the colors aqua and red for our wedding because it conveys a little bit of old / vintage but modern and bold at the same time,” they began. “We also wanted some of our favorite items to be a part of our celebration and our engagement session: Cameras & Bikes.”

“We’ve always been fascinated with cameras and its what actually brought us two together. Our collection grew because of our interest in how images were captured way before, and how it has evolved to what it is now. Growing up, we both biked a lot — and we knew they were definitely gonna be part of this wedding. Represents a ‘lil bit of old soul, free spirit and never ending fun. Our overall theme will be more of “vintage fun” — we ddon’t want a formal stiff celebration but something that’s more relaxed and easygoing.”

The couple are getting married this year and I’m looking forward to seeing their wedding photographs already!

Thanks to Don & Aileen and their photographer Joey for sharing this session with my blog today.

Photography Credit: Joey Boquiren


  1. What a gorgeous blast of carefree summer loveliness during the miserable British winter! I love the aqua and red colour theme. It looks like a great location and I love the huge collection of cameras!

  2. can you remember the scene from butch cassidy and the sundance kid where they ride around on the bike to raindrops are falling on my head, shes resting on the handlebars legs out front whilst hes pedaling, I can just see this couple doing that. wonderful shoot this one very dreamy.
    my femenine side is shining today haha

  3. the comments from the couple make these pictures extra sweet!!! i love hearing the idea that inspire a shoot. thanks for posting!


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