Lola’s Bad ASS, Punk Rock Bridals

Lola’s bridal shoot revolved around the amazing skirt she wore. It was originally an 80’s wedding dress that was found on sale at GoodWill for just $10! “Kayrene Kelley, artist and Leather Worker for Leather Girl Kelley, chopped off the top of the dress, dyed it gray, added some pickups and sent it to Arizona for us to work with,” stylist Alexandra told me. “It was truly perfect because a full wedding dress would have been just too pretty for the gritty, Rock n Roll vision I was going for. Kayrene Kelley also sent us some wonderful leather goodies such as cuffs, a corset and a belt. From there, I styled Lola with all of her own clothes and accessories. A lace black bra, white tank top, gray tank top, gloves, earrings, layered necklaces, another corset and Lola’s very own motorcycle vest were swapped in and out to take this bride through all of her different moods – some more feminine and some more casual. We kept the shoes simple and classic by using mostly black shoes owned by Lola.”

“This shoot was born out of a desire to create something different,” she continued. “Everywhere around me in the photography world I saw utterly picturesque bridal shots, full of softness and pastels and vintage loveliness.   And they were beautifully perfect, but they were not me.  For better or worse, I don’t find my inspiration in ‘pretty’.  I’m more comfortable downtown, and what excites me artistically is the opportunity to juxtapose beauty and energy against the harder edges and urban decay of the cityscape.  That’s when my vision gets hopping and things come to life for me.  And so, with a few emails to some like-minded folks – the bad-ass bridal shoot was born.  This year has been all about collaboration for me, and this team had an incredible energy, grabbing onto my original vision and taking it to amazing places.  This was seriously the most fun I’ve ever had as a photographer.”

Massive thanks to Jeanette for sharing her killer shoot and rocker bride with us today!

Photography Credit: Jeanette LeBlanc
Stylist: Alexandra Evjen, AVE Styles
Skirt & Leather Goods: Leather Girl Kelley
Cake: Classic Cakes and Confections
Flowers: Wild Child Floral Design
Hair: Tina Burnham – Refined Hair Studio
Brainstorming and Inspiration: Angela Cook – Swatchbook Weddings


  1. That skirt totally rocks – the grey colour works so well – and I *love* the styling: still feminine, but with an Edge!

  2. Heather

    Holy holy holy hot-badass-ness batman!!!! I LOVE this whole shoot. Thank you Kat for posting this!!! I am seriously drooling. LOVE.

  3. It never fails to move me when Jeanette’s visions come full circle in finished form. The entire creative collective and one super cool hottie (Go Lola-Love) totally ROCKED this shoot! All of you are utterly awesome…

  4. And, I get to say I knew Jeanette when…

    Jeanette –

    Truly beautiful and inspiring. I am so happy that your talents are reaching a broader audience! Take this world by storm, girlfriend!!

    ROCK ON!


  5. WOW!

    Love this on so many levels… the colours, the angle, the location, the bride, the dress…

    Mostly though, it’s just seriously bad-ass photography. Like really really really good.

    You are submitting these to a Bride mag right? Surely one of them out there is willing to show an atypical bride on the front cover? I can so see these right bang smack in a mainstream bride mag.

    Can you come to New Zealand when I get married and take my photos?


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