A Lot Can Happen in 3 Years…

I started Rock n Roll Bride in October 2007 and a lot has happened since then. For one thing I’m busy, really busy. My life is actually pretty mental…but I have ideas and I get to run with them and I like it that way.

I work 5 days a week on the blog, writing and publishing around 20 articles of unique content every week. At the weekends I still work at a shopping channel and produce 4 hours of live TV every night. I get home at 3.30am. I sleep. I get up. I neck approximately a litre of coffee.

I write.

I upload.

I download.

(Gareth moans at me for slowing down the internet)

I email email email…

Then there’s the magazine deadlines and of course the photo shoots – fabulous? Yes, uber hard work that takes months of organisation and a pretty knackering few days of execution? Oh YES!

Then there’s the plans for next year…and I have big plans!

I love my life right now. I’ve actually never been happier. I love that I’m busy and I love that my work helps to inspire so many people. However sometimes in amongst the slew of emails, obsessive tweeting and late night writing, I do stop and think how much my life really has changed over this relatively short space of time. 

When I started the blog there were no other professional UK wedding bloggers so I really didn’t have any idea of what to expect or anyone to emulate. By being true to who I am, I really have learnt SO MUCH and grown up in a big way. I’ve met so many amazing and talented people and made so many fabulous friends. It’s mental to think about it all actually. Mindblowing in fact.

While David and I were shooting in Paris, we set up a pose and unbeknown to us at the time, shot an image that really does show how far I’ve (we’ve!) come in this time…

Compare and contrast.

The Rock n Roll Bride, shot by her good friend and newbie wedding photographer David McNeil, just after her wedding in 2008.

The Rock n Roll Bride, shot by her good friend and stupidly successful, booked solid by Rock n Roll Bride readers wedding photographer David McNeil…in Paris!


Happy Birthday Rock n Roll Bride…


  1. Love this post!! It’s great to see how far you’ve come in a mere three years, and it’s inspirational to all of those around you. Love the photo comparison, beautiful work – both to you and David. Keep it up, Kat! Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  2. That’s amazing! Love the photos of then and now. Congrats to you both for making a success of it all! I can only hope for the same success with my ambitions….. So um… When exactly do you get time to yourself??

  3. wow, so much change so little time, but you lead an awesome life, and you really are the face of your blog, you aren’t hiding behind your words, you really are amazing Kat 🙂
    and the difference in those photos is mind blowing, your wedding photo is stunning, and then that Paris shoot photo… Wow!!

    Well done Kat, you have achieved sooo much in the last 3 years I can’t wait to see where you get to in the next 3 years!!
    For those who don’t know Kat personally, she is such a beautiful person inside out! I am so glad she is a part of (and revolutionised!) the wedding industry in the UK, and I am so proud to call her a friend! Mwah!

  5. HB indeed to R&RB !! You’ve done and are doing such a wicked job, an inspiration one would say! 😉 Stunned by the pics, that’s bonkers and brilliant!!
    Bec x

  6. ‘HOW DO YA LIKE ME NOW BABY!’ Happy blog birthday you brilliant, inspirational, amazing trail blazer and my BIGGEST girl crush by far. Will be toasting you at my friends hen party tonight, chink chink X

  7. Happy birthday to Rock n Roll Bride 🙂 when I was a bride to be you inspired me so much and I know so many brides couldn’t live without you Kat. If I could achieve a millisecond of what you have these 3 years I shall be a very happy bunny. Keep it up 😉 x x x

    Ps how beautiful are you in those pics! Love!

  8. This post just shows how much you deserve what you’ve accomplished – you work damn hard! Love the comparison shots – great to see how far both you and David have come in 3 years. Happy Birthday to Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride! 😀

  9. Ha! Ha! That’s brilliant! Happy Birthday Rock & Roll Bride!
    So glad you’re out there doing it, and hoping you keep on doing it. Looking forward to the future…
    Much love, Paul.

  10. Oh Kat, what a heartfelt post! Love it – you look fabulous in both shots and they really go to show what you’ve achieved with your passion, hard work and commitment to Rock n Roll Bride.

    As you know my lovely, I represent one of the newer (well, a whole year old now!) UK Wedding Blogs, but can honestly say your fabulous site served as much inspiration to set up my own blog offering something of a different style.

    It’s been great to get to know you in this past year; to have made a new friend, to have someone to learn from and to collaborate with you also. I’m so proud and happy to be a part of this UK Wedding Blog community and love visiting your site.

    You keep it up girl, and who knows what that 3rd photograph might look like in 3 years time! 😉

    Big love,
    Annabel xXx

  11. HI Kat,
    I’ve enjoyed seeing the evolution of your bog in the last 3 years. I have old screen shots somewhere from the very beginning (when you featured my husband in Groom Style from our own wedding). And I have screen shots from weddings you have featured me in as a photographer in the last 2 1/2 years. All are so different, your blog header, logos, etc. It’s really neat to see.
    Congrats! Katie

  12. getting all the goosebumps reading this Kat.
    if only hugging u now for real is a blink away! =)

    Thanks for bringing LOTS and LOTS and LOTSSSSS of inspiration all the way across the world!!! xxx

  13. Thank you Kat for mentioning me in the post!!

    I’ve been honoured to be brought along for the whole rocknrollbride ride, and have met loads of lovely people as a result.

    I’m sitting in Miami planning the next three years!!

  14. Post author

    nice one david. you must feel very honoured to be my friend hehe 😛

    Next US trip – Im coming with you!

  15. Nice one Kat….amazing to see just how much you’ve achieved and how you’ve inspired so many people in such a short space of time…just imagine how HUGE your baby will be 3 years on! Happy blog birthday to you 🙂
    Mwah xxx

  16. Bowie bride

    This is so inspiring. Happy blog anniversary, and an enormous cheers to all your success, past present and future!

    (oh, and happy birthday to Henry too!! Maine coooooooooooons!!)

  17. Happy blog birthday Kat. Is it weird looking at those two photographs? I love them – both. I love that you’ve just gone with your ideas and the blog’s got to here… intrigued to see where you’ll go next!

    Shell’s comment about you being lovely inside and out made me think of the photos as Kat with and without the wrapper on. I love the one with the wrapper on and hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet you one day to see the inside out version. 🙂

    ps I’m sober, not sure where this is coming from. 😀

  18. Congrats Rock-n-Roll Bride! Well done! You really have achieved a lot and I’m in awe with your determination in following your passion! You are such an inspiration

  19. Emma@ FCNK

    Happy birthday Rock n Roll bride.
    The original and best.
    We love you and we can’t wait to see what the next three years bring. Congratulations.
    The Girls @ FCNK

  20. Tanya

    Thanks for all this work, Kat. That inspiration is so important for me. With congrats from Russia.

  21. Eliza

    What an AMAZING 3 yrs! Can’t wait to see what the next 3 yrs bring, for all of us ‘newbies’

    Congrats, darling!

  22. Post author

    Thanks again for all your lovely comments.I couldnt do any of this without you lot and for that I am eternally grateful.

  23. Happy birthday to the greatest, freshest, most daring, inspiring BLOG and its all down to you girl. Admire you for putting yourself out there, create your own reality and going for it…. bloody brilliant, cheers here’s looking forward to the future, make it pink for sure!!!! x x x

  24. Huge congrats, Kat – great to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved! And I love those two photos – brilliant!

  25. My weekend was so full of wedding that I missed this post!

    Kat, your blog is a constant source of inspiration – HAPPY BIRTHDAY RNRB! Keep up the good work and keep pushing the envelope. Stay true to yourself and keep on shocking us all by saying the things that no-one else dares to say.

    Big love,


  26. Whoa, three years!?? From a brand new wedding blogger to be I only found your site quite recently but to be honest, i’m glad I didnt find it any sooner as I would have basically subconsciously copied you! Keep up the good work and continue to break boundaries for the future of weddings!


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