Thursday Treats – 24th June 2010

Credit: Our Labor of Love eeek I can’t wait to see this full wedding!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week. I’ve been getting really over-excited this week about my new blog branding. I’ve been working on it with an amazing graphic designer (all will be revealed in due course) and holy moly, it is going to be goooorrrgeous! However I’ve also been stressing a little bit. I’ve got rather a lot of projects on the go at the moment (which, don’t get me wrong is awesome!) but I’m really looking forward to mid-July when I can have a little break.

I need to remember that I’m doing stuff that I love!! I can easily be a big old stresshead at times. I think I’m the most scared about my first public speaking venture at the Unveiled event on July 1st in London. I have been invited to go and speak about alternative wedding photography and eeeek I am cacking it…I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of photographers that I know read this blog so please be nice to me. I’ll try not to stumble over my words too much! haha.

Anyway, here’s what else I’ve been lovin’ this past 7 days…

Sweet DIY Backyard Wedding
Warm & Rich Anniversary Session
Vintage Tea Party Engagement
1980’s Retro High School Love
AutumnArt Textile Necklaces
♥ Customisable (!) eShakti dresses
Baltimore Wedding With Cheeky Charm
Charming Beach Wedding – love that wicker-style cake!
Rustic Campsite Wedding Inspiration
♥ Vintage Vixen & a rainy day wedding
♥ FeatherLove makes London look oh-so-chic!

♥ Wow! I love Vintage Goodwood and their website design “the first of what will be an annual music and fashion led celebration of creative British cool from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s” – Thanks @bedesignedjewel
Like the Gale – stunning Southern style engagement
The Dangers of Wedding Magazines
Multi-coloured veils
Retro DIY Wedding – I would just love to go to a wedding like this…
♥ Super stylish National Park wedding
Top 10 Things for the Maid of Honour to Remember
Killer engagement ring
♥ Gorgeous Dolly Couture dress with pink and orange accents
Fabulous Las Vegas shoot
♥ Thanks to Allebach Photography for publishing my ‘5 things I learnt while planning my wedding’
♥  Wow wow wow – Incredible Carnival themed fashion shoot!

 ♥ Cute dresses & a pink haired model
Add sparkles to your tattoos
♥ The lovely Lucy Ledger has just launched her newest stationary range – Devine Deco
Vintage Cactus Wedding
♥ Gorgeous retro railway engagement session
Less Pin Up, More Pin Down shaaawwwt new pin up book, photographed by Blondeshot Creative
♥  Wedding Inspired by (500) Days of Summer
Not your typical pin up calenderthanks Meredith
Cute 70’s Bridal Shoot
Something Blue: Pop Of China Pattern erm Wooooweee!
Kestrin & Jonathan on medium format film
Ultra Ever After – hello awesome!


♥ I’m totally in love with this 1920’s style engagement video ♥

♥ Broke Ass Bride the Tv show?! Are you kidding me? This has to get made! ♥

Final Thoughts…

♥ It’s that time of year again where wedding blog awards are flying about like nobody’s business. Now I haven’t quite decided if I care about ‘awards’  or not yet but nevertheless I thought I’d let you know about some of them so that you can go and vote for your favourite wedding blogs…and if you want to throw a little vote to Rock n Roll Bride into the mix, well I ain’t gonna stop you.

  • Aisle Dash allows you to to vote for your favourites in a number of categories
  • The The Wedding Channel even gave me a nice little button for you to click on to cast your votes. Sweet.

Nominate me for the Bridal Blog Awards!

The Photography Parlour held their first ‘shoot out’ in Bristol last week. The results are looking fantastic so far. Pop by on Monday for a round up and a load of AMAZING images from some of my favourite photographers who attended…sneaky peeeeeky

Credit: Joanna Brown Photography


  1. Great links as always Kat. And of course, thanks for including my book. And I totally get where you’re at, I’m definitely a “stresshead” at time also. Don’t forget to take a little time for yourself to do non work things!

  2. woohoo! exciting to see our silly faces here!

    oh, and i can’t wait to see and show off our wedding pixx either 🙂

    thanks, ma’am!

  3. big big HUGS to you agaiN!
    thanks for the link love Kat! always!

    im getting myself drowned here with so much inspiration for my own upcoming wedding,too! xxx

  4. AisleCrasher

    I could spend all week with these links…but I can’t!!! Thanks for the links. Your content is always king!

  5. Thanks so much for posting our fab video! We had so much fun making it and it’s even more fun to watch it all over again. LOVE your site!


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