Maria Lluïsa Rabell – Magical Dress Inspiration

This is not the usual post I put up but sometimes there are exceptions to be made. I received an email from reader Claire the other day who told me “I nearly died when I saw these dresses”. Hell, I can see why. Serious swoon-fest over here. I want them all!

The Barcelona-based designer Maria Lluïsa Rabell blends contemporary subtle lines and elegance with amazing technical flair and ability. Unique, out-there and original. Have you ever seen anything like these? They have such a magical, romantic feminine feel don’t they?

LOVE! Be sure to also check out the gorgeous real brides in the ‘galeria’ section of her website


  1. claire

    Claire here, I’m going to log on here everyday just to look at these pictures. I love evry single one of them

  2. lovewalks

    Oh my – how beautiful – the most stunning dresses EVER! do you know if they have any stockists in the UK? xxx


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