Bollywood Bride

April 10, 2010

Gorgeous Indian brides and weddings certainly don’t get enough coverage in Blogland – which is crazy because the colours, the fun and the unique traditions are certainly things that blogs usually swoon over. I have a couple of Indian friends – one that is already married and one that has been to a lot of her family’s weddings and I’m always intrigued to hear about them. My favourite story was that one of my friends had to walk around the ceremony carrying a pineappleon her head and when she asked her Mum why she had to do it or what it was about she replied “that’s just what we do” Ha! To this day she still doesn’t know the significance of the pineapple that messed up her hair!

This fashion shoot was sent over by Annie & Benjamin of Elevenorchids Photography. The shoot took place at the Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco and was set up to showcase the glamour and gorgeousness of Bollywood.

“The spirit of Bollywood has long lingered in our bank of inspiration as something we’ve wanted to capture & the Palace of Fine Arts provided the perfect venue!  We’ve known Nima (the “groom”) for quite some time now, and he has developed into not only a talented model, but a very talented art director. He was in charge of wardrobe and had the hand embroidered Sari flown in from India just for this shoot.  We spent about 2 months coordinating details and choosing him the perfect, “bride”.  In my head I envisioned them dancing and frolicking all about like in the Bollywood movies…very cheesy and dramatic.  Shooting with Nima & Sheena proved to be an irresistible treat as we ran out of sunlight with ideas still flowing.
From the head-pieces & henna (by Shaikh Beela), to the hand-sown sari & fancy dance moves, we felt as though we were on our very own Bollywood production set.”

Thanks to Annie & Benjamin for sharing these with us

Credit: Elevenorchids Photography