An 80’s Inspired Squash, Après Ski, Vogue & Nylon Magazine Engagement Shoot!

Not looking for the traditional engagement session, Melissa & Colin went to Rhys Albrecht for an original concept…and he came up a treat! “I pitched 2 ideas to them.” Rhys explained “First, an 80’s inspired squash court shoot with knee socks, headbands and short shorts. Second, and this is a direct quote from my initial pitch to them, “a modern twist on the classic après-ski look. I’m picturing ski boots, tights, long johns, touqes, skis, parkas, etc. With bold colors. Like, if you could imagine Vogue merged with Nylon Magazine to do a “How to Glam Up Your Après-Ski” issue.”  And third, a more subdued winter look with slightly absurd accessories…like giant faux-fur hats”

I know, these are killer!

Thanks to Rhys for sharing this fun session and to Melissa & Colin for being so up for it. It’s a pleasure to feature!

Credit: Rhys Albrecht


  1. These are so amazing. I love the shots of him jumping in the back. These are some brilliant concepts for an e-session and you did an amazing job in your execution.

  2. Such fun pics Rhys. Love the ski lodge pics, those gold tights are killer!
    I see this as the beginning of a great thing for you!

  3. Seacilin

    Ohmigod, LOVING this!!! I wonder if I can talk my other half into this … replace the squash with loud 80s cycling lycra and we already ski …

  4. kellie simpson

    Rarely do i comment on a blog, but this is seriously the most fun engagment shoot i have ever seen. Positively loving it!!!!

  5. Wow, I’m a bit overwhelmed. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments.

    And thanks Kat, for giving me my first feature!


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