Freshly Oiled

January 16, 2010

Connie’s trashed her dress for a different reason to most – recently divorced, she wanted a fresh start and could think of no better way than doing this. Quite apart from the reasons behind it, I wanted to share these because I am loving the overly dirty, grimy look!


Thanks to Jeff for sharing these

Credit: Jeff Cooke Photography


  1. so colourful! chair swing shot is also my fav (I love them!)- wonder how long it took to get the perfect shot?? x

  2. Raven

    Thank you everyone! I had such an awesome time during this shoot. William is extremely talented and I recommend him to any bride/soon-to-be bride! Also yes, the swinging chair was my favorite! I loved it all!!

  3. Sage

    Hey — You were SO beautiful……. And….. You are SO SO SO beautiful…. Keep it up girrllyy…

  4. Thanks so much for putting these up! I’m really glad everyone enjoyed them. It really helps when your subject is as pretty as Raven! 🙂


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