A Bustling Flurry Of Exhilaration

July 27, 2009

When thinking about Mexico, the images that swim around my head (that is, after tequila and fajitas of course) are a fabulous and brightly colour hubbub of excitement. A bustling flurry of exhilaration. To me, my assumption is definitely reflected in their amazing portraits – just check out that yellow wall!

The Bride, Dana, described their wedding vision to me:
I am from Boston and my husband is from Mexico City. We live in Boston, but I wanted to share his amazing culture and the unique city with my family and friends so we decided to have a destination wedding. Our theme was modern meets classic with a major emphasis on something that has always bound us: our love of music. The ceremony was done set to our favorite songs—a mix of alternative rock and classic Mexican music. Mexico City is in itself, a huge mix of styles and old meets new, so we really played that up in our choices for the whole 4-day experience. Modern hotel and flashy nightclub outings, mixed with a traditional hacienda wedding locale and a live mariache band.

Credit: Rodrigo Cassou


  1. Margot

    Beautiful wedding! I’d love to see the rest of the pictures but I’m on my phone and they aren’t showing up 🙁

  2. Post author

    Hey Margot – unf the galleries dont show on phones at the moment. we’re working on it though! be sure to go check it our on your computer later, its fab!

  3. Jade

    Are the galleries meant to be showing on iPads because I can’t see them at the moment either…loving this post though!

  4. Lisa

    Love the flowers. I am thinking of getting silk ones as well. Anyone know where I can get decent ones from?

  5. Laura

    I’m getting married in Nov 2013 and we’ve decided on a similar Mexican theme, using lots of papel picado banners. I love anemones too and really hope I can get hold of some for my bouquet. If they’re not quite in season then the silk ones look like an amazing alternative. Does anyone know where these were from?

  6. Britney

    Where did you get the table number holders? I would love to find some sugar skulls like that for our wedding!


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