1920’s Glam

I’m pretty sure you’re going to go crazy over these. Austin & Megan’s 1920’s themed wedding is right up m street. I love it all – the flowers, the dresses, the hairpieces, the venue, the cake, the Groom’s awesome beard and the coolest Bridesmaids I’ve seen in ages…in fact I am more than a little bit jealous!

You should really clicky here for their slideshow

Thanks so much Karen!

Credit: The Wedding Couple


  1. I adore a bride unafraid to dress her bridesmaids in white! I find the logic behind such “rules” ridiculous. A white dress shouldn’t be necessary to help the guests understand who the bride is. If a guest at a wedding doesn’t know who the bride is, he or she doesn’t deserve to be there!

  2. Wowza, beautiful. Lovin the maids in white… Folklore behind bridesmaids is that they wore a similar dress to the bride and acted as decoys, in case anyone should try to steal her away… Bridetastic.


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