And The Winner Is………

How very’s 7am and I’m so excited in fact I could squeal.
The reader’s survey is now closed, and using the very hi-tech method of a random number generator, the winner of the fabulous personalised Shoe Missy shoes is…..dum dum duuuuuuuuum…………….

Entry Number 90 – Shaughnessy Keely


(and just because I don’t like to post without photographs, here’s a gorgeous image from a new engagement session by the very fabulous Victor Sizemore  – omg that dress!)

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  1. Post author

    hehe no excuses I reminded you all so many times! Hopefully I will be running nre contests reguarly soon

  2. Shaughnessy

    i did something bad…
    i’m pretty sure i deleted the email you sent me!!!! it went to my junk folder! dang it!


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