Pink Haired, Stripey Socked Bride

Hurray for pink haired brides..and brightly coloured dyed flowers…and long stripey socks…and awesome tattoos…and two gorgeous dresses!  There is so much to love about this wedding – just see for yourself!  I must also give kudos to the brave Groom for wearing a bright white suit!  What a brave man.

Credit: Catie Ritterson

Edit: For all of you who are dying to know, the Bride’s short dress is by Betsey Johnson and the long dress is by Oleg Cassini :o)


  1. Marie

    Where did she get this dress!? It is beautiful, and I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere!


  2. Post author

    I knew someone would want to know so i’ve emailed her to ask and I will post if she replies! I take it you men the gorgeous short one?


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