Alternative Engagement Rings from Etsy

You’d be surprised at how many emails I get from boys about to pop the question, always asking me the same thing: where can they find an alternative engagement ring? I always reply with the same thing too – ETSY!

When once such email came in just last week I got all distracted and started leafing through myself. Literally two hours later I’d not only wondered where the time went, but had saved a plethora of beauties to my favourites.

Here are just a few of the unique sparklers that made me stop in my tracks.

1. Recycled gold and silver rings:


2. ANUBIS Unique Silver Ring:


3. Rough diamond engagement ring:


4. Silver and peridot ring:


5. Green gold and pink sapphire dragon ring (check out the rest of their rings too, they are insanely good!):


6. Platinum plated sterling ring with a stone setting:


7. Sterling silver faceted ‘diamond’ ring:


8. Rose gold tourmaline and sapphire twist ring:


9. Hidden heart onyx ring:


None of these suit your style? You can start browsing for yourself right here. Oh yeah, and you might as well resign yourself to