Unicorns, Rainbows and The Brightest Styled Shoot I’ve Ever Seen: Harajuku Harem


How often does your mind get blown by the things you see on wedding blogs? Well today might just be the day… oh and you might want to go and grab some sunglasses because these babies are bright. Prepare yourself for a visual feast and to walk around for the rest of the day wondering why the real world is so damn grey!

“This shoot started life in a car journey between Jo of The Couture Company and me after we’d heard Kirsty Mitchell talk at Photography Farm’s Farm Week“, began photographer Hannah Millard. “We were really inspired by the idea of physically creating a scene and our mutual love of Japanese fashion was at the heart of the collaboration. It had to be full of detail, colour and texture.”


“After deciding to create a Harajuku inspired bridal shoot we started recruiting like-minded suppliers. The dresses were all made by The Couture Company and were perfect for the theme, bringing in the frothy girlishness we needed for the shoot. She also made all the belts and headpieces, we all fell in love with the unicorn headdress! The outfits were accessorised with the totally bad ass decoden-inspired shoes, phone cases and jewellery by Revivemeboutique who created pieces especially for the shoot. The bouquets were crafted by Ava Event Styling and we couldn’t resist the phenomenal talent of Black Cherry Cake Company who pulled out all the stops designing a unique cake, complete with edible decoden-inspired decorations, kawaii unicorns and topped off with a couple of Totoros!”


“Amy from Ava Event Styling helped take our ideas and turn them into a visual explosion of colour, adding in her own awesome vision and the customised rocking horse which we turned into our unicorn and topped off with a rainbow mane created by Elbie Van Eeden. Elbie was also on hand to create amazing hair and make up looks, inspired by real life Harajuku girls. Nails by Rosie decked us out with an awesome mixture of hand painted and detail-encrusted nails and we had lots of lovely little hair accessories by Beau XOXO.”


“We dressed the shoot with lots of vivid paper decorations, some of which we made, alongside tissue paper ones from PaperJoy. Then we piled in kawaii details, plush toys, petals and Japanese sweets. The shots with the frames were inspired by Japanese photo booths, which we actually made as a physical prop that they stood behind rather than just doing in Photoshop afterwards… it would make an amazing photo booth for a wedding!”

“We were so happy with how it all turned out. We wanted to create inspiration for brides who want to be adventurous with details and colours… the sort of colours that give you a retinal sugar rush!”


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  1. Wow!! Stunning – Love the Totoros, unicorn, rainbow cake! My 6 year old daughter would love that! I can see some mega man , pac man and my little pony too!

  2. In your face wishy-washy vintage.

    Ha only kidding but seriously this is amazing, a great new look to inspire kick ass brides. Although I shall now have Gwen Stefani going round my head all day. Super kawaii!

  3. Ahh what a brilliant shoot. Love the take on Japanese pop culture, definitely happy to see more of this in the future. What a great collaboration <3

  4. Bex

    I love this so much!!! I live and crochet in brights, first thing I did in my new house was to paint the kitchen bright green and the bath room turquoise. So this shoot feels so me white is pretty much banned in our wedding. I’d never wear it or choose it for decor so it just seemed silly to use it for our wedding because that is what everyone else does. It’s so hard to find properly bright wedding insparation though. Thank you to all who made this happen!

  5. We had THE best time planning this in our little group!!! Everyone was sooooooo up for it
    Thanks for all the awesome comments peeps, You made my day
    “The futures so bright we gotta wear shades!”

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome… Every single friggin inch of this is just fabulous. It’s been amazing to see everything that has come after that incredible week at the Farm.

  7. Alex Darcy

    Love this shoot! Where is the my little pony hair/ unicorn headpiece from ? x

  8. Hi Alex, Its by us,the Couture co, but not quite on the website yet, but we can custom make you one..drop us a line :)

  9. Very kawaii! Great to some far-out-of-the-box shoots that still seem intimate and romantic. Excellent work everyone.

  10. Gorgeous! I want my life to be this colorful. :)

    And as a My Little Pony fan, I love all the pony details, like the Rainbow Dash ring and the Celestia fascinator. Oh and the Pokemon paper fan–so awesome!

  11. This photo shoot was one of the most creative and colourful I’ve seen in a wedding blog! The cake is a complete work of art, I might get one like that for my next birthday, I’m in love with it! I also loved the Asian wedding inspiration in all the details: the origami-like paper flowers, the cherry blossoms and the Japanese umbrellas…

  12. Emily Calder


    Was just wondering if I could get the details for the pink jacquard dress please. I love it!

    Emily xx

  13. Leonie

    Hi. Only just discovered you via a FB link. Your work is fantastic! Makes me want to get married again. And again. And again! ;o) (all to my lovely hubby obviously). Do you remember where the fantastic flamingos were from please?? Trying to find some and these look perfect! Ta x


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