Surprise Pool Party Wedding Recreation

Oh I love a surprise wedding! And a surprise wedding + pool party!? EPIC!

But this wasn’t actually a real wedding, it was set up as a recreation of the wedding of some friends of the photographer who were married 30 years ago. Jessie & Kenny had a wedding just like this one, in the exact same spot, in 1982 (some of their wedding photos are at the end of the gallery – how amazing are they?!) So to celebrate, and to have an their anniversary party with a difference, they decided to relive the whole thing. This is a styled shoot unlike the rest and, yes, they really had the big party afterwards!

Styled shoots have been wedding blog favourites for a few years now. I do like to feature them to share new wedding ideas with my bride & groom-to-be readers but I’ve always really preferred to publish real weddings. It’s not that I don’t like styled shoots, but I know real life examples always go down better than a ‘concept’ set up but a bunch of wedding industry professionals who think that it’s a quirky, cool (or in recent times – trendy) and very ‘blogable’ idea for a wedding.

Which is why I love this shoot. It is a new concept. It’s a recreation of a wedding, being sympathetic to the original inspiration while showcasing some awesome new ideas. Just like with Whit & Colby, I was initially disappointed when I realised that this wasn’t an actual wedding, but again like with Whit & Colby I love it because of the amazing creativity behind it. On reflection I congratulate the creative team for doing something that I wish everyone else would… actually being creative.

“In a nutshell, I have always been deeply inspired by Jessie & Kenny’s wedding story – they are like second parents to me and dear, dear friends”, wrote photographer Kierstin. “So this year, as they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, a bunch of my friends and I recreated their special day at their home. The gorgeous Gretchen & Tyler acted as our bride and groom.”

“Thirty years ago, on the 4th of July, Jessie & Kenny invited their close friends and family to a pool party. It was a typical pool party filled with drinks, BBQ, friends and fun. Somewhere in the middle of the swimming, drinking and BBQ-ing, Jessie & Kenny casually got out of the pool and slipped inside. Just a short while after, they opened the door and stepped back out on the patio in wedding attire and announced… they were get