A Thespian Wedding with a Focus on the Ceremony: Theresa & William

Theresa & William were married at Preston Court, Kent, in April. Both being actors they had a subtle thespian theme and lots of entertainment!

“We met while working for outdoor theatre company,” began the bride. “Last year, at the end of a performance of Pirates of Penzance, and on stage in front of 350 people, Willie proposed! It came as quite a surprise to everyone apart from our MD Ben Wiles, who had been instructed to play the Dr Zhivago theme as he went down on one knee! Ben also played at the wedding as I walked down the aisle.”

For Theresa & William, the ceremony was the most vital part of their day. Often put the wayside by couples busily obsessing about how their wedding will look, both the bride & groom wanted this part of the day to be their main focus. “When it came to planning the wedding, we knew we wanted the ceremony to be the most important part of the day”, Theresaexplained. “We didn’t want a civil ceremony that wouldn’t allow any religious or spiritual words to be said but we also didn’t want a church wedding. We decided the only thing to do was to write our own. Firstly we found our celebrant, David Abel. We went to visit him and decided that he was definitely the person we wanted to marry us. With his help and guidance we ended up with a ceremony that was part celtic handfasting, part traditional church wedding and part just us! We kept rewriting until we both were 100% certain that every word felt perfect.”

“Near the beginning we had everyone singing ‘Bring me sunshine’, which was one of our favourite parts of the day. We exchanged gold rings that we had made for each other (so much fun, with the help of jeweler Sue Lane at her studio in Hereford) and vows that we had written. My gorgeous bridesmaid Lizzie Dive sang ‘If I was a sailboat’ by Katie Melua, accompanied by Willie’s brother Alex on guitar as we lit a unity candle.”

“Near the end we had the handfasting, which involved David knotting our left hands together, we made more vows. It was great that we were also able to involve our friend Bernadette, a priestess from the London Goddess Temple. She led my bridesmaids, who represented the elements. My younger bridesmaids scattering petals and read an invocation of Hera, goddess of marriage, while our hands were fasted. At the very end we jumped over the broom and then, as we kissed, the old victorian fairground organ at the back of the barn started playing! After the ceremony we walked outside to cut the cakes. We dug straight into our two beautiful wedding cakes, while a brass band played ‘Nothing’s going to stop us now’ by Starship! It was perfect.”

Because of the laws surrounding wedding ceremonies in the UK, after this the couple and their wedding party headed