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I feel kind of ridiculous as I write this as I do not in any way shape or form claim to be any kind of wedding expert – in fact probably quite the opposite. I reckon if any real life wedding ‘professionals’ were to meet me they’d actually laugh in my pink haired face!

However I am, as much as anyone can be, a complete and utter wedding obsessive. I did manage to plan our wedding (with help!) and do actually look at gorgeous wedding images every single day. Therefore I may be able to offer some help, advice or maybe even sanity to anyone that needs it.

Through running Rock n Roll Bride I have had the pleasure to meet (whether that be online or in actual real life) a plethora of fabulous Rock n Roll wedding-worthy photographers from all over the world. If you are still on the photographic hunt, then feel free to drop me an email for some recommendations. I adore every single photographer on my ‘List of Love’, and I would be more than thrilled to share them with you.

So whether your mother-in-law to be is driving you nuts, your best friend is refusing to come your your wedding because they can’t bring their child (oh yes, it happened to us) or if you just want someone to bounce ideas about colour schemes, hair pieces or shoes (yes please) off, don’t be shy, drop me an email and let rip…


Credit: Marianne Taylor


  1. Aren’t you fabulous! Having seen my fair share of bland weddings as a photographer & even my own blasé wedding I wish I had the opportunity 8 years ago to chat. Maybe when we do it all again I will take you up on it. After the last wedding I shot was so fabulously unique I want to do it all again!!!!

  2. Nini

    Having been a pink-haired face myself I will be asking for your advice when I start to plan my wedding. I just wanted to let you know I love your site, it rocks!!

  3. jesse.

    greetings from INDIANA!
    I LOVE your site. emgosh i see like the best pictures ever.
    so many great ideas too.
    I’m getting married in MARYLAND, any recommendations on photographers around that area?
    I thank you much =] toodles

  4. Jennifer

    First of all….thank you sooo much for having your site….My friend told me about it since I just got engaged and I have been getting so inspired!

    I’m in San Francisco, bay area, California…and in need of help finding a local designer who isn’t too expensive..and unique for my wedding dress. I know.. a lot to ask.. 🙂 do you know anyone? Or have any ideas? I don’t want to look like every cookie cutter bride, but the dresses that I fall in love with are over $3,000. 🙁 My love and I are saving up for a house…..and we are spending most of our budget on making sure all our family and friends have an amazing time…I hate boring weddings..so we are making sure that everyone has a memorable experience. So, I am basically trying to cut the cost of my stuff..but yet still try to look amazing… Is it hopeless? If you have any suggestions..I would so appreciate it! Cheers!

  5. Finally a wedding blog that’s not all fluff and ruffles!! I’m not getting married but, I absolutely adore ‘Rock n Roll Bride’. I’ve linked you to my blog!

  6. Aunty B

    You are the kind of person every bride should be talking to while planning her own wedding.
    The pressure to conform is absurd. I got married in April 2008 and I had the pressure of two very strong cultures (Italian on my side, Jamaican on his…!) and in the end, I had to make small compromises to please each.

    Perhaps I’m a conventional bride, but the idea of being a Rock n Roll bride is to be yourself, and I found through my plans that yes, I am a hopeless romantic, but I could twist the rules slightly to have a day that spoke of me and my husband… it was colourful, yet linear (monochromes, geometrical, and with a bit of raggea in it…).
    A year on and I’ve decided that the dream I had since I was 17 to be a wedding planner doesn’t just have to be a dream. I have the skills and the passion to help a bride make the decisions that will make her wedding day the best day of her life and finally next week I’ll make my first step towards becoming a Wedding Planner. When I will finally establish myself, your site will definetly be the first suggestion I’ll give to the couples: get inspired to be and do something that people will remember as the day that spoke of you two! Feel free to dare!

  7. Hi Kat, I am a wedding planner based in Sheffield, just starting out in the business. After getting marrried in June in Ibiza i decied to come back and try my hand at it for a living. I am still in the planning and researching stage, but want to focus on weddings for the modern busy bride, looking for something a bit differnt or querky for their wedding day.
    My website is currently being built and I am just in the process of getting a blog started to link into the sight.
    I am a huge fan of yoru website and think your blogging skills are brilliant. I love the brides you feature on your sight and was hoping you may be able to offer me a bit of advice on setting up my blog. What do you think is the best blog sight to use?? do you use word press? and do you have any advice on content? any does and don’ts??
    Any advice would be most welcome, as much as my website will act as my brouchure informing customers of my services, I’m hoping the blog will be able to reflect a bit more of my personality and the kind of brides i would really like to attract.
    Thanks fo your time. Kelly xxxxx

  8. Gorgeous picture! My cousin had a rock n’ roll wedding at the Bellagio in Vegas. I’ll try to get some pics for you 😉 Love.

  9. riotgrrrl

    hi…i am desperate…my lil man and i are planning a wedding but it has to be done ASAP!!! i am getting shipped out soon. he has a pretty serious medical condition and may not be with me long…likehe may pass why i am deployed…we dont have a ton of money but we NEED to do this for us..any sugestions. i am VERY crafty and open to suggestions. birds, sulls, and stars are a pretty big deal for us…thanks for the thoughts and help!!!

  10. Julie

    Dear Kat,

    Dunno if you can help me but i’m trying to organise my r&r wedding from Singapore (me and my partner are British but work out there) the plan is Shoreditch house civil ceremony, so thats all pretty easy to organise, but i need someone to explain how we go about giving notice to the council if we are not resident in the UK…. do you know any wedding planners who have helped anyone in a similar situation that could advise me?

    Thanks Julie

  11. JosieJo

    Yippee! Sooo happy to find your site, just got engaged and soo don’t want a blah fluffly wedding, so glad to have found your site. Already havin the hair from the latest photos.

    You’ll be so helpful to me over the next while.

    Your hair is fab 🙂

    Jo xx

  12. Kelly

    I just found your site and could definately use help. My fiance and I are tattooed, we love motorcycles and muscles cars. I am trying to find a venue that really screams “us”. Right now we are looking at the Hard Rock Cafe but even that seems too mainstream. Any suggestions? We live in NJ near Atlantic City…Any help would be welcomed!
    I am so glad to know that I am not the only bride who doesn’t want a “cookie cutter” wedding 🙂

  13. Dana

    what a fantastic site you have! i’m getting married this halloween and i was starting to think i was the only bride with this kind of aesthetic(well, at least on the west coast of florida lol). everyone in my neck of the woods wants either big, boring, flashy(not in the good way), over the top gala weddings or yee-haw country affairs. my fiance and i are not those kind of people, i’m a vintage loving pin-up gal and he’s a retro fiend as well, so planning our wedding is proving to be a challenge since every vendor assumes we’re going for the typical cookie cutter pastel by the sea wedding, and we have to keep reminding them the big day is on halloween, and if they cheese it up we will not be happy lol…. so many great ideas and pics here, i’m definitely inspired!

  14. Chiara

    I’ve only been engaged for 2 weeks now and i never thought about gettting married before. There is so much to think about and to do. I found your blog and it was like dropping down the rabbit hole to wonderland, just looking at photos and seeing how weddings CAN be not what they should be is a great mind setter for me. Even just your comment about your wedding with your hair (which is amazing) i was stuck with thinking do i have to grow it. I say HELL NO this is me and this is who i am. and your site is helping me in so many ways. I Thank you for being so ROCK n ROLL and for helpong everyone when they have no freaking idea.

  15. Mia

    Hi Kat,

    I love your blog, I have quickly become super obsessed with checking my iPhone every morning on my daily commute to read your latest entry and gaze at the fabulous pictures and day dream about my big day, it’s my guilt secret! I’m getting married next year, just in the process of booking Nonsuch Mansion and looking into photographers, although the the amount of amazing pictures on your sites it gonna be pretty hard to decide!

    Massive amount of love to you and big thanks for all the inspiration you have given me.


  16. Alicia

    Hi! I stumbled upon your site and its amazing! LOVE all the pics and ideas for that special day! One day while I was looking at your site I saw a pic of a tattoo on a brides wrist, “blessed” in pink writing. I LOVE IT AND WANT IT for myself, but I cant find it again. Could you please help?
    Thanks a million in advance!
    Keep it up, I hope to be married soon!


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