Bright & Beautiful Fire and Ice-Themed Iceland Wedding Shoot

Lina + Tom

July 10, 2018

This shoot takes place in one of my favourite places in the world, Iceland, the home to some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ve ever seen. They don’t call it the Land of Ice and Fire for nothing, do they? In fact, the über-creative photography duo Lina + Tom looked to this nickname as inspiration for this styled shoot.

“We’ve visited Iceland a number of times,” Lina and Tom explain, “and even got engaged under the northern lights there! So we wanted to celebrate the beauty of the country our way. We know it’s become very fashionable to shoot in Iceland in the last few years, yet every time we see a wedding or elopement shoot there, they all seem to have that muted, dark tone to them, and many look the same. There’s nothing wrong with that look, but this isn’t our Iceland: in our Iceland, the sky is so blue on a crisp winter’s day, the snow is so bright, an the sun so warm on your face. We wanted to create a shoot in Iceland that reflected the vibrancy we see, combined with our love for alternative wedding style.”

To showcase the best of the gorgeous country, Lina and Tom styled three different ‘looks’ over two days in Southern Iceland, including Kleifarvatn, Stokkseyri, Skogafoss and Vik, with Vigdís at Lux Weddings Iceland helping to ensure they weren’t encroaching anywhere that they shouldn’t be.

Their first look, inspired by ice, featured gorgeous Bowen-Dryden separates (including a DIVINE violet skirt which required its own suitcase – and rightly so) and a suit from The Vintage Suit Hire Co. Leah Stocker and Abbi Beaumont from Belles Beauty highlighted this icy feel with a kickass white eyeliner (I will be trying this immediately) and a messy ponytail, accessorised with a gorgeous Love From Becky headpiece.

“Leah and Abbi rolled with our ‘no boho’ rule and pulled out the perfect looks to go with our outfits, which they only actually saw the night before as they hung in our airBnB!” Lina and Tom remember. Looks included super tonal eyeshadows and lips to go with the gorgeous bright flowers by Love From Becky.

The next look was shot on and inspired by the famous black sands of Icelandic beaches, which Lina and Tom recreated with a Chotronette coat and Mustang shoes. Finally, their ‘fire’ look (in more ways than one am I rightttttt) featured the dreamy red wedding dress that is “Lavande Fondant” by Chotronette. Just look at those embellishments on top, and LOOK AT THE SUNLIGHT THROUGH THAT SKIRT. SO MAGICAL, RIGHT?

“In the spirit of Rock n Roll Bride, we wanted to use this shoot to inspire you to be your fabulous-selves,” Lina and Tom say. “Reject the white dress if you want to, the full suit, the nude make up. Don’t be afraid to be inspired by the things around you, the things you love, the best weddings are those where the couple are true to themselves and bring in their own loves and passions. Then remember to have a bloody good time!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!