Lakeside Polish Wedding: Martyna & Piotr

fot. Whitesmoke Studio

I can’t remember featuring a Polish wedding on my blog before, but if this is the kind of standards they’re setting, then I seriously should be posting more of them! There’s so much wedding gorgeousness in these images I can hardly contain myself.

Martyna & Piotr were married in Warsaw. The ceremony was held at Jablonna Palace and the reception was at U Różyca, a private farm just outside of the city and right by Lake Zegrzynski. The reception was basically one big party! Laid back, unpretentious and with everyone pitching in to help.

fot. Whitesmoke Studio

Seriously, stop it Martyna. You’re killing me with your fierceness.

The bride wore a daring but beautiful short dress by Bizuu and shoes by Aga Prus (she changed into Melissa sandals for dancing!) Her style was quirky yet timeless, elegant yet adventurous – and I for one can’t get enough of it. The pink sash with her bold bouquet is perfection and the giant floral hair wreath that she wore late into the evening added even more fun.

fot. Whitesmoke Studio

One of the most important factors to this couple was booking the right wedding photographer to capture their day. They were lucky enough to find Dorota & Michał of WhiteSmoke Studio. “For me it was love at first sight”, wrote Martyna. “Chemistry is the key factor when you’re in love but it is also vital between wedding photographers and a couple. The wedding photographs taken by Dorota & Michał look more like fashion shots for Vogue. They charm you with their natural beauty and ease. We didn’t have to pose at all, the photos just happened.”

fot. Whitesmoke Studio

I couldn’t agree more, these photos are so incredibly stunning! Thank you to Martyna & Piotr and photographers Dorota & Michał of WhiteSmoke Studio for sharing with us today.

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  1. I’m surprised but impressed too that the bride and groom don’t match in colors. For example the tie with her shoes or something. All relaxing, the bride with flats and here is the best example of a wedding the way you want to be not strictly being all about etiquette. Congrats!

  2. Ok I’m a happily married lady but that bride is HOT! I mean CRAZY SEXY! Right? It’s not just me? Her hubby is a bit of alright too.

    As for the wedding, it is immense! Cool in achingly epic proportions.

  3. Oh my! Love this! Beautiful bride and sexy hubby! My sister’s husband is from Poland so I especially love this one. Why is it all the Polish men I have met look sexy in glasses!? ;)

    Thanks again for sharing! You Rock! ;)

  4. Martyna is seriously naturally sexy. Whether posed or natural that girl just oozes it! Her face is also priceless when she is about to be handed the dove.

    The wedding looks so fun and natural too – love it!

  5. This looks like so much fun! My in-laws are from Poland so I was able to witness myself that the Polish know how to party – and how to cook. Lovely wedding!

  6. Love European Weddings, with my better half being from Slovakia it’s a treat to see one so nicely presented with such amazing photography. Quite often the photography from central Europe can be a little dated compared to UK or U.S trends but this is spot on! Glad to have now discovered Dorota & Michał!

    It also genuinely feels like it was all about the couple :-)

  7. Great to see some of WhiteSmoke’s photography here; they are masters in the business and always feature really fantastic couples and amazing venues. Well done for show casing their talent!

  8. Absolutely love her dress (and her gorgeousness) and also these photos too! What a brilliant job you did White Smoke Studio. Kudos!

  9. Louise

    This is so lovely!
    I am marrying my wonderful Polish kochanie in October (then again in Warsaw next year – so will be checkimg out the links!) and I have been struck by how charming and welcoming Polish weddings are. In fact, M’s mum tcan’t get her head around the formalities and why we can’t just invite everyone who wants to come, so long as they bring some vodka!

    And if you like flower crowns, you should go to Poland! They are very traditonal, and come in many styles depending on the region, from wreaths to simple headbands to tall crowns. It is tradition for unmarried women to wear them, and after the ceremony take it off, but who wants to take off something so lovely?

  10. Oh wow, I want to marry Martyna too, she’s gorgeous! The photography is just as gorgeous, really lovely frivolity captured with stunning style! I’m going to go stalk white smoke studio now Txx

  11. Paula

    Good to see a Polish wedding here as well. It’s a very tasteful wedding that was arranged with a great respect of a traditional elements of Polish weddings. I Love it !

  12. Ninoue

    Probably one of the most expressive bride I’ve ever seen on TRNRB ! The pics are gorgeous and full of tradition, I love it !

  13. Ulla

    I love the semi-traditional informal vibe!
    We need more of those weddings!
    Thank you for posting, Kat. It proves we still have something interesting to say here in Poland ;)


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