Brand New Date for the School of Rock Workshop: Brighton!

It’s a huge cliché but I really have been truely blown away by the response to my School of Rock blogging workshops so far. Each event has sold out quicker than the last, with the most recent one being off the market within 8 hours! You guys really do know how to flatter me.

I know I keep saying this too, but the last event, at Curradine Barns in the West Midlands has got to have been my favourite yet. The venue was stunning, the group that attended were awesome and we even got fed an amazing 3 course meal (all made in house by their head chef) afterwards! Triple win!

I still get ridiculously nervous before each event and I always worry about getting my words out in the right order. I’ve got a secret to share… when I was about to start talking at this last event my mind literally went blank. Like… there was nothing there. NADDA. Somehow I managed to assemble some thoughts and get stuck in though. I hope no one noticed (although I’ve kinda given the game away now huh?)

I couldn’t do it without Gareth by my side. Not only to answer the techy questions that I suck at answering, but to pick up the slack when I start to babble (it happens!) Plus he pulls funny faces which amuses us all…

I don’t half make some funny faces myself when I’m talking though do I?! Emma said it’s because I’m ‘super involved and passionate’ about what I’m saying… I think it’s more likely that I’m just an over-expressive doof.

I’m so immensely grateful to Emma Case who took these photos and the amazing Lee of Shutterbox Films for the video! EEEEK. I love it SO MUCH. Look at all those smiling faces… awww…

So, have you been wanting to attend one of my workshops but have missed out so far? Well you are in luck because I’m here today to announce the next date and location.

On Thursday 16th August Gareth & I will be hopping into our tour bus and making our way to Brighton! The seaside town is one of my favourite places in the UK so I can’t wait. My sister lives there… as does Roo… and Lisa… so needless to say this is gonna be a jam packed event! The workshop is being held at The Ginger Dog in Kemptown and afterwards I’d like to invite you all to join us for dinner and drinks. And hell, we’ll be in Brighton… do I sense an after party?! Yes, yes I do…

The 4 hour workshop (1.30-5.30pm) is all about the art of