Measuring Success & Being Grateful

Last week I was invited back to my University to give a talk on blogging and social media, which I wrote about here. Quite apart from the usual nerves and the unusual emotions of being back there, it started me thinking about success or more-so how one might quantify it. On the way I texted my best friend, who I’d met at Uni, to tell her where I was. “Ahhh how exciting,” she replied “How long since we left, 6 years? How the hell did we both end up all successful and stuff?” and so I started writing this article in my head…

How do you quantify success? Is it money in the bank? Is it making a difference? Is it being perceived to be a someone by others? I personally feel that it’s not one thing that makes any of us feel successful, it’s a combination of many elements. As always I’d love to read your opinions and ideas in the comments please.

Being excited about work

And I’m not just talking generally here. Everyday I wake up dying to get up, log on to my computer and get to work. Even on the tough days I still love what I do. Running your own business is hard but oh boy is it worth it. How do you feel every morning? Are you looking forward to what your day might hold or are you dreading it? If the latter, what small changes could you make to your day to day tasks in order to feel better about it?

Feeling like you’re helping others

It’s not all roses and sunshine in my line of work, but it’s amazing that I do get almost daily reminders about how my blog helps brides struggling with their wedding planning. Making enough money to support my family, whilst also doing something I love is one thing, but doing a job where I’m able to help others outweighs that entirely.

If I stopped being able to help people I would have a very different feeling about my work. Even the tough weeks and tight deadlines all pale into insignificance when I get a gushing email from a bride or newlywed saying something I’ve written or stood for has helped them.


Obviously I’m not some kind of martyr (far from it!) but who wouldn’t feel incredibly blessed to be making a decent salary from doing a job that they love? Of course it’s not the be-all-and-end-all and I’ve always said I’d rather be poor and happy than in a high earning career that I hated, but being able to indulge in the odd extravagance, whilst similarly earning enough to live off is a very satisfying feeling indeed! Travel too is something I never really put a lot of emphasis on, however recently I’ve realised that being able to travel for work is freakin’ awesome. How lucky am I to be swanning over to NYC in a week for example? Er…very!

A happy home and a good work/life balance

Gareth & I have a very chaotic and busy but an incredibly happy home. Sometimes it’s like a roller-coaster and others its more like a placid lake, no two days are the same but that suits us perfectly. Being able to do something that enables us to live the kind of lifestyle that we thrive in is awesome. The fact that we get to spend so much time together and do something we both love at the same time is truly incredible. How is your work/life balance and how does running your own business improve your home life? Be sure to make note of the things that you know you wouldn’t be able to do if you weren’t in the line of work that you are… it can be simple things like picking your kids up from school everyday or the unadulterated joy of not having commute on a rush hour train! Knowi