Sparkliest Prettiest

I am boiling over with excitement to bring these photographs into your lives. Wei Quek was another one of my fabulous flickr finds and boy am I glad I’m an Internet nut, where would we be without it hey?! Anyway I digress…

Kara & Lawrence got married at Quarry Bistro & Wine Barin Canmore. The Bride’s beautiful dress was designed by Diane Von Furstenberg and is one of the sparkliest¬†prettiest dresses I’ve seen in ages. There isn’t much else to say really except drink these in…they are gorgeous!

A huge thank you To Wei of Photobolic – I will be featuring more of his fabulous work soon!

Credit: Photobolic


  1. isn’t wei awesome? him and diane are one of our favorite friends, couples and photographers! so glad you found him and got to enjoy their talents!

  2. I love the bride’s hair in these! I featured this wedding on my Friday dance. Check it out if you get a chance!


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