Fairies, Magic and Nature-Inspired Wedding: Keith & Celeste


Keith and Celeste had a whimsical and nature themed wedding and so their venue, River Legacy Science Center in Arlington, Texas, was the perfect place for them. “Keith and I both find our time in nature to be healing and spiritual”, explained the bride. “I love fairies and magical mystery and Keith wanted minimalist elegance so we combined the two for our theme. We truly bring balance to each other and our wedding reflects how our powers combine to create awesome beauty. ”


“We didn’t actually intend to create the fairytale wedding, but we got one anyway!” she laughed. “The ceremony was held under the canopy of tall green trees and our close friend Matt Chapman became ordained just so he could be our officiant. I have a very active christian background but I embrace all faiths as equal paths to the same divine end. Keith also has a christian background but he finds his spirituality in nature and the Tao. So we designed our own ceremony to reflect our multifaceted beliefs.”


Celeste wore a cream Vera Wang gown which she bought from David’s Bridal and her flowergirls were dressed as fairies. “The strapless bodice showed my tattoos well”, she said. “My mom and I customized it with a few gathers, a green sash and monarch butterflies! I totally rocked a sparkly tiara because when else could I completely be the princess and get away with it?! My mom and I made fairy costumes for my little flower girls and my bridesmaids chose their own outfits. I love how they all turned out in totally different fashions but all the same color.”


After the ceremony came the reception inside the River Legacy Living Science Center. “The architecture is inspiring and made entirely from sustainable materials. Inside they had beautiful terrariums with snakes and toads and 2 large aquariums with turtles and fish. It’s beautiful so we didn’t need to decorate much. Since we were married near Halloween we carved some jack-o-lanterns and used pumpkins for table decorations.”


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  1. Kat

    Wow, I love this so much. Its so humble and beautiful and homey. Makes me happy. Thanks for posting :)

  2. Thank you so much Rock N’ Roll Bride. It makes me so happy to be featured in my favorite wedding blog ever!!! Keith and Celeste will cherish this blog for years to come!!! You Rock KAT!!!!!

  3. I’m sure the flower girls loved their fairy costumes! Love the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses and the wedding cake too.

  4. Aunt Jo

    Your wedding was Beautiful. So sorry I could not attend. I wish for you all the Joy and Happiness for your Future. Love will give you the strenth to survive all of lifes challenges Be Happy and know that you are loved in New Jersey.


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