A Sunday Kind of Love: Getting to Know You

This Week’s Love List…

♥ buying my 2012 diary ♥ Autumn weather ♥ Christmas decorations in the shops ♥ encouraging emails ♥ Midnight in Paris ♥ wearing lipstick while still in my PJs ♥ wearing slippers in bed ♥ Nurse Gareth ♥ long baths ♥ early nights ♥ dvd marathons ♥ getting prints of some of my favourite photographs ♥ remembering that only I can make my dreams a reality ♥

Best of the Rest…

The funny thing with the internet is that everyone thinks they know best…all hidden behind their keyboards with their opinions on everything. A lot of people think they know the people they see online better than they actually do.

But you know what, most of the people you see online are keeping things secret. Take myself for example, you know I like pink, glitter, kittens, shopping, rainbows…and that I have strong opinions on weddings, but what else do you really know about me?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all deep on you here, but in the spirit of getting to know each other better, here’s some things you probably have’t heard about me before…

♥ I don’t eat chocolate…and haven’t tasted the stuff for about 7 years. The thought of it make me panic.

♥ I’ve saw Boyzone in concert about 8 times. I collected every.little.thing with their names or faces on… I had scrapbooks and everything (the obsession stopped when I was about 15 and I discovered grunge. Thank God.)

♥ I hate tomatoes.

♥ I am exceptionally short sighted.

♥ My hair is naturally very dark brown. I’ve been blonde (not a good look), orange, purple, rainbow and various shades of pink.

♥ I have six tattoos…if you count my sleeve as just one that is.

♥ I used to have my left nipple and my right wrist pierced. My Mother was horrified, especially about the nipple thing.

♥ I studied Film and university. I got a 2:1.

♥ I was bullied at school.

♥ I used to play the saxophone and I tried to learn the bass guitar. I sucked.

♥ I have two younger sisters, Sarah & Rachel (Yes, our cat is named after one of my sisters).

♥ I eat boiled eggs and hash browns for breakfast.

♥ I drive a black Honda Civic Type R. I feel like a girl racer when I drive because it has bucket seats and a start button.

♥ My birthday is 7th April.

♥ Indiana Jones and Back to the Future are pretty much the greatest movie series ever created.

♥ I own way too many pairs of shoes…none of which I actually wear (me + heels = disaster).

Photography Credit: Emma Case Photography (full shoot can be seen here)

I want to know about you guys too. If you’re happy to share, what are some things most people don’t know about you?


  1. ha loving this right here we go…..

    1)I hate coconut – it makes me want to be sick

    2)I once won a competition to meet Captain Birdseye and shouted out on the boat that I hated fish fingers (even though I loved them!!)

    3)When I was 7 I was the under 8 English Youth champion for draughts!!(I still have the trophy!)

    4)My whole family are either scientists and accountants/finance officers etc I am the only arty one

    5)I have two degrees

  2. bon thomas

    eek where do i start?!
    1. im cat crazy the fella has said no more………buttercup betty and pablo-hernandez :) they rock!
    2. i love photography and making cakes
    3. people can give me a thousand compliments but 1 bad comment and i crumble.
    4. im not as outgoing and wacky as everyone thinks!
    5. we normally have sundays off grid (it’s my youngests birthday today so had day off!!)
    6.my daughter was born on the 13th at 13.03 weighing 7lb 13 in room 13 and it was the midwifes 13th delivery :)
    7.i’m broody as hell but waiting for our wedding till we try for baby number 3 (his choice) haha
    8. i hate thursdays and people who tuck there trousers into their socks……….. WHY!!!!!????
    9. if i could change my hair colour every day i would…currently im blue :)
    10.i have 1 tattoo of a butterfly on my back id like 8 butterflies in total for my e