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Tec Petaja

I’ve just discovered Tec Petaja’s blog and photography… it’s pure and unobtrusive yet so detailed and personal.  This Bride and Groom are just stunning right?

I really love this wedding… the birds.. the cupcakes.. the flowers…

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A Thousand Paper Cranes

A thousand paper cranes (traditionally folded by the bride and groom before the wedding, patiently and methodically) are said to bring a marriage good luck to an Asian marriage.  Now judging by these photographs, I reckon Kim and Brent will have a very lucky marriage!

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Police Photobooth

When done well, photobooths can be so much fun and throw up some wicked photographs of your guests…well I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding embrace the photobooth idea quite so much as this one!  A police style line up photobooth..complete with guests in fancy dress…can you spot Marylin (the Bride), Sarah Palin, Uma Thurman, Kid Rock and a washing machine!!?

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All The Colour Of India

Indian Weddings are so vibrant, chaotic, busy and exciting !  I’d love to be invited to one someday.  I love these photographs by Punam Bean, showing two Indian weddings and all the colours and life of both…and aren’t both these Brides just enviably beautiful!?

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