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Groom Style – Travis

He’s a little bit rocky..a little bit classic…but with a twist!  I really like how Travis is dressed ever so slightly differently to his groomsmen – the black shirt, the black and white shoes.  The Bride stands out from her bridesmaids (unless you go for the ever increasing popularly of white bridesmaid dresses option) so why shouldn’t the Groom stand out as well?

Credit: Brighten Photography

Let There Be (no) Light!

This is defiantly a Rock ‘n Roll wedding!  Why? I hear you cry..Well the wedding took place a week after hurricane Ike hit and so the wedding had to go ahead with no power…I love it!  No power? Screw it let’s just get married!

They had a generator to produce a light for the kitchen and also for the where the cake was.  The tables were lit by candles.  I hope you’ll agree the outcome is nothing short of amazing.  Amazingly gorgeous!


Credit: Brooke Schwab

Groom Style – Derek

Ever since the husband has grown his hair, I feel like I’ve recessed back to my teenage self and going all gooey when I see a long haired man (now all I’ve got to do is get him to start wearing converse too!)

Credit: Brooke Schwab

Groom Style – Dog In a Bow

Patterned tie, converse trainers and a dog in a bow…I likey

Credit: Ritzy Bee


This wedding looks stunning…but it is totally over shadowed by the Groom’s hair! I am actually a little bit in awe of it in fact.

Credit: Jeff Tisman via Brooklyn Bride

Whole Lotta Love

What do I love about this wedding?  Well let’s see…

The Groom’s shoes
The  Dolce & Gabbana couture gown
This Photograph…
The car
The kids drawing table – what a good idea to keep them entertained whilst waiting for dinner!
The fact that they had a string quartet for their evening entertainment…but they only played rock music!
The belly dancer
The ring on a crayon…

Credit: the image is found