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This Bride reminds me of a classic 1950’s Bride – so elegant, so timeless, so beautiful and isn’t her veil absolutely amazing?¬† These photographs really add to that vintage feel.

Credit: John Dolan

Wedding Bee Bride – Amber

Amber & Nate were married at Blue Dress Barn in Millberg, Michigan and I am a little bit too in love with her shoes!  Here amazing dress was bought second hand and was made by the British designer Ronit Zilkha.

For many many more photographs of this gorgeous day, clicky here for all the photographs taken by their guests!

Credit: Arrae Photography via Wedding Bee

Wedding Bee Bride – Joanne

Weddings like this one make me so happy!¬† Everything I love – tattoos, (brightly) coloured hair, aviators, white dresses (awesome contrast to the kick arse tats!) brightly coloured backdrops, fun and gorgeous bridesmaids…

Check these out for yourself  and I dare you not to fall in love.

Credit: Joel Flory via Wedding Bee

Delicate and Calm

Isn’t this wedding just stunning?¬† The photography really captures the Bride’s delicate features and gives such a calming impression of the day.¬† The lighting even gives the¬†images a slightly¬†magical feel…¬†I am in love!

Credit: Tripodsun and Blog

A Surprise Wedding!

I get very over excited when I receive emails from newlyweds who have taken the time to want to share their amazing wedding day’s with me…it make me feel like less of a wedding loser here on my computer on my own anyway!

I received such an email this morning from the very sweet, Veronica Daylight (her stage name, she and her husband Derek – don’t you just love saying that Veronica, are both musicians so they had a very character-filled, stylish and super fun looking wedding!)¬† The sneaky couple got married on the 7th February but told their guests it was an engagement party –¬†but when they showed up it was the actual wedding!

The wedding took place at Veronica’s favourite bar¬†called The Thirtynine Hotel¬†¬†(I would have totally done this too, but my favourite bar, and in¬† fact the one me and Gareth met in defiantly wouldn’t have been suitable for a wedding – sticky floors, rude words all over the walls¬†and snakebite and black to drink!..although we did joke about doing it there when our venue cancelled!)

This wedding had a bird and feather theme as the couple both have swallow tattoos and love all things birdy. I adore all the feathers in the bouquets Рsuper stylish!

For more of this wonderful wedding, check out Veronica’s Flickr, here are just a few of my favourites…

Credit: Veronica Daylight