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Here’s another dress I’m a little bit in love with…

Credit: Hugh Forte

Errm..Hello Beautiful!

And by beautiful I’m referring to the Bride, the dress, the amazing feather necklace and the location…yep, it’s defiantly all beautiful!

Credit: Laura Heffington


This is one of those weddings that as soon as I laid eyes on the gorgeous photographs, I mentally thought ‘blog it!’

The only word I can really use to describe this couple, and in fact this wedding, is adorable.  Adorable Bride (with adorable hair and adorable pink nails) adorable details, adorable photos, adorable day.  And erm..hello Groom style anybody?  Jared is defiantly rockin’ the casual waistcoat/no tie combo.

Credid Kyle Hale via Once Wed

Sparkle Bride

Don’t want to wear a white, or even a red dress?  Then why not go for sparkle?!  Isn’t this dress just gorgeous?  If I had the figure I would totally be rockin’ this dress of a Saturday night!

Credit: Mary Basnight

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Continuing the theme of more more more (!) from some amazing weddings, Bethany, the Bride from the very popular Birds of a Feather wedding, has also send me some more photographs from her day..and wouldn’t it be rude not to share…

Credit: Bethany Bezdecheck

Big Top Photo Op

The Bride, Andie, from the fantastic-looking No Frou Frou Please wedding has sent me some more amazingly cool photographs from their ‘Big Top’ themed wedding.  You can check out more of their day here, but I’m all about their photo booth – oh my God, the guests totally got into the whole fancy dress thing didn’t they!?  The outcome is absolutely hilarious!  Ic couldn’t possibly post all the brilliant photographs here so I urge you to go and check them all out, like now…

Credit: Glenn Campbell

Edit: The photographers that shot the photo booth, send me a link to their site.  Check them out here