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Mandy and Mike – Old Hollywood Glamour

Sorry I can’t choose just a few photographs from this wedding. It’s a glamourous old Hollywood styled affair complete with a Marylin Monroe-esque Bride. These gorgeous photos speak for themselves, so I’m gonna shut and get one with it…sigh..stunning…

Mandy, the Bride had a photo session before the wedding with Faviana, the photos were then blown up and displayed above the stage in the reception.
Oh the drapes, the drapes! Romantic, stylish and beautifully lit…This has got to be one of the most glamourous and pink receptions I’ve ever seen.

The stage, complete with the huggge photos of the Bride…she sang at the wedding too – brave girl!

This wedding was featured on a TV show (which unfortuantly I haven’t been able to see)  Apparatnyl the Bride wanted things very different to the norm.  The show brought in an expert who was supposed to “class things up”.  They air brushed over her tattoos, and made her choose a different dress and bridesmaid dresses.  She wanted a cake with a giant cupcake and spiders- and he said no way!  The Bride actually works as a Marilyn impersonator (hence the singing) and to top it all off the show paid for the whole thing!

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Emily Heizer

I flippin’ love Maggie Sottero dresses (hell I wore one – they have to be fab hehe!) and having discovered Emily Heizer’s website and seeing one of my most favourite dresses here too..well..well.well…

I am just totally in love with this girl’s style..the hair piece, the make up…and it goes without saying..the photography ROCKS

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Dixie Pixel

Its hard for me to pick only a few images from Dixie Pixel’s website..even just limiting myself to one wedding proved too difficult for words. I kept scrolling down the page and seeing more more more I love love love…and this is possibly the most photographs I’ve posted in one blog post! I usually try to limit myself to 5 or 6 images per post but sorry not today…

The photographer behind all this porn is Tara Kneiser. She emailed me to tell me how much she loved my blog (woot woot) and also to give me some extra info about her photographs. The last 3 (grainy) of these photos (flipping gorgeous!) was actually shot on film (big it up – so was our wedding). I love the grainy rawness of it all. They were taken with a Holga Camera, which retails for about $30.00 – how awesome is that!?

So in conclusion…Tara, Rock and Roll Bride salutes you – bloody marvelous! Now can we see some photographs of your own tattooed wedding now..pretty pleeeeese?

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One Of My Favourite Ever Weddings

Wow I adore this Bride and wedding!! It makes me proud to be pink-haired myself.  How glomourous is she!?
The american/retro vibe is totally wicked and the photography is flipping gorgeous. Words actually cannot describe. I almost squealed with excitement when I clapped eyes on this.

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