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Shedding Inbox Guilt, Easy Marketing Ideas, The Secret of Making Money Online: The Best Business Advice of the Year!

best business advice of the year

The Green Room has been a big part of Rock n Roll Bride for the past couple of years. During 2014 I wrote more of this kind of content than ever and I’ve really enjoyed sharing my journey and musing about running your own small business.

I’m not exactly sure what 2015 will bring for this area of my site though. If I’m being totally honest, I’m feeling quite extremely overwhelmed with the pressure of everything I have on next year. Writing the wedding blog, being the editor of a bi-monthly print magazine, hosting and organising The Blogcademy in-person and full online courses (the latter of which is launching January 29th!!) I kind of feel like something might have to give… and that something might just be the Green Room.

I know so many of my wedding industry readers love it, but I’m only one little person! It won’t disappear completely, but it’s not going to be my main editorial focus going into the new year. I’ve got me a magazine to produce!

But it’s not all bad news! Here are twelve of the most popular business articles from the last 365.

shed inbox guilt

Shed inbox guilt! 8 email templates for wedding suppliers


50 easy marketing ideas for wedding professionals


How to land your dream job


How to get started in the wedding industry

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Styled Wedding Shoots of the Year, 2014

styled wedding shoots of the year

I’ve been featuring less and less styled wedding shoots this year, quite simply because I love sharing real weddings with real budgets way more! However there have been a few stand out ones that I (and you!) have really loved.

Here are my twelve favourite styled wedding shoots from the past twelve months.


Colourful folky wedding shoot


Surrealist pineapple shoot


John Waters and flamingo same sex wedding shoot


Janis Joplin inspired retro picnic shoot

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Get Your Craft On: The Best DIY Tutorials of 2014

best wedding diys of 2014

Wooo Boxing Day! The traditional lie-down-all-day-and-eat-leftovers day. Is there anything good on the telly?

I hope you all had a glorious Christmas. We were at my parents’ house (as usual). My dad cooked, wine was drunk, Trivial Pursuit was played. It’s funny, as much as I might dislike traditional weddings I sure do love a traditional Christmas!

It may be a little quiet in blogland over the festive period, but if you’re anything like me you’re still going to need things to entertain you. So instead of indulging in yet another mince pie, why not cast your eyes back over some of the the best wedding DIYs of the year?

I’m no crafting expert, but DIY tutorials are one of the things I know my readers love, so I’m going to put at least one in every issue of my new magazine (issue 1 is in stores 8th January – put the date in your diary!) If I tried to create them myself I’d probably glue my eyelashes together though, so I need your help! If you’d like to see your name in print (EEK!) and create a DIY for the new magazine I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me an email with your idea and some sample photos of past projects and we can take it from there!


How to dip dye your wedding


Pastel gemstone necklace


Ombre glitter champagne glasses

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Weddings of the Year, 2014!

weddings of the year 2014

Every year, between Christmas and New Year, I like to look back at some of my favourite real weddings and share them with you again. I’ve done it for the past three years, but I’d like to do things a little differently this time.

While I am going to kick off the proceedings by sharing my fave real weddings right now, next week we’ll also be revisiting some other things that have been published.

We’ll be reminiscing over some of my (and your!) favourite styled shoots, reminding ourselves of the awesome DIY tutorials, revisiting a plethora of business articles and looking back over the meatier wedding advice-type posts. Maybe some of these things you’ve seen before, but others might have slipped you by the first time. Or maybe you’re a brand new reader? If so, I hope these posts will serve as a quick and dirty overview of exactly what Rock n Roll Bride is all about. Either way, I hope you enjoy looking back with me!

Last week I shared the top 20 statistically most popular weddings of all time, but these (in no particular order) are my personal favourites from the past twelve months.


Pretty homemade Disney inspired wedding


Epic Las Vegas elopement


Gene Simmons Vow Renewal

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Top 20 Most Popular Weddings of All Time

most popular weddings of all time on rocknrollbride

It’s getting to that time of year where bloggers all over the world start to post their annual round ups. I love doing (and seeing!) them myself and will be doing a few between Christmas and New Years, but today I thought I’d look back and share my top twenty weddings of all time.

These are the twenty most popular real weddings ever posted on Rock n Roll Bride based on number of views. Is your favourite in here?

20. The Seventies rule!

1970s backyard wedding

1970s backyard wedding

19. Cute n colourful


Colourful DIY festival wedding

18. Just you wait, until you see the rest of this wedding!

insane alice in wonderland wedding

Margaret & Edi’s INCREDIBLE “Blows-Everything-Else-Out-of-the-Water” gothic Alice in Wonderland wedding

17. Any couple that hire a carousel for their reception are OK with me!


Insane Italian vintage circus wedding

16. Oh lala!


Sophisticated & sexy wedding in The Philippines

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10 Easy Ways to Creatively Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

easy ways to creatively wrap your christmas gifts

I’m not one of those people who expertly and meticulously wraps all their Christmas presents. I don’t have the patience and I’m too ham-fisted. So what I need is easy ways to do it. Ways that will make it look like I’ve made an effort, even if it took me three minutes flat.

Behold, ten stupidly easy wrapping ideas that not only look awesome but are so simple even I could recreate them.

If you blind them with neon, they won’t notice if you’ve done a crappy job

neon london

Source: NeonLdn

This is totally my style. Just cut to the chase already!

love the wine youre with

Source: Plate and Pencil

Wrap the whole galaxy around the gifts

galaxy wrapping

Source: Norman’s Printery

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