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20 Romantic Couples That Will Make You Believe in True Love

romanti rocknroll alternative couples

Valentine’s might have officially been yesterday, but in my world every day of the year is an excuse to get all loved up! I challenge you to try not to beam from ear to ear as you look at these gorgeous couples. It’s impossible!

Whatever kind of wedding you’re having – no matter what your theme and how much or how little you spend – the love between the two of you is really all that matters. When you’re freaking out about dress fittings and stressing about guest lists, try to remember that.

Aww ain’t love grand?!

dreamlike backyard wedding

Dream-like backyard wedding


Rustic and autumnal farm wedding


Don’t Tell The Bride wedding at The Forum

quirky vintage countryside wedding

Quirky vintage countryside wedding

travel themed whimsical woodland wedding

Travel themed whimsical woodland wedding

weekend long family wedding

Weekend long family festival wedding


DIY country wedding in Transylvania


Abandoned church wedding costing $1000

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16 Beautiful Brides in Equally Beautiful Short Wedding Dresses

amazing short wedding dresses

If a long wedding gown isn’t your thing, then don’t worry, there are so many options for short dress lovers!

There are so many reasons to be a short wedding dress bride…

Having one means you can show off your fabulous shoes


Retro rainy wedding

Or your even more fabulous tights!

love tights

1950s rockabilly wedding (the tights are from Amazon by the way!)

And you won’t get caught in any wayward foliage!


Unpretentious family-focused wedding

You can add as much sparkle as you like without it being over the top


CYYK, comic book and superhero wedding

And twirl away to your heart’s content!


Retro cartoon wedding

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12 Valentine’s Cards That Won’t Make You Want to Vom… & Win £50 to Spend on Etsy!

valentines cards that dont make you want to vom

Don’t get me wrong, love is a wonderfully glorious thing, but the forced “We’re so in lurrrve, let’s spend lots of money on overpriced bouquets and go to a packed restaurant with everyone else that’s also in lurrrrrve” attitude around Valentine’s Day isn’t really my bag.

Gareth and I are much more likely to stay in with a takeaway than go out to a fancy restaurant, and while he buys me ‘just because’ flowers all the time, I don’t think he’s ever bought me some on V-day. He likes to be unpredictable and I think that’s way more romantic anyway.

In saying that, it is nice to give a nod of “I think you’re the best” to your other half on Valentine’s, but doing so doesn’t have to make you cringe. So I went on a hunt for the most non-butt clenching cards and prints I could find… Oh and one set of marshmallows, because who wouldn’t want to get custom marshmallows as a gift?!

I’ve also partnered with Etsy on this post to give someone a £50 voucher to spend on their website! Just scroll down to the end to find out how to enter.


I was going to write you a poem…

gold foil heart

Gold foil heart

lets make out

Let’s make out


I like you practice making babies with you

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10 Unique Engagement Gift Ideas

unique engagement gifts for alternative weddings

Your best friend’s just got engaged – YAY! But oh crap, now you have to buy them an engagement present… and it can be quite a difficult task if they like to walk off the beaten path. Where exactly do you look for non-cheesy, non-clichéd gifts that they and their new fiancé will both enjoy? Don’t sweat it sister, I’ve got this covered.

himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp

Praised for their air purifying properties, salt lamps are cheap, pretty and make for the perfect thoughtful gift. In fact I’ve been lusting after one for myself for a while…

cityscape vases

Cityscape bud vases

Vases (with a nice bunch of flowers in them!) are always a good gift, but instead of getting something boring and standard, what about something more modern and fun? I adore these angular cityscape inspired ones.

bat mug

Set of bat ceramic mugs

Dark as a night, this is a mug straight from a bat’s cave. Your gothic loving bestie and her beau are going to love drinking their morning coffee out of these matching mugs!

his and hers pillows

His and hers pillows

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Being ‘Too Fat’ for Photos, Planning a Wedding on the Cheap, Not Inviting Children & Much, Much More!


Advice pieces are some of the most enjoyable posts for me to write. I get hundreds of comments and emails from you guys asking all number of wedding planning – and weirdly hair! – questions, and being able to help you out where I can is immensely satisfying.

If you ever have a question or concern, please feel free to email me! While I can’t promise to reply one-on-one, I may turn your question into a future blog or magazine article.

Here are twelve of the most popular advice articles that were published this past year.


Life doesn’t wait for you to ‘get thin’, life is happening right now


5 things you probably don’t know about planning a wedding


Bridesmaid 101


Help! I’ve got pre-wedding cold feet

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