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Thursday Treats – 7th July 2011 + Candid Reception Photos of Kate Moss’ Wedding + I’m in Marie Claire Magazine!

Fist up, to those of you that have ordered Rock n Roll Bride wedding planning notebooks or wall planners the first batch is being shipped out this week so you should have them really soon! I can’t wait to hear what you all think of them. If you haven’t got round to ordering yours yet, don’t worry there’s still time (we’ve extended ordering time indefinitely because we had such a great response to them.)

You can get your mitts on both the notebooks and wall planners (only £7.50 & £20 respectively) though the fabulous

In other news, I’ve been featured in this month’s Marie Claire Magazine (UK edition) in a feature about ‘Super Bloggers’ (!) I usually save my press showing off for the end of the month, but I’m so thrilled about this coverage that I wanted to do a little pimp right away! I haven’t actually seen it in real life yet but readers who have subscriptions say it looks awesome! A little tease for you…

How bloody exciting. Thank you Marie Claire!

Charming cape town wedding – I love her high-necked wedding dress
♥ Gorgeous “British Invasion” Bridal Brunch
♥ Outrageous Millinery Fashions
Swooning over the Dior A/W 2011 fashion show
♥ DIY Mustache And Muah – super cute and super simple
♥ Engagement Photos In the Vegetable Garden
♥ Glamorous camping photo shoot
Stripy, French wedding inspiration
♥ Measuring the Value of a Book (or a Blog)
Is it totally weird that these shoes make me want to cry? They’re that beautiful! (also available in lavendermint and all over glitter!)
♥ Bordeaux, France {Come Fly Away with Me}

Photography Credit: Davidone

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Thursday Treats – 30th June 2011

Photography Credit: Caroline Ghetes Photography (Full wedding can be seen here)

This week’s Thursday Treats is a bumper edition! Quite simply, I found so much prettiness online this week and I wanted to share it all. So why not take a more leisurely tea break this afternoon and enjoy the extra link loveliness?

You’re welcome.

♥ A Summer Shop Display – fab DIY ideas
Parisian Stripes – Black & White Wedding Inspiration
♥ The Pimp, the Grocer and the Hit Man: Magnetise Your Headings Using the Power of the Unexpected
Photography-themed Boutonnieres
DIY Hammered Spoon Place Cards
♥ The San Gabriel House Wedding by Sweet Sunday Events
Fun quirky vintage shoot – Columbia Road, London
♥ Pretty in Pink South Carolina Barnyard Wedding
♥ Charming French Country Wedding

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Thursday Treats – 23rd June & A Little Reminder

Photography Credit: Lindsay Ellingson by Antoine Verglas for Gravure via Fashion Gone Rogue

First up a little reminder and some good news! The Rock n Roll planning notebooks and wallplanners are still available to buy through the fabulous We originally planned to limited the ordering until the end of June, however the response has been so phenomenal that Sugalily and I have decided to extend ordering time indefinitely. Great news if you don’t get paid until the end of next week…or if you friend has just got engaged and you’re on the lookout for a unique gift (hint hint.)

The wedding planning notebooks and 2012 wallplanners will be available to order from for the foreseeable future. Hurrah! The notebook costs just £7.50 and the wallplanner will only sent you back £20 – and both come with free delivery to anywhere in the UK (although we can ship worldwide.)

Happy days…

OK..treat time!

A cute Manhattan engagement
My favourite Lipstick – I’m loving this idea!
♥ Sombreros y Rancheros Hat Party Bridal Shower
Fun tattooed engagement shoot with animal masks!
♥ Our Love Is Sweeter Than Honey Bridal Shower
Cotton themed wedding
♥ Little Horsethief Ranch wedding
A dreamy wedding
♥ Handmade Southern wedding: Josh + Amelia
Beach camping engagement shoot

Photography Credit: Danielle Gillett Photography

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Thursday Treats – 16th June 2011

Credit: Lime Crime Make Up

I made my first Lime Crime purchase this week. I’ll be honest, I was totally swayed by the pretty pink packaging and the fact that one of the lipsticks I bought was called ‘Airbourne Unicorn‘ – you know I need that in my life! I was also completely taken with the ‘Mint to Be‘, ‘New Yolk City‘ lipsticks from the latest ‘Pop Romance’ collection too too…but I think I might get some weird (well even weirder than usual) looks if I rocked these around town!

Lime Crime cosmetics are are not tested on animals & certified cruelty-free by PETA. So now I feel even better about my new purchases.

Also, must put a quick reminder about the Rock n Roll Bride wedding planning notebooks and 2012 wallplanners, which are available for purchase now. Thank you to everyone who’s bought one already, they’re pretty awesome huh?

So, apart from spending my hard-earned cash on pretties, here’s what else has been filling my mind this week…

Sarah & Adam’s day after session
♥ Loving this cotton, lace , burlap and coral blossoms bouquet
Blackberry Tea – Spring wedding inspiration
♥ What Bloggers Can Learn from Porn Stars
♥ Laura & Warren’s Wonderous Wedding
♥ Sweet Minnesota Fusion Wedding
♥ Check out this mile long urban park -recycled from the former elevated freight railroad spur in NYC. Just WOW.
♥ DIY Chanel Oversized Pouch
♥ Celtic Countryside Inspiration
Long Beach DIY wedding

Photography Credit: Chad Cress

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Thursday Treats – 9th June 2011 + Winner of the Tickets to the Bridesmaids Preview Screening

Photography Credit: Ellie Harvey, promo shoot for Joanne Fleming Design (full shoot here)

First up a little announcement. I’ve been dying to know who it is that’s coming to watch the Bridesmaid’s movie with me and a bunch of excitable wedding obsessives next week. The lucky winners are…

Carla Jones + Joanne Hallmark

Charley will be emailing your e-tickets shortly. I’ll see you girls there!

In other news, I’m off to the US of A in August!! I literally couldn’t be more excited. I’m heading over the pond to do a little project with my girl Princess Lasertron and I’m bursting to get going. While we’re there (Yep, Gareth is coming too now we’re business partners and all) we’ll be hopping over to LA for a little holiday too, so if you’re in the area maybe we can hook up whilst we’re in town? America, are you ready for some Rock n Roll Bride all up in your faces?!

What? You want even more treats than that? Ahh go on then…

Retro Brisbane Wedding
Bridal style with a high fashion edge
♥ Anna and the Ring is so clever. Cake porn!
1960’s hairspiration
♥ Ahhh! Seriously adorable crocheted squirrel cake toppers
♥ Inspiration to Reality: Surreal Sophistication
Giving Credit – bloggers, please read!
♥ These re-modelled Barbie’s by Juan Albuerne are kinda freaky and awesome all at the same time
Circus Wedding
♥ Elegant black wedding dress

Photography Credit: Crystal Clear Imagery

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Thursday Treats – 2nd June 2011 + A Night Out in The ‘Ding

Credit: Via Audrey Kitching Coutureto promote her latest ‘Born to Rock’ range from her Tokyolux brand. I bought this adorable rainbow kitty tee and rainbow flower garland this week. Wooooo hurry up Mr Postman!

This week has been a relatively chilled one for me which has been all kinds of awesome…sometimes there’s nothing better than spending time with your husband, playing with your kitties, listening/dancing like a loon to the new Lady Gaga album (J’adore!)…oh and doing a bit of blogging. Although, in all honestly I needed a slightly less manic week after last weekend. Lucy and Debs came to visit me in Reading (hence the ‘ Ding nickname). Oh carnage doesn’t even cover it…

Thanks for the memories girls, and as Lucy so perfectly put on her blog post yesterday,

“Lastly I would just like to comment that although the wedding industry can show it’s fakery at times, you can also meet people that become some of the best friends you ever had.”

I bloody love you both and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. EVER. Or been so hungover for that matter… And for the record 6am is not an acceptable time to crawl home, no matter how Rock n Roll you think you are….Ouchy.

♥  ♥  ♥

On my internet travels this week I have mostly been devouring…

Courtney & Drew’s Rustic Wonderfulness
♥ Part 1, The Wedding Rehearsal (outfits) Part 2, Pretty Faces & Part 3, including a blue haired bridesmaid (sister) and flowergirl! – I am soooo excited about Elise & Jeremy’s wedding reports. More more more!
♥ If you go down to your local construction site today, you’re in for a big surprise…
First Same-Sex wedding to be featured in US Bride’s Magazine. YES!!
♥ Mischievous Explorer Inspiration
♥ Marilyn & Sean’s Sweet Wedding
♥ Country Style Flowers Inspiration
Amazeballs DIY Bohemian Rainbow Wedding

Photography Credit: Three Nails Photography

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