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Thursday Treats: 12th January 2012 – Victorian Steampunk & Handmade Giant Paper Flowers

Photography Credit: Whoa, amazing animated look book from Verrier by Reed & Radar (more on Miss Moss)

I just wanted to start today’s treats by highlighting something that went up in The Green Room this morning, just in case you don’t regularly read that side of the blog. I’ve just announced my first tour date for my blogging workshop, School of Rock (n Roll Bride), for 2012! I’m taking my tour bus to…ah ha you’ll have to pop over there and have a look for yourself!

Tickets for the workshop are available right now and spaces are limited to just 20 attendees. Click here for more info and to book your spot.

OK on with the treats…

♥ This made me laugh but it does also raise some good points – The 10 Rules to Contact Famous Photographers
♥ Loads of great links here with tips on getting your weddings published
Gibson’s on the Pond Wedding
Gorgeous waterside engagement
♥ New year, new hair? Things to consider when changing your look – fabulous post by my girl Elbie
♥ I need the unspillable wine glass
♥ Aborbs fortune cookie idea
Epic Victorian Steampunk Wedding

Photography Credit: Braedon Flynn

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Thursday Treats – 5th January 2012: Cosplay Weddings & Cute Polar Bear Cubs

Photography Credit: Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 Collection by Annie Leibovitz for US Vogue, January 2012.

Hurrah the first Thursdays Treats of 2012 is here! It felt weird not posting one last week, but it does now mean it that I’ve got an extra large, bumper edition for you today – double hurrah! Therefore I decree extra long tea breaks and internet browses all-round.

I also just want to say a HUGE thank you for all your feedback on The Green Room that we launched this week. Gareth & I were totally blown away by all your comments. A few of you did say you were having trouble getting into the room (is it weird that I quite liked that – almost like it’s one of those easter egg thingummies on DVDs that you have to work hard to find but when you do it’s like you’re in a special club?!)

Anyway it’s was probaly my fault as maybe I didn’t explain the ‘sliiiide’ function very well in my blog post. Here’s a more detailed explaination for those of you that were confused…

If you subscribe to Rock n Roll Bride via RSS The Green Room posts will automatically appear in your feed. If you visit the website, all you have to do is move your mouse cursor over to the upper right edge of the homepage (click HOME at the top of the site if you’re in this article to take you to the front page of the website) where it looks like the page is blurring off the edge. You’ll see the Green Room nudge inwards slightly, then just ‘click’ (or ‘tap’ if you’re on a mobile device – be sure to come out of the mobile version of the website) to bring it all the way over.

And if you missed the announcement all together, you can read all about it here.

OK enough of all that, let’s get on with these treats shall we?

World’s weirdest hotels
♥ Inspirational interview: How to be a Successful Blogger with Liberty London Girl
♥ 10 Things to do for Your Biz in 2012 – all so very true
♥ This couple shoot by Max Wanger slays me…
♥ Utterly love this ‘Barbie trashes her dreamhouse‘ photo series – I always did wonder how Barbie stored all those thousands of accessories she came with…
♥ STUNNING Eclectic Watercolor Wedding
Classic and Chic Vintage Australian Wedding

Photography Credit: Bayly & Moore

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Thursday Treats – 22nd December 2011: I’m Accepting Guest Writers + Wedding Dress Winners Announced

Photography Credit: Bleach London

Welcome, weary traveler, to the last Thursday Treats of the year! We’ll be in Crimbo Limbo next week (you know, that weird week between Christmas and New Year where time seems to slow down. Where most people are off work and there’s plenty of terrible festive telly on?) Anyway, because of this I too will be trying to take a week off and so there will be no Treats or Post It Notes.

However there will still be a (albeit slightly abbreviated) programme of blog content going up. I have at least one blog post per day scheduled throughout next week. So, if you find time between stuffing your face with turkey/chocolate/Christmas pudding and arguing with your relatives be sure to pop by.

Remember you can always use the page numbers at the bottom of the blog to navigate through the archives if you fancy perusing some weddings and general blog content that you may have missed.

Photography Credit: Felix Lammers for Quality Magazine via Fashion Gone Rogue

…Oh and another quickie, I’m currently taking submissions from guest writers who either want to submit a DIY Tutorial or an article that fits into my ‘wedding’ or ‘business’ Post It Notes blog post remit. If you are interested in being considered then please drop me an email outlining your idea for the tutorial or article. I’ll accept posts from anyone – brides/grooms-to-be, newlyweds, wedding industy peeps, other bloggers (wedding or non-wedding).

Please note: Guest posts are not an opportunity for companies to write a post solely to promote themselves. So please only get in touch if you have an idea for an article that can genuinely help my readers (couples planning their weddings or people running their own small businesses). You will, of course, get credited (including links to your own website) in return.

PS I probably shouldn’t tell you this yet, but over the past week Gareth has been coding a brand new RIDICULOUSLY EXCITING new area of the blog. Watch out for it in January! It’s a pretty cool development too if I do say so myself…

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Wow I don’t half go on and on…See you after the break my lovelies!

Modern engagement shoot in New York
♥ Candy Land Rehearsal Dinner
Colourful Maine wedding
Do what you love, love what you do
♥ Great tips from Jasmine on working on a styled shoot
Modern French Wedding. Oh la la!

Photography Credit: Louisa Bailey

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Thursday Treats – 15th December 2011 + Christmas Parties & Believing in Pink

Photography Credit: Chasing Shiny Objects

Last night I went to my second Christmas party of the year held at my favourite shop in all the land, Fur Coat No Knickers. I certainly couldn’t go to a party in a dress shop without a fancy dress so I rocked up in this baby created for me by Alexandra King, accessorised with my sparkly ‘Airlia’ belt from Lara Hannah and added some extra sparkle (hey, it’s Christmas!) with my silver glittery brogues. Champers, mini cakes and stupid (in Charlotte‘s case pole) dancing ensued…

Oh yeah and I got Christmas hair. I do love the green ends muchly. We wanted to go for a ‘subtle’ green (that’s a bit of an oxymoron!) so we mixed a teeny drop of Crazy Colour Peacock Blue with a bottle of white dye. The pink kinda comes through it parts and makes bits look purple too. I love it! That Elbie is ever so clever.

My Lime Crime Great Pink Planet lippie matches the pink perfectly too huh? It’s a beaut of a colour in fact. So girly…

In other news, I’m getting insanely excited for Christmas are you? I actually can’t believe it’s next week. Crap, I must go start finish my Christmas shopping! Gareth & I have also bought our first ever Christmas tree this year, an actual real one not just a pathetic tiny plastic one from Paperchase. I feel mightily grown up. So yeah, it’s feeling very festive in chez Williams…and the cats LOVE it. I’m sure Rachel will get to the top of it in no time.

Anyway, Jeez I haven’t half rambled on in my hungover state! On to more important things….THURSDAY TREATS! Now can someone bring me a cup of tea and a Hob Nob please?

PS don’t forget to enter this amazing contest to win one of five wedding dresses…yes we’re giving away FIVE of these babies!

Hiding behind you’re computer is not OK – the benefits of networking – Awesome blog post by School of Rock graduate Alex Beadon
♥ Check out this stunning engagement shoot location
♥ The Perfect Holiday Hair Tutorial
♥ Vintage Casual Bretts Wharf Wedding – the masks are amazing!
A 1960s shoot at The Barbican
Map inspiration
♥ A cosy, cute & outdoorsy bachelorette/hen party shoot
♥ Cats. In wedding dresses. Awesome.

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Thursday Treats – 8th December 2011 + Best Friends + Taking Shows on Roads

Photography Credit: Shae Acopian Detar – more stunning images here

This week my best friend in the whole world came to visit. Carly & I lived together for three years at Uni and she was my maid of honour…in fact we always said if things didn’t work out with me and Gareth we’d just go ahead get married. Anyway we hadn’t seen each other in like, actual forever, because we both have stupidly busy lives and cray cray jobs, but it was so awesome to hang out and be bestest friends again. Happy face!

We also bought these babies…it started as a joke but after wearing them for two days straight we’ve both decided that they’re the most comfortable and warmest things ever…and at only £12 from Primark, I’m happy to look a bit silly…

Yesterday I also hosted my second School of Rock (n Roll Bride), and thankfully for the students, not in the Santa onesie… Despite the first one going so well, the nerves came back full force, but again the twenty attendees were wonderful and cute and funny and lovely. Plus this time Gareth came too to answer the techy questions (hurrah!)

Talking of the workshops, I have been BLOWN AWAY by the emails, comments and messages I’ve recieved about taking this little show of mine on the road. I’ve had venue offers, people begging us to come to their hometowns and approximately a squillion general messages of encouragement…so yeah…it looks like it’s definitely going to happen. Watch this space my dears!

In other news this week…

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Thursday Treats – 1st December 2011 + My Feature on La Carmina & Lip Service, Japanese Fashion & Lifestyle Blogs

Photography Credit: Fashion Toast

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo! Happy December y’all! Am I allowed to get excited for Christmas now please?

This week has been a fan-tabi-locious one in this little wedding blogging world of mine, not least because one of my utter favourite (non wedding) bloggers La Carmina, who runs the most incredible Japanese fashion and lifestyle blog, ran a massive feature on yours truly and some of the gothic weddings I’ve featured, both on her blog and on Lip Service, a lifestyle webzine that she writes for. I am honoured. Thank you La Carmina!

Also, this week was The Photography Farm Christmas party in Brighton. We were instructed to wear something sparkly (I wore these babies) and to bring a secret Santa gift and prop for the photo booth. Oh much fun and boozing was had by all. I’ll share some photos on the Rock n Roll Bride Facebook page and twitter over the next few days if you’re interested.

And here come the rest of this week’s loveliness courtesy of the internets…

Princess Lasertron has launched a subscription club where you get a piece of Lasertron pretty in the mail every eight weeks! Cost? Just $15 a month! Yes PLEASE!
A Beautiful outdoor wedding on A Beautiful Mess
♥ Sassy n Frank have just launched a brand new exciting project, London in Love, where they want to see how many weddings they can shoot in just one day… and for this they need you! If you’d like to be involved, and you’re getting married in London in March 2012, check it out!
♥ Super hot alternative model Ulorin Vex got married! Check out her facebook page for more

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