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Happy Weekend & A Quick Round Up

Credit: via kay-ay-why

I thought today might be a nice day to share some of my favourite all time posts and pages on the blog. These are the ones I always go back to and the ones that new comments always come through on even though they were published months ago. Happy browsing!

Blog Love. Says it all really.

Sponsorship Info…cos people always want to know.

About Me – and why not?

How to… Beat the Post Wedding Blues – something I reckon more people suffer from than they let on!

How to…Have a Perfectly Imperfect Wedding/Life – My favourite ever post. I’m pretty proud of this one and the reaction it got from you lot

How to…Get the Best out of Rock n Roll Bride – A user guide if you will

How to…Know When it’s Right to Take on Blog Sponsors – again, does what it says on the tin. Just my thoughts on the subject

How to…Get your Wedding Featured on a Blog – yey!

How to… Not become a Blogging Pushover – ooh this one was controversial!

SEO & The Art Of Making Google and Blog-Land Your Friend – one of the first ‘how to’ posts I ever wrote. It still gets comments today

Also, did you know, you can always see the current most popular posts on the blog in the column on the right hand side?

Yep down a bit, waaay over there ——–>

Online Negativity and Comment Etiquette

Photography Credit: Paul Cahill & Jane Paskiewicz

One of my favourite things about being a wedding blogger is that I see so many different styles of weddings and so many unique and diverse ideas every day. From goth to vintage and from steampunk to modern –every wedding is different and every person behind that wedding is unique.  I am also lucky enough to sometimes meet the people behind these weddings (whether that’s brides or suppliers) and I consider many of them to now be friends.

The simple fact is that you are not going to like everything you see on my blog. You are not going to agree with everything I say or everything I post on these pages, but that’s OK. In fact that’s what makes Rock n Roll Bride so ace and so different to most of the other wedding blogs out there. I don’t only publish the pretty or the popular and not everything will be for everyone.

Some wedding will be budget and some will be extravagant and expensive. A wedding costing more than average doesn’t make it any less Rock n Roll. People’s financial situations are different and just as most of you would never dream to criticise someone for only spending £2000 on their wedding; similarly you shouldn’t criticise someone for spending what you see as excessive. At the end of the day IT IS THEIR WEDDING and they are allowed to spend whatever they damn well please.

Photography Credit: ümit gündüz

Another lesson I’ve learnt through running this business is that everyone you see featured on these pages is a real person, with real insecurities and real feelings. That might sound like a strange thing to say (of course they are a real person) but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s oh too easy to see someone online and forget that behind that computer screen is a human being, with emotions and feeling that can be hurt.

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Happy New Year!

Photography Credit: Made u Look Photography (I couldn’t help but sneak peek this epic wedding I was sent just this morning. Remember their engagement session? OMG their wedding is even better!)

Happieee new year! I trust you all had a suitably fabulous NYE celebration whatever you were up to? Me? Yeah…I was working at the shopping channel until 2am (Rock n Roll!) but at least I haven’t woken this morning with a stinking hangover…small mercies hey?! The good news is that it was the last New Year’s I will ever have to work for someone else because I am going to be a full time wedding blogger so soon (I can smell it!) NYE 2011 is gonna go off the hook yo!

The blogging schedule will return to normal on Monday, but I just wanted to drop by today for some obligatory happy new year’s love. Next week I’ll even been doing something on the blog that I’m very scared about too, I’m going into 2011 full throttle…eeek.

Stand by people, stand by!

2010 – The Year that Was {Part Two}

My plan was to have my top 5 posts from each month in this list, however after going through the archives I realised there was some stuff I simply couldn’t leave out…so I broke my own rule and added in some extras. Seriously, if you’re bored during this weird Crimbo Limbo week (what is it with the week between Christmas and new year? Time just seems to sloooow down) then go check out August – October’s blog posts in particular. There is so many awesome weddings over there (if I do say so myself.)

July to December all up in your area…


A Sunday Kind of Love – Unveiled

In July I was asked to speak at Unveiled – a conference for photographers – all about blogging, social media and doing things ‘differently’ in business. To say I was terrified is an understatement. I’d never done public speaking before and I was scared! However everyone there was super lovely and interested in what I had to say – plus I made some new friends while I was there! Bonus.

Mad Hatter Rock n Roll Bride ~ Candy Floss, Beach Huts & The Great British Seaside

For my summer photo shoot I enlisted the help of some girlfriends and we headed to Whitstable beach for a day of frolicking in the sun! The shoot was even published in Photo Pro Magazine – the power of working together and networking huh?! (pictured above)

Roll Up, Roll Up for Vishaka & Dean’s Incredible Circus-Inspired Wedding!

Vishaka & Dean had a fabulously styled circus wedding. The decor and detail ideas really made this day stand out.

The MOST INCREDIBLE Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ever. FACT.

The title speaks for itself on this one. Alice weddings went mental this year and this one was my favourite of them all.

“I Can Make That!” – Roni & Dave’s Awesome, Diy, Homespun Cute-Fest Wedding

The power of DIY! Do it yourself weddings are more common place than ever, however Roni & Dave’s homespun, homemade wedding was one of the most beautiful.


How to… Get the Best from your Wedding Photographer

Photographer David McNeil popped by to give you all some tips on how to get the very best wedding photographs out there.

What Exactly IS a Rock n Roll Wedding?

I often get asked how I choose the weddings to publish on Rock n Roll Bride. I have always stood by the fact that being a Rock n Roll Bride is not about having the most alternative or out-there wedding in the world. It’s about planning a wedding that is a reflection of you and your partner and not what the wedding industry tells you to! In this post I explained my ideas a little further.

An Alexander McQueen Inspiration

This utterly stunning Mormon, South African wedding blew me away. (pictured above)

A Cotton Candy Sweet, Truly Scrumptious Brighton Wedding

Ant & Clare’s sugary sweet Brighton elopement made my heart a-flutter…and Clare’s  customised vintage dress and DIY shoes were like no other!

Rock n Roll Hearts & Paper Cranes – Lauren & JP’s Perfectly Rockin’ Wedding

Lauren & Jp’s wedding and wedding video caused a bit on controversy over on her own blog (seriously, have people got nothing better to do?)  but their wedding was certainly one of my favourites of the year.

Rock n Roll Party Report

The first of many! I’ve organised industry get together’s in the past but this party was noting short of epic! So popular was my little meet in fact that I had to start turning people away because the venue wasn’t big enough! Over 100 of you turned up to eat cupcakes, drink cocktails and mingle with the Rock n Roll glitterati…and yes there will be another next year…with a bigger venue!

How to…Have a Perfectly Imperfect Wedding/Life

One of my favourite and most honest personal posts of the year. Sick of feeling like a failure as a person because my life didn’t reflect the lives I saw of others online, I wanted to lay my heart of the line and share my feeling with you. I was more than thrilled with the response from you lot, a the fact that I’m actually not alone in feeling like this!


Have a Wedding that is Perfect for YOU – Greg & Michelle’s Low Key, Homespun & Family-Focused Wedding

Greg & Michelle had their reception at Greg’s Grandmother’s house. There was no sit down meal, no dancing, no cake cutting…but it was perfect for them. THAT is what makes them one of my Rock n Roll weddings of the year.

Kaori & Alex’s Multi-Cultural, DIY-Fabulous, Vintage Bohemian Wedding

Incredible fashion, style and awesome tattoos made Kaori & Alex’s wedding an absolute joy to publish. (pictured above)

We got married after spending just 12 days with each other…”

An inspiring story of love at first sight and an awesome Vegas wedding.

A Kitschy, Quirky, Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings were everywhere in 2010, but Lindsey & Adriano’s was the best of the bunch.

Yes, You CAN have a Rock n Roll Wedding!”

A guest post written by The Bowie Bride addressing the issue, “Will my wedding be Rock n Roll enough?” Simple answer – YES!


59 rock n revolution paris marie antoinette punk rock david mcneil

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2010 – The Year that Was {Part One}

In the last 12 months I have published 858 posts on Rock n Roll Bride…that’s a lot of weddings, a lot of photo shoots and a lot of personal rambles! As is customary at this time of year, I wanted to take the time reflect on the past 365 days by sharing some of my all time favourite blog posts. So here’s part 1, January to June. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for part 2!


How to…Plan a Wedding in No Time at all 

At the beginning of the year I launched my ‘How to…’ series, where I aimed to impart some of my (ahem) wedding and blogging wisdom where I could. In this first installment I wanted to help a reader plan her wedding as in just a few months.

A Most Curious Party

One of my favourite weddings of the year belonged to Rebecca & John, who had a quintessentially British wedding with lots of fabulous quirky twists, Rebecca enjoyed planning her wedding so much that she set up her own vintage wedding styling company, aptly named A Most Curious Party, soon after.

Fairy Lights, Scrabble & English Heritage

Ella & Sam’s London wedding was one of enviable vintage glamour and sophistication. It was an honour sharing such gorgeousness on these pages.

Rock n Roll Bride ♥ Vintage Boudoir

My first photo shoot of the year was with photographic legend Julia Boggio. Not only was this shoot super fun (even braving the snow to get there and back!) but doing it put me in touch with some fabulous industry peeps that I’ve worked with since…and have plans to work with again very soon! Watch this space… (pictured above)

How to…Deal with Uncooperative Relatives

Planning a wedding can be stressful at the best of times, but what should you do if your relatives disapprove of your wedding choices? I tried to help Allison out with just this dilemma.


So Punk Rock it HURTS!

I loved Matt & Danielle’s wedding so much that I blogged it in two parts. Their tattoos and their awesome style really did make for one of my most memorable weddings of the year. (pictured above)

Latex, Tattoos, Piercings & Fancy Dress Make a FABULOUS UK Wedding!

Ever seen a bride wearing a latex wedding dress? Well I have and it was utterly fabulous!

Modern Marie Antoinette

Simone’s incredible Monique Lhuillier dress and Christian Louboutin shoes gave me some serious bride-style envy.

I Love…

I wanted to share some love for Valentine’s day with some personal pictures.

Woodland Nymphs

Samuel & Jessica’s Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding not only graced the pages of Rock n Roll Bride, but was featured on a WEtv reality show called “Girl Meets Dress.” Their emotionally charged ceremony made my heart melt.


Edward Scissorhands ‘Winter in Summer’ Wedding

Karri & Ian’s glam goth Scissorhand’s inspired wedding certainly made an impact, and their ‘winter in summer’ theme was totally dramatic and gorgeous!

Perfect Picnic Wedding

Sarah & Kevin didn’t have a huge budget, so chose to get married in front of a few close friends in one of their back garden’s, followed by a casual picnic reception.

Classic Vintage with a Twist of Awesome

Elodie & Greg’s Australian wedding was everything I adore in weddings – close, personal, quirky and beautiful. This rockstar couple really knew how to wed in style. (pictured above)

Rock n Roll Bride in the Daily Express!

One of my proudest moments of the year! My first big newspaper feature. To say I was a little bit excited to get the call about this is an understatement of epic proportions!

I Love Rock n Roll (Bride) – The Movie!

Richard from FX Films asked if he could make a little film about me. Now, while my day to day life is anything but glamorous (does spending 18 hours in front of a computer sound glam to you!?) I was more than excited to be involved…and to introduce him to Henry & Rachel of course!



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