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Post It Notes – 19th August 2011 – Finding the One & Productivity

Photography Credit: Annamarie Stepney Photography (full wedding on the blog soon!)

And by ‘the one’ I mean the dress (sorry fellas!) But let’s be honest, as soon as girls get engaged the first thing we think about is the dress! Finally we’re allowed to buy wedding magazines and look a wedding dresses online without being…well…a little bit weird.

My top tip when it comes to searching for your dress is to be open minded. Yes, everyone will have an idea in their head of what they wants their wedding dress to be like but until you actually try them on, you never really can tell what your’re going to like the most…and I do think every bride-to-be should try on a massive meringue, even if it’s just to have a laugh!

So, what did my wonderful twitter followers and facebook fans have to say on this matter? (a lot it would seem…these a just a few of the many responses I had!)

Jennifer Comiskey – go on your own!!! I did … bought my dress and brought it home … job done!

Hannah Jones – look for something that reflects your personality and what your day is about, you want to look back at the pictures and know that it was you down to a T!

Katie-louise Clarke – go with your heart, dont listen to anybody else!

Catherinos Robotnik – know what shape suits you before you start but don’t be afraid to try out something new… Even if just to prove a point!

Stacey Joseph – don’t try on too many! You’ll just be confused. Also, if you don’t like your salesperson, get a new one. Don’t let them press you into buying anything.

Rachel Lovett – I used to work in a bridal shop, our advice was try everything. Even if you hate it on the hanger. A hanger doesn’t do a dress justice, its the girl inside it that makes it special. And take an honest friend, who will tell you if its right. But also remember practicality, the season you’re getting married in can dictate a lot, although, big dresses just need a hoop so it doesn’t get too hot!

@catdoran – don’t ask the price, it clouds your judgement. Just tell shop owner your top budget & try on everything less than it!

@LondonBride – be open minded, try all shapes, keep budget in mind, wear good underwear, bring heels and HONEST friends/family.

@ElbieMUAHair – don’t just look in wedding mags (I found my ‘the dress’ in an Elle editorial)

Gareth & I had a bit of a clear-out this week. I threw out a load of old clothes. He tidied away a lot of his (ahem) junk that was littering the front room…and you know what? I feel my productivity has gone through the roof!

I’m not naturally a tidy person. Clean yes but tidy erm…no. Well I used to be quite a tidy person…one of those annoying people who washed up as soon as they’d finished eating and everything! But then I got you know, busy (read: obsessed with blogging) and the housework kinda fell to the wayside. But I digress.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that taking some time to clear your office/desk area/workspace really can do wonders for how productive you are at work. Tidy house tidy mind and all that…

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Post It Notes – 12th August 2011 – Finding Your Venue & Putting People Off

Photography Credit: Depict Photography (full wedding on the blog next week)

I think that finding the venue for your wedding is one of the most stressful bits of wedding planning! It’s usually the first thing you have to organise…and when you’re right at the beginning of your planning it can be quite a daunting experience. After all they do say that the venue will pretty much shape the whole of your day. Eeeep! No pressure then…

My top tip when it comes to finding a wedding venue would be to think outside the box. If you’re on a budget or you are are not a stately home/hotel/castle kinda bride then avoid the ‘wedding venue guides’ and start looking at pubs, bars, restaurants, community halls, nightclubs, warehouses..whatever! Maybe somewhere that you and your fiancé have spent a lot of time together? Or somewhere you’ve always loved but never really thought about enquiring about hiring? These places will often be cheaper (because they don’t have ‘wedding packages’) and are usually more flexible with what they’ll allow you to do too. Our venue was amazing but looking back I know we could have got somewhere a lot ‘cooler’ for a lot less moolah!

I turned to twitter and facebook to see if any of my followers had some tips to make the whole thing less ickky…

@JackiBruniquel – Make sure there is lots of pretty ambient light for your reception photographs ie fairy lights or up-lighting. Find out if these are included.

@FernhillHotel – Ask if you can have a meal with the venue before booking (if they are doing the catering) so you know if the dishes are to your taste and standard.

@BohoEvents – Always ask if the venue holds more than one wedding at a time, some hold two a day, some even three! Although they will be held at staggered times do you really want to be greeted by another bride on your wedding day?

@pocketfuldreams – Do your research and check out what other people are saying about your desired venues, try specialist sites like tripadvisor or ask on wedding forums, blogs, etc what kind of experience other people have had who got married there.

@foodwisetweet – Stop and think firstly about what you really want your wedding to be rather than pleasing others. Then think of your venue.

Appeal to less people.

Yes that’s right! There is much to be said about trying to put people off your business. I’m not talking about offending people or being controversial just for the sake of it here, but I urge you take a long hard look at your brand and at what kind of clients you want to be working with. Consider specifically targeting your business to a small group of people and guess what? You’ll get to work with the types of people you really want too!

At the end of the day you can never appeal (or be liked by) everyone, so why try to be? Being vanilla or, you know, nice, can in some ways be totally detrimental to a business. These days brides want to really connect with their wedding suppliers or the blogs that they read so don’t be afraid to be yourself – warts and all! If a bride looks at say, two photographer at the same price and she likes both of their photographs equally, how is she going to choose between them? That’s right – it’ll probably be the one she prefers as a person or feels she gets on with better.

For example, Rock n Roll Bride is quite a niche. The types of weddings I feature certainly don’t appeal to the mass wedding market and because of this my blog will never be a ‘popular’ as some of the more traditional or mainstream ones. However this is brilliant for me becuase a) I get to feature the stuff I like (which makes my job much more satisfying), b) the people I work with are ‘my kind of people’ which is awesome and c) although my readership may be small compared with a lot of the big boy blogs, my advertisers know exactly what kind of brides read my blog…and if those are the kinds of weddings that they want to be working on then it’s a big fat bonus all round!

Be different, be authentic and be you.

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