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A Pink & Leopard Print Themed DIY Wedding: Ele & Raph

As soon as I saw the sneak peek of Ele & Raph’s wedding on their wedding photographer’s facebook page, I knew I wanted to feature them… it’s not really that difficult to see why is it? Could these guys be any more Rock n Roll if they tried?! The couple booked Rock n Roll Bride favourite Assassynation to capture their amazing day.

“What a great pleasure it was to have Sassy do the photography on our special day! I felt at ease as soon as I met her”, began the bride. “Upon speaking to my (camera shy!) husband afterwards, he said exactly the same about Sassy, that she jumped at every opportunity to get that perfect shot and with simple instructions made him feel comfortable and contented. Ecstatic with the sneak peeks that Sassy had uploaded within less than 24 hours (wow!) onto her Facebook page, we both knew that Sassy is one Rock n Roll photographer and it would not have been the same without her!”

The July wedding took place at The Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells. “The staff were outstanding in providing amazing service and ensuring that every small detail was exactly to our expectations,” she continued. “The food was to a superb standard and the manager went out of his way throughout the day to make our celebration as awesome as possible.”

The couple handmade as much as possible including the table plan, the card boxes, the various skulls dotted around the place and their stationery. “One phrase that sums up the run up to our wedding… ‘if you want something done properly, do it yourself!'” Ele laughed. “I spray painted each individual favour box in a baby pink for the guests and finished it off with a black skull stencil on each of them. I knew that this was going to be a lot of work, however there was no way I was not going to add these important touches to this very important day. It could be said that a lot of people find it easy to choose something from a book and then have somebody else make it for them, but where is the fun in that? Adding our own characters to the various aspects of our celebration made it what it was to us – the most beautiful and breathtaking day we have ever experienced. I feel very proud that it’s now being featured here for everyone to see!”

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A Seaside Themed Wedding in St Ives: Suzy & Christian

When the deputy editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine gets married, you just know it’s going to be awesome right? Well Suzy & her fiance Christian didn’t disappoint when planning their summer wedding. Choosing St Ives, Cornwall as the location, what could be more apt than a seaside themed wedding?!

“We met at journalism school in London in 1999 and were friends for five years before we eventually got together,” began Suzy. “Even though we live in London (and I’m from Oxford), we never discussed getting married anywhere but St Ives. It’s the place my dad’s been to on holiday ever year since he was a baby – so the place I’ve been to on holiday every year too. It’s the most beautiful seaside town with gorgeous cobbled streets and the most spectacular beaches. It feels magical and we wanted to share it with all our friends.”

“From the off, we were agreed on one thing: that we wanted to have a legendary party that all our friends had a total blast at. We wanted to thank everyone for coming by making them feel special and part of the day. We gave as many of our mates jobs as possible (in a nice way) and personalised as much stuff as we could without having breakdowns.”

The ceremony was held at St la’s Church and the reception at Carbis Bay Hotel, right on the beach. “We wanted a seaside theme to run through our wedding,” explained Suzy when I asked about their wedding theme and decor ideas, “particularly the stationery. One of our friends, Dave, is an illustrator and has just set up a bespoke wedding invitation business, Love Illustrated. He very kindly said he’d design our invitations as a wedding present. Dave told us to be as ‘creative and out there’ as we liked. I think he may have slightly regretted that…”

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A Technicoloured Wedding: Ren & Tim

Ren & Tim pulled off their amazing colourful and alternative wedding with a £9000 budget. They spent on the things they felt were important and saved by DIYing the elements they knew they could do themselves (reception decor, stationery, cake). Although these things didn’t always go to plan, in the end it all turned out alright and the things that didn’t work really didn’t matter on the day! I particularly love this wedding because it took place in Reading (where I live!). In fact the bride moved to this little town of ours from London to be with her boy. Awww!

“We didn’t really want a big family wedding,” Ren began. “We originally wanted a small and intimate destination wedding but after talking to our families we accepted the fact that a big UK wedding was on the cards. We tried to find things that we liked but we also wanted to make our families happy. We didn’t really care what happened or where it was as long as we got married so most of the big decisions were made with family in mind. We realised that it wasn’t just our wedding – it was both our families as well so by giving them the bigger battles we could do what we wanted with the smaller details.”

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A Woodland Ceremony & A Pirate Themed Party: Jenny & Gary

I love love love Shell de Mar‘s wedding photography. Every single image is bright and fun and vibrant. They just make me feel so happy. I don’t know what it is… It’s probably a little to do with the amazing way she captures colour but more likely than not it’s a lot to do with the firecracker behind the lens. Shell is a cute as hell force to be reckoned with. She’s also one of my best friends and so it’s always an honour to share her work on my blog.

Today’s installment of sunshine comes in the form of Jenny & Gary’s woodland ceremony, hillside portraits and pirate themed reception. “Our ceremony was held at Wittenham Clumps (i.e. up a hill!), just next to the reception venue”, Jenny told me. “When we came to see the barn as a potential reception venue we fell in love with the view, the fresh air, abundance of wild flowers and birdsong (sounds cheesy but it truly was idyllic) and just had to have the wedding there.  Amazingly the sun shone on the day, although it had been raining for weeks before and after.  We were bloody lucky!  The only down side was there was no license so we had to have a small civil ceremony the week before (no great burden really – having an intimate day was also wonderful).”

The couple knew they wanted their wedding to be laid back, fun and colourful but they didn’t really know where to start. After being engaged for years they finally decided to start organising with the help of their amazing wedding planner Josie of Savoir Weddings. “I avoided DIY like the plague although I bought a strip of parrot fabric for our ceremony backdrop that I got the drycleaner to hem and my Dad to hang”, Jenny laughed. “I can honestly say that our wedding wouldn’t have happened without Josie.  We had been engaged for years with only the vaguest notion of what our wedding might be until I stumbled upon Josie’s website. She expertly teased out of us what mattered to us about our wedding and encouraged us to start making some decisions (like setting a date!) After that her expertise and support were truly invaluable every step of the way.”

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A DIY ‘Glamping’ Wedding & a Bride with Pink Hair: Josie & Nick

I ain’t gonna lie… I harbor a certain level favoritism for pink haired brides… hum, I wonder why!? So when I saw Josie & Nick’s camping themed wedding I was very excited indeed. The couple didn’t spend a bomb on the day, utlising things they already owned (hello, look at Jodie’s awesome Antaina boots!), by having the reception in Nick’s parent’s back garden and by making as much of it as they could themselves.

“We DIY’ed everything”, Jodie told me. “It can be really easy to bite off more than you can chew though so my advice would be to decide on a cohesive theme early on. Select projects you know you can complete both skill wise and in the time you have. And start early! Anything you can do well in advance is great.”

For the reception they set up tents and and sign posts which is where the ‘glamping’ theme started. “Our wedding was planned long distance. We had to drive 250 miles to Kent the week before the wedding and do 80% of the work and projects that week! We took the seats out of the back of our (quite large) car and piled stuff to the roof. We still had to leave things behind! If you have to travel with your wedding stuff I would definitely say pick small but effective items – bunting, food flags, fancy tablecloths. You will save yourself a lot of stress trying to cram picnic baskets, fruit crates and wedding dresses in your car!”

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A Contemporary Minimalist Wedding: Hayley & Matthew

“Matthew is an architect & loves modernist architecture and things that are minimalist, well designed & have clean lines so we decided we’d like our wedding to reflect this”, newlywed Hayley wrote. “The venue really set the scene with it’s amazing art deco features but funky modern interior so we chose not to detract from this keeping decorations & flowers to an absolute minimum & only in white. We wanted the guests & bridesmaids to add the pop of colour which they did!”

The bride wore a gorgeous Jenny Packham wedding dress and as anticipated, the bridesmaids stood out and looked spectacular in their red and purple Dan Kerr cocktail dresses and matching bouquets. “I wanted poppies but everyone told me they die too quickly so our florist suggested red anemones”, Hayley explained. “When I started researching anemones I just loved the bright colours they came in (red, purple, blue, pink, ivory) so decided to incorporate all these colours in the bridesmaids, who all had different mixed bouquets with different coloured flowers in their hair too.”

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