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Rustic, Wintery and Super Freaking Cool Wedding

alternative christmas wedding (45)

I feature many, many weddings on this blog of mine, but every so often a wedding lands in my inbox that literally stops me in my tracks. That’s exactly what Jamie and Sarah’s amazing day did to me! They were married in December and so wanted a wintery Christmas theme, but without the cheese. It had to also feel like ‘them’, and oh boy did it!

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The day was held at Fonmon Castle in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. “We both wanted the wedding to be in-keeping with the castle and keep to a winter theme”, said Sarah. “We didn’t want it to seem stuffy, so our main aim was to make it feel like a big family gathering. Luckily with it being so close to Christmas the castle was already decorated beautifully, so we just added our own touches with things like the antlers, pine cones, teacup and saucers and lots of bell jars!”

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Cold New York Elopement

Cold New York Elopement (16)

Erin and Tony met 10 years ago. He moved in to her building as the on-site caretaker and when Erin went to pay her rent that month she was met with a very handsome, topless man! It was a hot day and she actually though she was a friend who was popping over. I guess after that there was no going back! They couple got together soon after and married in NYC this January.

Cold New York Elopement (8)

“The biggest inspiration for our wedding was really just a celebration of winter”, said Erin. “But it became so much more than that. Ever since Kate Middleton married Prince William and Pippa was in white I have loved white in a non-traditional role for a wedding. Then I came to love the idea of a white tuxedo because I for sure knew a white dress wasn’t for me. We found Tony a white tux three weeks before we left for the wedding. We bought tickets to New York City on a seat sale in October and booked enough time to get there for New Years Eve in Times Square. We weren’t getting married till the 8th of January (on Elvis Presley‚Äôs birthday) so we basically had our honeymoon before the wedding and took in every site that we could see. After the ceremony we had a quiet dinner out and celebrated with a fruit flan from the bakery next door to our¬†hotel.”

Cold New York Elopement (13)

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Winter Wonderland Wedding in the Snow: Briar & Simon


We may be¬†finally¬†edging our way into Spring but I couldn’t help but share this delicious winter wedding with you today. Rather than¬†avoiding¬†the¬†enviable¬†snow situation, Briar & Simon¬†embraced it with a winter wonderland theme and blue colour scheme! The wedding was held at¬†Boynton Bros Farm in Ontario, Canada. The ceremony was held outside in the woods (brrr!) and the reception in on of the farm sheds (double brrr – these guys are HARDY!)


“Our wedding was a winter wonderland – cold and blue with lots of sparkle”, explained Briar.¬†I loved that we were able to have an outdoor wedding¬†despite¬†the temperature. It couldn’t have worked out better. We actually first started dating when I was playing hockey at a local ice rink where Simon worked so the cold was also kind of¬†appropriate! I also loved doing the photos with just me and Simon outside in the snow.”


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Snow White and the Huntsman & A Twist on Winter Weddings

snow white and the huntsman_kaitwinstonphotography 95

Winter weddings don’t have to be all scatter crystals and snow¬†sprinkled¬†twigs. They don’t have to have holly or ivy and you don’t even need to wear¬†faux¬†fur. Honestly, there are many other options out there, you just need to dream them up! Just like wedding photographer¬†Kait Winston¬†did after one too many trips to the cinema.¬†Inspired by the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, Kait decided that edgier was better and so wanted to showcase a more¬†dramatic¬†twist on the classic winter wedding.

snow white and the huntsman_kaitwinstonphotography 57

“Snow White and the Huntsman is by far the most beautiful cinematic film I have ever seen”, wrote Kait. “I saw it in theaters five times. After I realized I had developed an unhealthy obsession, I knew the next step was to develop a series of inspired shoots based on the film. So in one weekend we shot a queen inspired session and a Snow White session. The queen’s session was on my birthday (I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than recreating my favorite film!) What was really incredible about this shoot was the ingenuity behind everything – the majority of items featured are all handmade!”

snow white and the huntsman_kaitwinstonphotography 65

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Rustic Winter Wedding on a Farm: Katie & Nicholas

Stacy Paul Photography_ Nic and Katie215

Getting married on December 1st,¬†Katie & Nicholas had a rustic winter themed wedding. The day was held at¬†Karnes Stables in Florida. “According to our guests, our wedding felt like ‘Twilight’ meets ‘Pinterest’ which I am NOT offended by at all!” laughed the bride. “I wanted our day to feel magical and very comfortable and I think through the months of planning and creating, we achieved what we wanted perfectly. The hard work and creativity did not go unnoticed by our guests.”

Stacy Paul Photography_ Nic and Katie114

“We’ve always been very creative and didn’t want a normal¬†clich√©d¬†or traditional wedding. Pinterest was a huge inspiration but we didn’t want to copy what everyone else had done. So we just brainstormed a lot on ideas how to make it feel like ‘us’. We hunted down every item at the Salvation Army and second hand stores and turned other people’s trash into our treasures!”

“The seating chart was made of an old window pane that we found at a junkyard and painted with chalkboard paint (which was super easy to do). My vintage brooch bouquet was a lot of work. We thrifted most of the brooches and used a Styrofoam ball to wire them all in. It took A LOT of brooches though so if you’re thinking of making one start looking for them right away!”

Stacy Paul Photography_ Nic and Katie36

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Gothic Woodland Engagement Shoot: Adriana & Ben

I do love winter wedding inspiration, but more than that, I love winter inspiration that’s a little bit more edgy. Gothic even. To me, winter is the perfect¬†opportunity¬†to embrace your dark side.

And for their engagement shoot,¬†Adriana & Ben wanted to to just that as well.¬†“I wanted to really go all out and embodied the darker side of us for our engagement shoot”, Adriana explained. “We really weren’t trying to be ‘dark’, we were just trying to be true to us. ¬†My¬†fianc√©¬†is a musician and I am a event creative director, so I really wanted our passions to be apparent in this shoot. ¬†I wanted to create an enchanting feeling and our own little creative fantasy.”

“I personally put together all the decor and we had to cart it all to the location site. ¬†It took us about a 25 minute walk on a trail into the forest to get to the right location. The location was so enchanting. ¬†While setting up our vignette, I decided to attach rose heads to each of the trees in the background to add a dynamic touch. ¬†Overall, I feel that this shoot really pulls from all of my influences in music, fashion and art such as, Tara McPherson (artist), Alexander McQueen, the Foo Fighters and Shiny Toy Guns. ¬†It also is influenced by our favorite show, Game of Thrones.”

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