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The Bridal Shop Experience & How to Come Out Alive…

Photography Credit: Assassynation (full wedding here)

I was blown away by the response to the article I published on Weight Loss and Weddings a few weeks ago. Thank you to every single one of you who was brave enough to leave a comment sharing your own experiences. Even though the post has been up for a little while the tweets, emails and blog comments are still pouring in for it. I never really know how topics like that will go down so it means a lot that you guys put yourselves out there like that. You are all so amazing.

There was one resounding message that came from the comments, and one I didn’t anticipate. It was your concerns of bad experiences with bridal shops and your worries with finding a wedding dress you love (and that fitted/complimented your figure/made you look beautiful). The crazy thing was that these concerns were not even limited to those of you who identified yourselves as overweight. It seemed that nearly all of you, no matter what your shape or size, had concerns or stories to tell about the bridal shop experience.

Today I thought I’d put together a few tips and ideas of how to make the whole experience of finding a wedding dress less of an ordeal.

Make an appointment

While there’s nothing wrong with popping into a bridal shop if you see one on your travels, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to actually try anything on without an appointment. Some smaller shops will only have an assistant per appointment, so without one you might not have anyone to help you even look at the gowns on the hangers. Bridal shops can get extremely busy at weekends, so if you are able to visit or make an appointment for a weekday then you may well be given more time and better service (as they won’t all be rushed off their feet!)

Arrive in plenty of time

Being punctual is also super important. You don’t want to get off to a bad start by making the assistant wait. Your appointment will likely be limited to a fixed amount of time (i.e. an hour) and especially if they have a busy schedule of back-to-back appointments, you won’t be able to have your slot run over because you were late.

Photography Credit: Claire Morgan Photography (full wedding coming soon)

Ask questions

If you book an appointment over the phone, be sure to ask any questions to clear up anything you are not 100% sure of beforehand – i.e how many friends you’re allowed to bring, if you can eat and drink during the appointment, what to bring with you etc… Educating yourself beforehand is the best way to feel as stress-free as possible before you get there. Most misunderstandings or bad feelings between bridal shops and clients is through a lack of communication (from both parties!)

Listen to their advice & be open to possibilities

Although we’ve heard horror stories, not all people who work in bridal shops are witches! Most of them are experts in their stock and what styles suit which body shapes.

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Buy or Sell a Pre-Loved Wedding Dress with Still White

After their 2010 wedding, Australian husband & wife team Bruno & Ingrid started Still White. Ingrid decided she didn’t just want her wedding dress to sit in the back of her closet forever so she looked into selling it online. Then, after not having much luck finding an Australian pre-loved wedding dress website they decided to set up their own. The Australian site has come on in leaps ans bounds over the past 24 months with the site helping brides saving an amazing $320,000 AUD (£215,000 GBP) so far!

The good news for all my UK readers is that Bruno & Ingrid have decided to expand over here with the launch of stillwhite.co.uk. It was opened for business less than a year ago but already has over 700 used wedding dresses listed at an average discount of 56% off their retail prices!

“As any modern bride will attest, wedding dresses are expensive. Still White offers the latest designer dresses at half the retail price by giving recent brides a place to sell their pre-loved gowns. Most of the wedding dresses on Still White have been worn once, are professionally dry cleaned and in perfect condition. In fact, some are brand new, unworn dresses from girls who have simply changed their mind. Although selling pre-loved clothing online is nothing new, we have created a safe and effective marketplace dedicated to UK brides. By focusing on wedding dresses, we’ve made it fun, affordable and easy for everyone to do. We hope girls embrace the site.”

Here are some of my current favourites on stillwhite.co.uk right now! Swoon…

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The Secret Glamour of Hollywood: A Styled Shoot for Alexandra King’s 2012 Bridal Collection

Secret Hollywood glamour was the inspiration for this shoot, set up to promote the new range of wedding dresses from British designer Alexandra King. “The shoot was originally based on the morning after the Oscars, a hazy, sun kissed feel with the soft prettiness of the dresses against the cold concrete and run down beach,” Alexandra told me. “As if an Oscar/wedding party traveled down to the beach in Lost Boys and here was the morning after. The shoot then developed to two more locations. To shoot the look book, we found a village hall which had the perfect school play feel to it with a velvet curtained stage and lighting that gave the models the appearance of being a puppet show.The abandoned 1960s caravan images gave a trashy contrast against the dresses again and I love the way some of the images have a romantic gypsy feel to them.”

Each dress is made to order and prices start from just £650. For more infomation be sure to check out her website or drop Alexandra a line!

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Injured Idols: A Fashion Shoot for Irish Designer Claire O’Connor

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

You’re probably going to either love this or hate this. I’m nearing to the side of love because of the freakiness as the fact that this really is something I’ve never seen before in a bridal shoot!

This shoot, set up to promote the new line of wedding dresses by Irish designer Claire O’Connor, reminds me a lot of the Japanese ‘kegadoru’ (injured idols) trend. Girls wear fake bandages and eye patches as fashion accessories, the theory behind it being that it makes them look cute and vulnerable to the opposite sex (only in Japan huh?!)

Claire explains her own ideas behind this shoot, “The inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2012 Bridal campaign hails from our obsession with appearances and looks, and taking that obsession with beauty to the extreme. I love mixing contrasting fabrics and so I have incorporated swarovski crystals and delicate handmade french lace into plaster casts.”

Whatever you think of this, you can’t deny that it’s certainly different…and I looooove different. Pushing the boundaries of the wedding industry complex is something that makes me very exicted indeed!

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Simple Upcycling Ideas for Your Wedding Dress

Photography Credit: Leila Brewster Photography (full wedding here)

I love love love the idea of making my own wedding dress. I am, however, more than a little bit sucky with a sewing machine. Alas!

However this week I chatted to eco-wedding dress designer Deborah Lindquist about some simple upcycling ideas.

Launched in 2004, Deborah’s eco-conscious clothing line combines environmental responsibility with a cutting-edge aesthetic. Deborah works her fashion magic with a mixture of environmentally-friendly fabrications and the resulting designs are as striking as they are ecologically sensitive. As a trailblazer at the forefront of the stylish green clothing movement, Deborah is making an impact in the fashion world while remaining true to her love for the environment.

So as you can see, she’s the perfect person to talk about upcycling with, I think even I could do a few of these things…

♥  ♥  ♥

Will you marry me?

It’s not a question easily answered. There is a whole life to be created with the person you love so much. What do you like to do together? Who are your mentors? Your inspiration? How would you like your life to ultimately unfold? How do you stay important to each other?

It’s all about the two of you, and how you plan your wedding, what you wear, how you spend your honeymoon and how you unfold the rest of your life together should reflect who you are as a couple. Since the bride usually does much of the planning, it can sometimes look like ‘her’ day, and we all know how that can get…

Photography Credit: Nicole Polk Photography (full wedding here)

I have seen the most creative, happy wedding celebrations ever on Rock n Roll Bride. I love how tradition is mixed with personal creativity to make the day such a celebration of love and happiness. You are, after all, your best influence and teacher. The things, people, and places you love should be an integral part of your wedding.

I’m an eco-clothing designer and I design many things, including wedding dresses.

Four of my brides have been featured on these pages, and I have been so inspired by all of the women I’ve come to know as I’ve created their gowns. I’ve even named some gowns after some of them. Today, I wanted to share with the readers of Rock n Roll Bride some ideas of how to customise your own wedding outfit, and to create a dress that should be named after you!

Photography Credit: Chennergy (full wedding here and here)

Take things from the past

As you begin your search for the most beautiful gown you can imagine, would you maybe like to include something from your past that makes you feel loved?  You can pretty much have anything you want it’s just all about knowing how to incorporate it into your dress.

Recycle and Upcycling

Maybe you felt close to your Grandmother, and she loved to wear the most exquisite beaded wool sweater. It was special, she treated it with care, and stored it safely in her cedar chest. You want to get married in the winter, when the snow is falling. The days are short, and you want to be married by candlelight. You don’t want to wear a sweater, but how about using this sweater in your wedding dress? You could even use the wool to create the top of the dress – perfect for winter! You’ll be warm and toasty as well as wearing a one-of-a-kind creation with a lot of sentimental meaning.

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WIN one of FIVE Wedding Dresses from SimplyBridal

this contest is now closed

Wedding dress designers SimplyBridal was started with a basic idea of helping the bride, not the middleman. “After hearing from countless friends and family members about the high cost of wedding dresses, our founder Lawrence Ng decided to start his own bridal company that met the needs of his loved ones,” they say. ” Our aim is to provide outstanding quality in fabric, materials, and fit without the inconvenience and costs of traditional bridal boutiques and retailers.”

SimplyBridal design and create their unique wedding dresses from their Los Angeles base, “Our in-house experts are on the pulse of bridal fashion, scouring the latest trends and styles. Our head designer has over twelve years of experience in the fashion industry, and has designed for BCBGMAXAZRIA in Los Angeles, and Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique in New York.”

SimplyBridal have a vast array of dresses and styles available, with 80 styles currently available, all costing under $600. Each dress is made to order and to fit the exact measurements and requirements of the individual bride.

WIN Your Wedding Dress

I’m thrilled to announce that the wonderful team at SimplyBridal would like to offer a free wedding dress to not one but FIVE readers of Rock n Roll Bride!

To enter, simply check out their website, choose your favourite dress and comment below telling me why you chose it. Remember to include a link to the dress so I can have a nosy.

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