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A Burning Man Inspired Wedding: Christine & David

There’s so much about Christine & David’s wedding that I utterly adore – Christine’s Wai-Ching wedding dress, the metal-welding ceremony, the Burning Man inspired after-party… seriously, if you don’t love this wedding you’re bonkers.

“Well, we started off by not trying to be anything other than ourselves,” Christine told me. “The only thing I knew I wanted was my Wai-Ching dress and a gluten-free cake, and David just wanted a raucous party. Neither of us had expectations of what our wedding should be, so we just took the parts of the traditional wedding that we liked, ditched the parts we didn’t care about, and made some things up along the way.”

“A lot of our inspiration came from knowing that all but one of our guests was flying in from out of state. In fact our guest list included people from 24 different states and 5 different countries. We were so grateful that people would make the trip out to celebrate with us and we really wanted to make it worth it. Our wedding celebration was actually a multi-day extravaganza. Most people flew in on Wednesday and then Thursday was a trip to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Friday we went to the Orlando Science Center in the morning and then to Wekiwa Springs State Park (where we got engaged) in the afternoon for swimming in the springs and kayaking in the river. Friday night we threw our first party of the weekend at our house with a good ol’ Southern BBQ to welcome everyone to town. Saturday was our wedding and after-party and we wrapped it up on Sunday morning with a brunch at our house.”

“One of the big things we did differently was our ceremony as we wanted it to be personally meaningful. First off we chose readings that spoke to us: Charles Darwin on marriage, a quote about love from Tom Robbin’s ‘Still Life with Woodpecker,’ and an excerpt from Richard Feynman’s autobiography in which he writes about dating his wife. As for rings, I don’t think we ever even discussed them. I do have an amazing engagement ring, but I think we both assumed from the get go that wedding bands were not happening. All of types of ceremonies that we looked at, even the nontraditional ones like handfasting, unity candle, sand ceremony, etc – seemed forced as they meant nothing to us personally. We finally settled on including metal work in some fashion as I am a metal artist. We contacted a friend and artist who I lived and worked with last summer, Jon Sarriugarte, and he made us the amazing heart that we riveted together during the ceremony.”

“We had a lot of little touches,” the bride continued. “My cousin played the harp and a good friend played the trumpet for our ceremony. We had a ‘living guest book’  where guests planted a succulent. We had a coloring book table as a token to how we met (we met at the children’s coloring book table at a wedding in Long Island), complete with the picture I was coloring at the time. There was a table set up with pictures of us at Burning Man 2006-2011 (after we met at the Lond Island wedding we found out we were both going to Burning Man that same year so we arranged to meet there. We then ended up going back together every year after that).”

“Our after-party at our house was most definitely Burning Man inspired. We had set up our usual camping setup (a geodesic dome, a hexayurt, and five tents) in the yard for the 20 or so friends who camped at our place during the week. I surprised David at our entrance to the party with a tunnel of light sabers – his signature glow ornamentation at the Burn.”

“Body glow adornments were available as well as LED hula hoops and poi. Our hot tub was open. I set up a sculpture I made for Burning Man 2010, a honeycomb piece named Propolis. A fire pit was out by the lake with couches, s’mores (with local hand-made marshmallows of course), guitars, and a variety of percussion instruments. We set up a star projection in the dome with couches and blankets for a chill space. Grilled cheese sandwiches were distributed at midnight. Our neighbor put on a fireworks show for us during our royal kiss on the balcony and some good friends put together an acrobatic performance. And there was off course dancing until the wee hours of the morning.”

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Alternative & Colourful Wedding Dresses from Chrissy Wai-Ching

Photography Credit: Dana Pleasant Photography

Hand-making all her gorgeous dresses in Seattle, Chrissy Wai-Ching has long been a favourite wedding dress designer of mine. Started in 2004, her custom and one of a kind designs are like nothing else on the market right now. Her original concept and eye for detail and colour makes her beautiful gowns highly sought after by the alternative bride-to-be. Chrissy brings Asian flair together with contemporary textile design to create unique art with her pieces.

Wai-Ching provides green, eco-friendly bridalwear, custom clothing, and kimonos in silk, hemp, and other natural fibers,” Chrissy explains. “We specialize in custom dresses, bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and colorful wedding dresses. We offer custom fits and designs, as well as custom colors and embroidery.”

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A Wedding Inspired by the Ocean

The inspiration behind this beautiful Californian wedding, sent over to me by Jerry Yoon Photography, was the ocean. The couple, who met through a mutual friend in Philadelphia and them moved to California, had visited The Monterey Bay Aquarium during their first year living together. “I loved it,” the bride told me ” the intense blues and greens when you looked down in the water, to the contrasting sand and beaten rocks. I love the ocean and anything relating to it. During that visit, I took a bunch of Polaroid photos at the museum and our walks around Monterey and Pacific Grove. Years later, when we were looking for a location for our wedding, I came across those original Polaroids of Lovers Point Park, and I instantly knew this is where we were getting married.”

The couple decided on a small intimate wedding with a guest list of just 50 people. “Although it sounds very small, it was a lot of work to hand make custom Save the Dates and invitations,” the bride continued. “It was definitely fun and keeping it intimate, we were able to give a lot of attention to each guest. We really didn’t have a conventional beach-y theme with shells, but more so a play of the colors. We held our ceremony under the large cypress tree at Lovers Point Park, and that too played into the theme of our wedding.”

The colours of the sand and ocean played a major role in the influence of the bride’s wedding dress and the groom’s suit. The bride’s dress was custom made by Wai Ching and the groom’s seersucker suit came from Black Fleece. “Inititally, I didn’t think the dress mattered all that much and ended up buying a cheap-o dress without much thought. Afterwards, I found a blog post featuring a dress by Wai Ching (Chrissy Leung). I immediately fell in love with the dress (and the hastily-purchased dress was promptly returned). I emailed her immediately and collaborated with her to create the true dress of my dreams. Everything was done via email: measurements, tons of photos for inspiration and descriptions. I finally flew up to Seattle for one final fitting, made some adjustments and it was a done deal. I love the dress. I still break it out every now and then and wear it around the house! It’s such a fun dress.”

“I assumed my husband wouldn’t care much about what he would wear for the wedding but he proved every every bit involved and wanted to look special. He had no idea what my dress looked like aside from some decidedly vague color descriptions by yours truly. After many stores, we finally found this suit at Black Fleece. After he tried it on, I turned to him and said, ‘We are going to look great!’ He had to take my word of course, as he wouldn’t see my dress until the day of our wedding.”

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Carly & John’s Laid Back, Offbeat Wedding

Carly & John’s wedding had a laid back and simple vibe. It was important to them to keep their day genuine, and all their planning and thematic ideas really came about organically. The ceremony took place in Edogawa Japanese Gardens, East Gosford, Australia.

“We didn’t really have a theme, everything kinda just happened organically with us making decisions about venues, outfits and decorations as they came up,” Carly explained. “In the end it was a blend of colour, asian themes with a Rock n Roll twist. The wedding fully represented us as a couple. The ceremony was completely hand crafted for us by our celebrant Sarah Tolmie (love and life inspirations). Instead of the traditional ceremony Sarah started the ceremony with acknowledging aboriginals as the the traditional custodians of the land where we were married, followed by her sharing our story of how we met and how our love grew. She then read out why both of us love the other to our guests, and then instead of vows we used askings that would be the foundations of marriage and how we would strive to behave through out it.”

“Our reception was at Lizottes Restaurant, which is a local dinner/music venue,” the bride continued. “It was perfect for us, relaxed but still quite quirky and funky. I didn’t need to decorate the place too much as it already had awesome artworks on the walls.  We just added handmade table runners from this really cool asian styled material. No white table cloths for us! We used Lucky beer bottles as the vases and a friend of mine who is a florist created a bunch of native Australian flowers. All the flowers were native australian plants/flowers and even included gum drops. I wanted ther flowers to be natural and bright looking and definately wanted to steer clear of white roses.”

Carly wore a dress by Chrissy Wai-Ching, an offbeat designer from Seattle. Carly was able to help with the design process and Chrissy even made John’s tie to match.

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Karen & Will’s Edgy & Organic Day

How awesome are Karen & Will?! As soon as I saw Karen’s dress, by Seattle designer Chrissy Wai-Ching, I was utterly smitten. The edgy and organic style of the dress really reflects the laid back vibe of the whole day. A simple wedding in terms if details and ‘fluff’ but one that shows the couple at their coolest. I love!

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Laid Back Hawaii Beach Wedding

I think you’re going to love Kim & Paul’s wedding – its the perfect post for a gorgeous sunny Monday like today! The couple, from Colorado, got married at Ke Iki Beach Bungalows, on the North Shore of Oahu.

They went diy crazy and did a lot of the wedding themselves – from the flowers (which they bought wholesale) to the homemade veil. “We really wanted our wedding to be a ‘non-wedding wedding’ that was as unique as we were and at the same time have a super fun beach party!” Kim told me.” We also wanted to involve our family and friends… so thankful we have so many creative people in our lives to help (flowers, hair, make-up, firecrackers!). Even though I didn’t buy one bridal magazine or try on any dresses, I definitely perused the wedding-porn online that was tailored for the independent thinking brides.  We didn’t want to give in to the ‘wedding industrial complex’ and doing things the way they are “suppose” to be.  I think that I’ve always been a non-traditionalist which is why I chose to forgo the cliche white dress and khaki Hawaiian beach wedding for one that was more colorful, stylish, elegant but still casual enough for the beach.  We had an amazing time with all of the special people in our lives in a place that is very special to us.”

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Music, Poetry, Green Balloons & Love

I always wonder, when a photographer gets married, how the hell do they decide who to shoot their own wedding? Well Laura & Dave of Blissed Photo had just this conundrum when they got married recently, but chose the amazing One Love Photo as they knew Heather & Jon would capture it perfectly. Being surrounded by all things wedding in their day to day lives, the couple had seen loads of brilliant ideas (and knew some to avoid!) in their own planning.

However they still knew what was important to them, music and poetry, and wanted to make sure this was brought into their day. “Dave plays sax in a few bands, so a trio of his best friends played during cocktail hour, and we hired an amazing funk band, Emerald City Throwdown, that had everybody dancing” Laura told me. ” We also wanted everyone to mingle, so we skipped the seating assignment and also had couches (from Bella Rugosa) to make the vibe more casual and open. I’m not really a poet, but I LOVE spoken word poetry, so I asked my 3 favorite poets if they would read at our reception.  Everyone went nuts because these poets are some of the best in the world (truly- they constantly travel and compete internationally).  I surprised Dave with a poem I wrote, and then he surprised me by having a good friend of his perform a new Pearl Jam song, Just Breathe, for our first dance. ”

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Wai-Ching Bride

Evan & Angela’s wedding was at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, BC.  They had an intimate event with just 20 or 30 guests within their own bridal penthouse suite with an antique/bird theme. They set up a typewriter to be used a vintage style guest book, birdcages around the room and old-time candy for goodie-bag favours. They are both photographers as well so there were antique cameras scattered about as well as lots of shots taken with Evan’s old Polaroid Land Camera.   Angela’s veil was handmade by an artist in Portland, OR and her dress was designed by local Seattle designer Chrissy Wai-Ching. It’s a pretty damn amazing dress huh?


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Wai Ching + Fluevog = Yum

She took my breath away w!hen we first stepped in the bridal preparation room at the Rose Garden Inn. She was so elegant and so beautiful. The mood was calm, comfortable silences interrupted by feminine giggles. As she cut a part of her mother’s veil to add on to the hairpiece, I noted how important family was to her. Her red knee high boots sat in the corner as she got laced into her corset, accentuating her hourglass figure. Every move was deliberate and graceful, she was so inspiring. Everything about her was so unique, her red Wai Ching dress was perfect.

Dress: Wai Ching
Corset: Dark Garden
Shoes: Fluevog
Headpiece: Twig and Honey

I can’t believe I haven’t featured these sooner! Read more about Jocelyn & George’s glorious wedding over at the fabulous Tinywater’s blog.

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Credit: Tinywater Photography