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And the Next Rock n Roll Bride Intern is…

It was a hotly contested battle but I’m pleased to announce that after 20,000 votes (!) that the next Rock n Roll Bride intern is…

Congratulations Miss Roo, I very much look forward to getting to know you and sharing your (sure to be) awesome wedding planning story with the readers of Rock n Roll Bride.

Roo & her fiance Lamb are right at the beginning of their wedding planning so I know we’re going to have loads of good stuff to read about! I have to say I’m super excited to see which suppliers they book and all the awesome DIY projects that I’m sure they’re going to get stuck into too…

Roo & I are actually going to meet in actual real life on Wednesday too (and I’m bringing a photographer friend with me to capture it.) I’m so excited!! From what I know about her so far I think she’s all kinds of awesome and we’re going to be BFF’s for sure.

Roo will be writing a monthly column for the blog (for now…maybe more if y’all want it or she comes up with any extra ideas!) which will be posted on the first Monday of each month…and as today is the 1st August I thought I’d throw her in at the deep end by sharing her first post right now.

We are also yet to come up with a nice catchy title for Roo’s posts…like how Alice became Alice in Weddingland…Can you help? Comment below if you’ve got any bright ideas. My idea of “Roo says I Do” made even me want to die inside with it’s cheesiness.

Welly, welly, well. When I sat and wrote my application to Kat a few weeks ago, I of course had hoped, but certainly not expected to be sat addressing you all now as her brand new intern. Lamb actually asked me, “aren’t you excited to have your words and thoughts read by thousands of people?” Let me tell you, the only word for it is ludicrous. Last week’s voting process was both stomach churning and exhilarating, and I’m certain that I’ve accrued several more grey hairs than usual (plus, it wreaked havoc with my quitting-smoking regime).  Besides reading some fabulous words of support from total strangers here on the blog (thank you, each one of you, you gave my ego a fantastic boost) my favourite part of last week by far was getting to “meet” and have a natter with some really outstanding individuals. To name them outright would merely omit the many other outstanding individuals who took the time to read and vote for my application, so I hope my powers of e-telepathy are working today and that you simply know who you are.

Of course, I simply must extend my gratitude first and foremost for Kat. When we heard that the voting had ended, I wrote my immediate impressions on the whole experience to date over at my blog. There, I expressed being humbled by everyone who had faith in me and the vision that Lamb and I have for our wedding; that warm, fuzzy feeling started with Kat from the moment she shortlisted me, and has been an unstoppably-spreading force ever since. I am excited by the prospect of making a new friend in my new “boss”, and by all the doors, windows and cat-flaps of opportunity she could open up for me as I share this dizzying experience with you.

All that remains for me to do is give you a little heads-up on my not-so-distant future posts, and introduce our story properly.

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Help Me Choose the New Rock n Roll Bride Intern

To say that choosing the next Rock n Roll Bride real-bride intern was difficult would be an understatement of immense magnitude. When I posted two weeks ago that I was looking for a new ‘Alice’ to come and write her wedding planning story for us I expected to receive maybe 10/15 entries…67 applications later and my brain is a little fried from trying to pick the one which I think will have the most interesting story for the blog.

So, I’m being a wimp and hoping you, the loyal readers of this ‘lil blog will come to my aid and help me! After all, I want you to be inspired by the stories you’ll be reading. I have managed to narrow it down to three ‘finalists’ (for lack of a better word.) Please read their entries, check out their inspiration and let me know who you think should come and write for me.

Who’s story do you find most interesting? Who writes in a way that makes you want to read more? Who’s inspiration board is most inspiring to you? Who do you want to hear more from and who’s wedding do you want to see on the blog?

I’m also planning on getting to know my intern in like, actual real life. I hope we can hang out, drink coffee and cocktails and generally talk all things wedding. When I get invited to wedding shows I want her to come with me and hold my hand.

I don’t just want my intern to be an unknown ‘contributer’ to the blog, I want to make a new friend damnit! I actually want to be real life friends with everyone that applied (seriously, you are all too cool for me) which is why I’m handing the final decision over to you. I can’t take the pressure – it’s like picking teams for school sports and I always hated sports…

You have until Sunday 31st July to pick your favourite, and the winner will be announced on Monday 1st August.

♥  ♥  ♥

Lisa My name is Lisa, I am 23 years-old, and as I type this I am sitting in my sunny bedroom in New Cross, South London. My fiancé, Liam, is out earning a crust while I make dippy eggs and soldiers and enjoy my day off from work as a barmaid, and my day on as a wedding planner. Our friends know us as Roo (that’s me) and Lamb (that’s him) and neither of us are from London. We were both born and raised in Liverpool, and met just over a year ago at a very drunken, very hazy party. It was love at first beer-goggled site, but we wouldn’t actually meet each other again until November. Lamb had moved to London to work during his last free year before university; I had moved to Brighton to study for a degree in Museum & Heritage Studies, and we happened to bump into each other at my then-boyfriend’s gig in Camden. All over again we were smitten kittens – I ditched the zero and bagged my hero, and the rest is all wonderful history.

We are getting married in 2012, although our venue and date are not finalised yet but so far we’re looking at between July and September, 2012. I’m tempted to nudge Lamb towards the winter months, though. I want to go all Phoebe from Friends with a fabulous winter coat.. and definitely mittens. We still have three venues to choose from in either Brighton (the Duke of York’s theatre), London (Battersea Arts Centre) or Cornwall (Polhawn Fort). We have viewings in each venue scheduled in a few weeks, so I’m not quite out of wedding venue HELL yet. I won’t lie; finding a venue has been utterly depressing, which I know you can absolutely relate to given the hiccup you had a few months before your own nuptials. We are not religious, therefore we’d find it inappropriate to get married in a church, and we want somewhere that is a total blank canvas for us to cover in our personalities. I was the person who e-mailed you t’other week about if it was possible to have someone ordained here in the UK. Since you posted my e-mail on the blog, I’ve been roping in friends and relatives to sign the Any Campaign and we’re really hoping that it’ll be a success.

In terms of caterers and whatnot, we don’t have anybody in mind as of yet – so far we’re planning on a real “mucking-in” wedding where our talented friends and family help us with the things that are usually expensive (for example, Lamb’s dad is a mean cook, my mum is an outrageous seamstress, one of my sisters sources vintage goodies by trade, and one of my bridesmaids is a trained florist). In terms of decor, favours, and other odd little details, I have a few vendors on Etsy lined up to shine. For example, a shop called marcher for their alphabet stamp rolling sets (we’re making all of our invitations, as you’ll be able to read about under the “skills” heading) and crearting for their ring holder/guestbook set as I’ve written about on my blog (follow the link to the listing, you won’t regret it!)

My Inspiration

Since we’re both magpies, we’re letting ourselves be led by lots of appealing themes. We want our wedding to be both a celebration of us as a couple, and a celebration of all the people who help to make our relationship work. With that in mind, we’re ignoring any comments that sway in the “oh my god i can’t believe you want [insert insane idea here]” direction, and focusing on the pre-determined hindsight of “oh wow, remember when Roo flashed her embroidered ‘Mrs. Riley’ knickers after they kissed? That was SO her!” For example, I have decided to choose six bridesmaids – since we’re hoping for our wedding to be quite intimate I decided to put some feelers out around wedding bloggers and see if they thought this was too many. Apparently it’s customary to have one bridesmaid/groomsman per 25 guests, and my suggestion of six was seen as outrageous and overbearing. I mulled it over, and I decided I don’t care. I am having my two big sisters, my three best friends, and Lamb’s sister. Lamb has one sister and one brother, and I wanted his sister to have the opportunity to be a part of one of their weddings (since she has no sister to ask her to be bridesmaid). We both got a little teary when I asked her, and I couldn’t be happier with my choices.

I am giving each bridesmaid a role to take charge of, to take some pressure off us and really make them an integral part of the day. One of my sisters sources vintage clothing, and I’ve asked her to be in charge of sourcing the bridesmaids’ dresses from huge vintage warehouses. Instead of having them dressed in the same/similar styles/colours, I’ve told all the girls to individually choose a dress that suits their personal style. My other sister is a marvel at hair and make-up, so she’ll be in charge of making us all look beautiful. My friend Abby is a trained florist; a few days before the wedding we’ll all get together and she’ll teach us how to make our bouquets – then we’ll make boutonnieres and corsages for all the guests. My friend Hannah is a bit of a party animal, and will be organising my hen party. Louise, Lamb’s sister, will be helping me to bake our wedding cakes, and my friend Rea will more than likely help out with invitations, and general duties relating to guests.

My three main sources of inspiration over the past few weeks have been Twin Peaks, David Byrne and Richard O’Brien’s “The Crystal Maze” (stick with me on this one). Twin Peaks is pretty much the greatest TV series ever made next to Clarissa Explains It All, and I’d really love to emanate some of Lynch’s splendor in our day – think mood lighting, drapery, delicious coffees, and lots of cherry pie. “Our” song is Talking Heads’ This Must Be The Place, from their Stop Making Sense album/gig. We want to take some decor inspiration from their stage design during the show and have vintage lamps everywhere. With regards to Richard O’Brien, not only do I dream of a leopard print coat, but we are determined to stay true to our vision in that we don’t care if Lamb’s socks don’t match his shoes or those napkins don’t really sit well with those center pieces. Did Richard O’Brien concern himself with the practicalities of building the Ocean Zone next to the Aztec Zone? No he did not, and neither will we.

So far, other ideas include terrarium table decorations, a traditional English roast dinner reception, six homemade wedding cakes instead of one bespoke one, Northern Soul dancing, an “open mic” style of structuring speeches (i.e. anyone can get up and say/do something, providing they’ve not had too many sherbets), outrageous party games, blankets, patterns, lace, richness/fulness, mother nature, and a guestbook quilt (where guests write messages of support on squares of fabric, and later I sew them together to make a quilt for our home). The inspiration board that I made for this application is the first board I’ve made in a long, long time (since college, in fact!) and I think it showcases our personalities perfectly. Our wedding is going to be absolutely insane, by hook or by crook, and I really do hope you’ll seriously consider me for your next intern! As far as Facebook goes, I have temporarily deactivated my account while I knuckle down to some serious planning, but I can easily log back on should you need me to. And Twitter? My account is gathering dust of late so I made a brand new one today!


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WIN Free Wedding Photography from Xanthe Roxburgh ♥ The Finalists ♥

Big love to all that entered our contest to win free wedding photography from Xanthe Roxburgh. The time has now come for me to announce our 3 finalists and I need you, dear readers of Rock n Roll Bride to vote for your favourites to win! Simply read the stories below and select your winners via the widget at the bottom of this post. As always, just one vote per IP address please but feel free to get your friends, family, neighbours and pets to come pop by and vote too.

You have until Sunday 27th March to vote and the ultimate winners will be revealed at 9am (GMT) Monday 28th. Good luck to all these gorgeous couples.

♥  ♥  ♥

Christine & Simon are getting married on 12th May 2012 in Oakham, Rutland, UK

Simon and I still have a way to go with planning but we do have lots of brilliant ideas that will be quite unique to us!

The actual wedding ceremony will take place at our town’s church, mainly this is convenient but more importantly Simon’s parents and his grandparents were Wed there!  Our general theme for our wedding is an English Country Wedding with a shimmer of elegance (nothing too shabby chic).  Our evening reception will take place in a Marquee on the grounds of a beautiful country house, very private and exclusive.

After the wedding breakfast at around 9pm we will have an ice cream and cookies bar served with every sauce and topping under the sun!  It will be a lovely evening twist to get rid of the dreary finger buffet!  We will also have milk and hot chocolate to wash it all down with.

My dad’s brother is kind enough to be walking me down the aisle on my big day, unfortunately my dad was murdered back in August 2010.  He was a big lover of life and wanted to live life to full, so having an amazing photographer capturing my day would be magical.  I want the vibrancy of the day and the close family ties to show through my pictures.

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Thursday Treats – 21st Jan 2010


Credit: The Cherry Blossom Girl

Wow what an exciting weeks it’s been so far. Not only are things hotting up (as ever) with the votes for the winners of the Kat Braman Free Photography Contest (if you haven’t voted yet then go ahead and do it already!) but blog land exploded with excitement over my Vintage Boudoir shots with Julia Boggio. We knew they’d go down well but we never expected anything like the response we got. Thanks so much for everybody who commented on the blog, on twitter and on facebook. I read every single one and they all brought a smile to my face. Extra special thanks to all the other bloggers who took the time to write about and share the photos on their blogs already – Hot Pink Brides, Little White Book Blog, Charley Beard, Plans and Presents, Always Andri, Flutterfly Events & Boho Wedding and Events.

♥ First up, I’ve cracked and joined Formspring. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a website where randoms ask you questions. I don’t quite ‘get’ the appeal right now but I guess that’s how Twitter started! Hell, if I get some good ones then I may even post them here next week. So, wanna ask me a question?
♥ Michonne & Mike’s amazing vintagey/rockabilly wedding
♥ Loving the car, the veil & the sunflower/daisy centerpieces
Flapper girls (and boys) play in a photobooth
Nubby Twiglet’s ‘What I Wore’ – making me reconsider my opinions on sparkly leggings
♥ Gorgeous vintage style fashion shoot
Fabulous interview with my fabulous friend Rhiannon of Under the Cherry Moon (she designed my website graphics dont-ya-know)
Ice lanterns
♥ Incrediblly gorgeous rustic details
♥ Flippin’ amazingly authentic vintage engagement shoot – their style sends me c-c-c-razy!


Comic book inspired engagements
♥ There is something too fabulous about her dress/long glove combo to ignore
How websites work.
♥ There is just something about her simple dress that I love…
♥ The owl and the umbrella
Pop art wedding
Plaid wedding dress
♥ This is one kick ass couple
Floaty dress and freakin’ awesome biker boots. Hell to the YES!


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We Want Kat to Rock Our Wedding! ♥ The Vote…

Voting is now closed

This is my favourite part of running contests – when I get to share my 3 finalists and get you all to vote for your favourite to win  free wedding photography with Kat Braman (although I do hate the part where I have to narrow all the entrants down to just 3!)

As always, the standard of entries was very high – I have the coolest readers with the best stories I reckon.  After muchos tooing and froing I would like to introduce to you your finalists. Read the entries and pick your favourites by voting with the poll below and as always…only one vote per IP address please! You have until Sunday 24th January to vote.

Ashley & Keith
Wedding Info: October 10th, 2010 in Boston MA


My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 3 years and had a baby together 18 months ago. I had been browsing craigslist for engagements sets when I came across my dream one for only $200! My boyfriend and I drove to the place and exchanged the $$$ for the rings. I couldn’t have been happier. I thought that this would have been a sure deal that he would propose to me. But it wasn’t. He told me I could wear the ring if I wanted but I refused until he asked me to marry him. Months went by and I became very discouraged about the whole thing. My self esteem dropped and I stopped believing in happily ever after. Why wouldn’t the father of our child want to marry me?! Does he not want to spend forever with me?! As Christmas season came I forgot about it all. On Christmas morning my boyfriend my son and I ran down the stairs to see what Santa had brought us. I was having the best Christmas ever with the two people I love the most when out of the blue my boyfriend brings over a gift and says “Santa left this for you.” I looked at him strangely and said “I thought you and I weren’t exchanging gifts!?” He followed by saying “It wasn’t me… it was Santa.” I slowly began tearing the paper away, afraid to see what was inside. As I peeled away the final big piece I could see it was the cutest skull and cross bone ring and in the center was a box…..the box to my dream ring. He got down on one knee picked up the box [at this point I was balling my eyes out because I didn’t think this would ever happen] opened it and as he placed the ring on my finger he asked me to spend forever with him not just as the best mother ever to his son but as his soul mate and greatest love. Everything was so magical and so memorable. And once again I believe with all my heart and soul that there is a happily ever after in store for me.

Neil & Jamie
Wedding Info: September 18th, 2010 at Camp Pendalouan on Blue Lake in Holton, Michigan

jamie schumacher_neil kirby engagement slides

It was cold (4°C).  It was early.  But that wasn’t going to stop us.  We were with our 3 favorite partners in crime.  And we were in our kayaks paddling through a series of lakes in the La Cloche Mountain Range of Killarney, Ontario.  A couple hours into this adventure, we approached a brutal portage, 380 meters of pain.  It was uphill, rocky, mucky.  We all struggled.

After the boats were moved, we staggered out to a clearing to find the most picturesque rock waterfall.  We all plopped onto the rock, exhausted.  I barely noticed it when Neil got up to talk to our friend.  He explained to our friend that his camera could capture the water spray and instructed him to just “go ahead take some pictures, start now.”  Sweet Terry had no clue what he was about to capture!  Neil was already back and kneeling right in front of me… I was oblivious.  He pulled a small box out of his pocket and over the rush of water inquired “Jamie Schumacher, will you marry me?”

“SHUT UP!” I proclaimed as I gave his shoulders a shove in disbelief nearly shoving him into the waterfall.  YES!

Rachel & John
Wedding Info: August 1st, 2010 an Oceancliff Hotel, Newport, RI


After taking a wine tour in a vineyard near Newport, RI John and I headed back to our B&B to get ready for dinner. I noticed John seemed to be a little weird when he accidentally broke my dress zipper and blamed himself for ruining things. After getting ready, John took me down to a beautiful sailboat where I got super excited because I’d never sailed before! We started sailing towards the bay, passed the Newport bridge, watched the sun set, and then suddenly the boat turned and came to a stop. Because It was so cold, I decided to stand up and walk around. John then stood up, turned around, started his cute nervous speech, got down on his knee pulled out the ring and proposed! I was in such shock I backed up and almost fell off the boat! As he stood up to catch me I hugged him and said yes! The captain popped champagne while everyone cheered! Afterwards we went to dinner and then back to our room where I found petals all over the bed and a photobook of all our adventures we had together with the lyrics to “our song” at the end.

Voting is now closed

Get Trashed with Erica Berger – VOTE!

voting is now closed

Oooookaaaaay people here we go! Get your brains in reading mode and your voting fingers ready. Who do you want to win a Trash the Dress shoot with the amazing Erica Berger. You know the drill. Read the entries and pick your favourites by voting with the poll below and as always…only one vote per IP address please! You have until Sunday 29th November to vote.

Iis & Flo


Our ideal trash the dress theme would be “Get Trashed at Dive Bars.” We think there are no places more perfect to trash the dress than Philadelphia’s dive bars, where we can pose in the middle of unique crowd with cheap drinks and good conversations. We are “the usual suspects” of local dive bars. We had our first date at Sugarmom’s. We meet regularly with our friends at Locust Bar on Wednesdays and at McGlinchey’s on Fridays (it’s our ritual!). We would like to wear our wedding attire; his vest & jacket and my white dress. Unfortunately, I cannot show the dress because Flo wants to be surprised on our wedding day in May 2010 (Hint: it’s a long white dress with tiers of ruffled dotted tulle)

Shelby & Glenn


We would LOVE to get trashed with Erica Berger!  We got married last summer, and are a very unique couple.  He is 23 years older then I am, and I have had a crush on him since I was 14 years old… getting to marry him was like living out a fairy tale!

I would be wearing my custom couture Jin Wang gown, red patent leather
stilettos and, birdcage veil; and my husband would be in his Hugo Boss
suit and Bruno Magli’s (he looks so handsome!).

Because we are such fans of Erica’s unique vision we would be open to going anywhere she was inspired by – but one idea would be to go to the shooting range, where we had our first date (my husband was a police officer for over 25 years before having to retire after being injured on duty).  Talk about being over dressed!

Kelly & Sam


Sam and I met way back in high school. We were never actually interested in each other, in fact, we had rather poor chemistry! We were matched up as chemistry partners, and through a miss calculation, needless to say, we had the classroom evacuated! About 8 years later,  I had an interview in Cleveland, OH. I found out through the wonderful world of the internet, that Sam already lived in Cleveland. He took me on a tour of the city, and now the rest is history!

At this point in our lives, I have returned to school to become an art teacher, and Sam has taken some time off to write his first book. Not just any book, an epic historical fiction, about: ZOMBIES!! Ah, you see where this is heading… But it gets better! We are both originally from the Zombie Capital of the World: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wait, it gets even better yet! The greatest zombie film ever made, Night of the Living Dead, by George A. Romero, filmed some scenes on Sam’s family’s property (very small scenes, like seconds, but very cool none the less).

So, we would like our “trash the dress” shoot to be an epic zombie battle! Think chainsaws and cricket bats! We would also like to enlist our family and friends to be our zombie actors. Imagine the family heirloom that would make: family, friends, our hometown… and some good old fashioned blood and gore.

Please remember, even thought I know you all want your favourites/friends to win, only one vote will be counted per IP address so voting more than once is futile. The winners will be chosen fair and square!