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Vintage Inspired Wedding at the Battersea Arts Centre

Lydia and Nico met through Bumble – “Not the most glamorous of relationship starts,” she laughed, “but I’m sure similar for a lot of couples these days! I was known as ‘Lydia 🐝’ in Nico’s phone for at least a year – which had a double meaning when it came to designing our invitations. I used the iconic bee from the mosaic floors in the Battersea Arts Centre, our venue, but one bridesmaid thought it was to represent Bumble! A happy coincidence.”

The beauty of Battersea Arts Centre was all the couple really needed when it cam eto deciding on a theme for their July wedding. It was also important to the bride to have as much vintage in the day as possible – her outfit was a picture of vintage and family heirlooms, and all of her bridesmaids wore vintage dresses in gorgeous sunset colours. “The floral embroidery in my 1919 jacket provided a starting point when choosing the flowers for my bouquet, the bridal party and the decor on the day. The jacket was originally worn by an English gentleman marrying his Indian wife, which was more than appropriate as my husband is half Indian! Too perfect for words.”

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Thrifted Backyard Wedding with 1970s Vibes

Teagan and Tyrell were inspired by Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s wedding, as well as the bohemian vibes of Hawaii where the couple got engaged. “Above all,” the bride told us, “we wanted the focus to be on our closest friends and family coming together and celebrating rather than strict wedding ‘rules’ and traditions.

They were initially going to get married at the grande ballroom at a local wedding venue, however when they made the decision to relocate to Teagan’s parents backyard due to COVID, they implemented more casual, cozy touches while staying true to their boho/vintage style. They also dramatically cut their guest list from 100+ to just 35, and split their guests into two groups for a small dinner reception – even repeating the speeches so no-one felt left out! 

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A Fun, More is More Vintage Inspired Wedding with a 1940s Dress

With a home full of vintage and antiques, it made sense for Megan and Jacob to base their wedding around this. “We wanted it to be relaxed, fun and colourful, and different to ‘normal’ weddings,” the bride told us. “We had a strong feeling that we didn’t want to have a stuffy wedding, and to feel like we HAD to do anything. We wanted a day that represented us, and for us that meant there wouldn’t be crystals in red roses or fluffy puffy bows anywhere! The discovery of Rock n Roll Bride was the perfect inspiration and convinced us to do what we love.”

The couple had a hand in so many of the details in their day; The Kings Chapel in Buckinghamshire was the perfect blank canvas for them to get creative and put their own stamp on things. They drew and designed all the illustrations for the tables, table plans and blackboard. They made tassels for the ceiling by repurposing plastic table cloths and tying them onto net and rope. They made personalised velvet banners to hang as the ceremony backdrop and in the reception area. They made dried petal confetti over the year and half of planning from bunches they were given during that time and from flowers from the garden. “I made so much we went down the procession line twice!”

Florals on the day were a big deal for the couple too – they wanted seasonal, with a wild feel, interspersed with big bright blooms and lots of natural looking foliage. They hired Ash Claydon of The Nagundo Tree, a purely organic florist, to complete their vision. “Ash was amazing. She is very creative, and we worked together to come up with new ideas for the space and gave her the reins to try some new things too. She even naturally hand-dyed the fabrics to wrap around the bouquets, and matched them to the colours of the ribbons we had planned for the chairs and banners.”

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