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Vintage Inspired Wedding at the Battersea Arts Centre

Lydia and Nico met through Bumble – “Not the most glamorous of relationship starts,” she laughed, “but I’m sure similar for a lot of couples these days! I was known as ‘Lydia 🐝’ in Nico’s phone for at least a year – which had a double meaning when it came to designing our invitations. I used the iconic bee from the mosaic floors in the Battersea Arts Centre, our venue, but one bridesmaid thought it was to represent Bumble! A happy coincidence.”

The beauty of Battersea Arts Centre was all the couple really needed when it cam eto deciding on a theme for their July wedding. It was also important to the bride to have as much vintage in the day as possible – her outfit was a picture of vintage and family heirlooms, and all of her bridesmaids wore vintage dresses in gorgeous sunset colours. “The floral embroidery in my 1919 jacket provided a starting point when choosing the flowers for my bouquet, the bridal party and the decor on the day. The jacket was originally worn by an English gentleman marrying his Indian wife, which was more than appropriate as my husband is half Indian! Too perfect for words.”

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Fun & Unpretentious Australian Wedding Inspired by The Simpsons

Ay karumba! It’s not every day that you see a Simpsons themed wedding, but when Helen and Peege realised that Bart Simpson had been a part of their bedtime routine for the last decade, it seemed the obvious choice! “Peege can’t fall asleep without something unchallenging on TV,” Helen explained, “and The Simpsons is the only thing we agree on! The theme speaks for itself, really – we wanted a day that was fun, unpretentious and included zero faff!”

Helen wore a Pixie Pocket dress with kitsch AF Shoe Bakery wedges and Simpsons earrings from Doodad and Fandango. They incorporated more Simpsons moments in their day with the bride DIYing all the stationery and signage with as many puns as she could muster. “If anyone killed the DIY though, it was my bridesmaid Lollie – she made her own outfit, my veil and both flower girl dresses! I loved coming up with kooky references to suit our theme, but the best thing was the freedom to fantasise through a really difficult point in human history. When we were stuck in lockdown it gave us something to focus on.”

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Low-Key Yosemite Wedding in Her Grandmother’s Wedding Dress

Having been married before, Lauren know she wanted a small and intimate wedding this time where they could really spend the whole day together in their favourite place and not be running around stressed out. So when her and fiancé Tom decided to get married in 2020, COVID restrictions helped along with this. They chose their favourite national park, Yosemite, for their celebration and hired 3 cabins for them and their 10 guests to really enjoy their time together leading up to the wedding. 

“The simplistic and family-centric vibe of our wedding made it quite unique,” Lauren told us, “I also wore all of my family heirlooms – I had my grandmother’s first wedding dress altered by my best friend, my headpiece was my great-grandmother’s necklace turned into a necklace and my sapphire necklace was my Mother-in-law’s.”

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Thrifted Backyard Wedding with 1970s Vibes

Teagan and Tyrell were inspired by Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s wedding, as well as the bohemian vibes of Hawaii where the couple got engaged. “Above all,” the bride told us, “we wanted the focus to be on our closest friends and family coming together and celebrating rather than strict wedding ‘rules’ and traditions.

They were initially going to get married at the grande ballroom at a local wedding venue, however when they made the decision to relocate to Teagan’s parents backyard due to COVID, they implemented more casual, cozy touches while staying true to their boho/vintage style. They also dramatically cut their guest list from 100+ to just 35, and split their guests into two groups for a small dinner reception – even repeating the speeches so no-one felt left out! 

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