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Standing Out From The Crowd

What you’ll probably first notice about this set (apart from the Bride’s wicked tattoo and the wedding’s cute daisy theme) is that the photography is a little different. Photographer Katie Malone uses a variety of techniques to make her work stand out from the crowd.

First we have the Holga images, an inexpensive ‘toy’ camera that produces distorted and low-fidelity images. The effect is dramatic light leaks (the red intrusions) blurs and vignetting (the soft dark edged images). She accompanies this with the use of infra-red (in black and white and with complete colour washes) and TTV (Through the Viewfinder) images. The latter looks a little like a Polaroid and produce a vintage looking, square image with a dark black border.

These techniques aren’t for everyone, but I’m sure any Rock n Roll Bride can appreciate the originality and quirkiness of the result.

Thanks to Katie for sharing…

Credit: Katie Malone Photography

Las Vegas – Post Apocalyptic Stylee

What would happen if we woke up tomorrow and there had been some kind of nuclear crisis over night? Hell, drive (or in my case fly) out to Vegas and enjoy the new scenery of course!

Mindy and Scott have actually been married for 6 years, but unhappy with their wedding photographs they decided to seek the help of photographer team Nick Adams to give them a shoot they’ll love forever.

Credit: Nick Adams Photography

Giving Props

Is it just me, or are shoots with props the actual best? They absolutely can make or break a photo session and I have so say (apart from balloons of course…I still can’t get over them!) these have got to be some of my favourites.  A vintage suitcase, a lace umbrella, the massive flowers, a retro camera…these are all so simple yet so darn beautiful!

Credit: Caroline Tran

Run Away With Me

Recently I seem to be sharing more and more photographs from each wedding/photo shoot I’m sent, but you know what? sometimes it’s really too difficult to cut it down, just like this post I’m afraid…

This couple absolutely rocked this session…I could imagine these two as a couple who’ve run away to elope and be in love amongst nature…but maybe that’s just me! The use of the vintage cameras and books in the last few shots is spot on, don’t props rock?!

Thanks Marianne!


Credit: Marianne Wilson Photography

One To Remember

This is one of those weddings that will become infamous amongst us bloggers. It will certainly remain one of my firm favourites and I will talk about over and over (becuse believe me I am just that sad!) 
You may have seen this gorgeous wedding elsewhere (Green Wedding Shoes and Casando Idieas have both already featured these and I’m sure there will be more) but I couldnt’ help but jump on the bandwagon and share a couple of images from the quite frankly, ridiculously gorgeous wedding, photographed by the wonderful Jose Villa.

I was literally just going to share one or two images and then direct you to the other blogs to see more…but I got a bit carried away with all the beauty.

Credit: Jose Villa via Green Wedding Shoes & Casando Idieas