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Less Glam, More Grunge: A Peaky Blinders Inspired 1920s Themed Wedding

As Hilary and Ronnie both work in TV production, it makes perfect sense that their wedding was inspired by one of their favourite shows. “I know 1920s themed weddings are really popular, but we were keen to avoid the ‘Gatsby’ look,” explained Hilary. “I really studied the set design on Peaky Blinders to get a rustic 1920s vintage look with the over the top glitz. We also really wanted our guests to have fun with costumes since we were getting married so close to Halloween, which is our favourite holiday.”

They paired rustic textures with jewel tones and a loose style of decorating while still incorporating more vintage pieces. “We wanted a more aged look as opposed to crisp,” said Hilary. As a graphic and jewellery designer that currently works in art department, Hilary knew early on there would be a LOT of DIY touches! 

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1920s Flapper Wedding: John & JoJo

1920's oregon wedding_ kaelyn elizabeth  photography 201

There’s been a lot of speculation around vintage weddings of late. In fact sometimes it feels like a debate that will never end. Are they over-done? Have they gone mainstream? Are we all bored of seeing the same ideas published here, there and everywhere? I’m not going to lie, vintage weddings usually aren’t my bag. I’m much more of a colourful, over-the-top and quirky wedding kinda gal. So why do I publish them at all?

It’s not about me. It never has been. Rock n Roll Bride has always been about sharing ‘the charm and unique nature of ordinary people’s extraordinary weddings.’ And as it’s always stated in my blog’s manifesto, “There is no ideal Rock n Roll Bride. What I love isn’t necessarily what floats your boat and what makes the weddings I feature so amazing is YOU!”

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With the release of The Great Gatsby movie imminent, it’s only a matter of time until we see more and more flapper style weddings and styled shoots coming though… Of course they may not all be to my taste but when done well, with an authentic voice and a unique spin, a vintage wedding can be utterly beautiful. One that I’m honoured to share on these pages. John & JoJo’s wedding certainly falls into that category.

The August wedding was held at Cloverdale Chapel in Creswell, OR. They had both their ceremony and reception within the same grounds. The couple put the entire wedding together themselves from the bride’s antique shop dress (which cost just $60) to all the décor ideas.

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